Full Moon Magick & the Return of the Rainbow Serpent Mother!

Well, my Unseen Posse have been advising me to post about the uber-special event coming up with the full moon, so now is my opportunity...

I had an idea that this was going to be a special moon when the year began. I didn't know how special until I began to observe what other Lightworkers, and society at large, were picking up on.
Doubtless, by now, you've heard all the hoopla about the "alternative" Zodiac that's re-emerged. It's entirely no accident that the "missing 13th sign" is a Serpent. Regardless whether or not a significant change is made in how we cast our star-charts, this is the key point: the snake is re-entering the Collective Awareness!
You see, Snakes, Serpents, and Dragons are all representative of the Goddess. The snake is one of the most primal and ancient totem animals associated with the Divine Feminine. She represents deep Wisdom (as she goes into the Earth to hibernate in the Winter and cool off in the Summer), as well as Transformation and Rebirth (through the shedding of her skin every year or so). Her "return" to the Zodiac is just part of a greater ascendance of the Divine Feminine in general, which "kicked into Overdrive" early last November.
Many Lightworkers who are connected to the Star Nations are excited about a "Platinum Ray" that will be washing over the Earth on the 19th (which is tomorrow in my neck of the woods). An excellent introduction to this concept can be found here. The more I learned about this event, the more the words Rainbow Serpent resonated within my mind. This, too, is significant - the Rainbow Serpent is the primary Goddess of the Indigenous people of Australia. She is the keeper & Creatrix of the Dreamtime, a place of "nonordinary reality" that all humans visit while sleeping - and many shamans visit in their Journeys.

So in the Stillness of my sacred space, this is the message that I downloaded...
The Mother is revealing Herself now in the form of the Rainbow Serpent. With the full moon, a doorway is opening from the World of Thought. She will stretch Herself from the World of Thought into the World of Form. This will produce two Effects: One, the processes of Manifestation, backed by Clear & Pure Intent, will be accelerated and magnified. Two, those who are walking the Transformation-Ways will find their journeys accelerated, with much being sloughed away as That Which No Longer Serves is brought into Awareness to be Released. Both Effects will be felt intensely during the downloading and integration processes, but ultimately those who open themselves to receiving the Blessing of the Rainbow Serpent will find their lives flowing with extreme Ease and Grace once Her energies have been assimilated. (This will be complete right around Imbolc, in about two weeks.)

With that in mind, let me present a simple ritual for Drawing Down the Moon...
Ideally, you will want to go outside to get the most optimum effect. (Bundle up if it's cold!) If this isn't possible, stand at a window where the light of the full moon can wash over you. Stand facing the moon, arms out slightly from your sides, palms of the hands facing upward, and feet spread shoulder-width apart. Close your eyes and feel a cool, gentle energy washing over you from the moon. Feel at least one of your chakras opening to "drink in" this energy. (Many will feel their seventh chakra - atop their heads - open for this; others will feel their sixth chakra - the third eye - open; still others will feel the heart chakra open.) Let the energy flow where and how it will. If you begin to chant or sing or hum, let the words/tones emerge to be heard.
Once the chakra(s) has/have opened, if you are comfortable with this...see the Rainbow Serpent Mother emerge from Her home on the moon. See Her arching Her body across the sky down to the earth. See Her head reaching down to touch your open chakra; you may see several heads if more than one chakra is open! Feel Her sending the deep primal energy into you - those who are very receptive may even feel Her enter into you through the open chakra! Allow this influx of energy to mix with your personal energy, eventually to merge with you. She may leave you or pull back once the "download" is complete; she may not. Allow the Vision to unfold as it will - there's no "wrong" way for this rite to unfold.
If you use candles to augment your ritual practices, use a white or silver candle, for the full moon.
When you feel complete, bring your arms up to your chest and your palms together in the "Prayer Position" over your heart. If you feel at all wobbly or scattered, DO ground the excess energies, either through grounding into or touching the earth (your floor is okay), eating a light snack, or a combination thereof.

May the Blessings of the Rainbow Serpent Mother be upon all of us, this and all nights (and days.) Blessed Be. :-)

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