2011 - the "Tabula Rasa"

A Blessed New Year to the readers of this new blog!
Yes, it would've been uber-cool to have the first entry dated 1/1/11, but after drumming for five hours to set the tone for this year, my mind was beyond goo and my body was saying, "Hie thee to bed post-haste!" No worries, though...there will be plenty of felicitous dates to take advantage of. ;-)

We are in a most curious and excellent time for the next few weeks:
Every single heavenly body, every planet and significant asteroid, is direct in the sky. Nothing is appearing to be "going backwards." This is a wonder*full opportunity to initiate new projects, make significant life changes, or just give a huge boost to what is already unfolding in your life. Think of this energetic boost as the cosmic equivalent of a six-pack of your favorite energy drink, without any icky side effects.
This period is divided in two distinct parts. We've just started the first part, which goes from 1/1 to 1/11. The new moon will be on 1/4, at which time the power surge will be at its most potent. The second part will unfold from 1/11 to 1/22. The full moon on the 19th will be a significant source of energy for those who utilize lunar energies in their Work. If you usually don't Draw Down the Moon, you should probably consider dusting off the Book of Shadows for this one; I'm pretty sure the effort will be totally worth it!

There's an added component to all of this full-tilt energy churning about, ready to be harvested and used for manifestation...all possibilities are equally likely to manifest this year. This first came up for me during my personal divination for the New Year, and was confirmed for me by a friend in her divinations. This year, perhaps more than any other year of the Great Journey, is a tabula rasa, a clean slate. So many things are in flux right now that all of your dreams have an equal chance of coming true.
The guide for this year is the third hexagram of the I-Ching: from great chaos arises great opportunity. I think we can all agree that life appears really chaotic right now. The old paradigms are falling away like crazy; the new paradigms are just starting to arise into the collective awareness. I know, just from observing what is going on around me, that many people have left their jobs, through either losing them or walking away from them. This is the time to invest in your dreams, put those long-cherished plan into motion. The brass ring is in reach - make the move to seize it!
You've set your intentions, you've planted your Visions. Now is the time to take some Action towards manifestation of those dreams. You will be met halfway by Divine Opportunity, and miracles will bloom!

Happy Creating! :-)

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