Special Download: 1/11/11

As I mentioned previously, tomorrow we enter a second wave of energy, which will go from 1/11 to 1/22. I've been shown the significance of this through my Unseen Posse and would like to share that with y'all...

The original idea was to come together to hold a vision of a "New Reality" last November from 11/11 to 11/22. (For more information, check out this site.) Holding this Vision was very important, as we had just entered a major Descent into the "collective underworld," if you will, and were in the process of completing some significant energetic shape-shifting as a species. (I did my part in this time period, which you can read about here.)
I don't know if anyone else noted this, but there were a couple of major events that unfolded during this time: first, Aung San Suu Kyi was released from her house arrest (Big Yay!) Second, the tensions between North and South Korea escalated for a few days, then dissipated just as quickly as they had arisen. Coincidence? Mais Non! (Bookmark this latter event, for I'm going to refer back to it momentarily.)

Now, starting tomorrow, we're invited to hold the vision again, but this time as we're Ascending from the "collective underworld." Whereas in November, we were holding Light to illuminate our way through growing Darkness, allowing ourselves and others to see through the Grand Illusion to what we know is possible, and desired, for our future - now we're adding to the growing Light that is taking root and encouraging these as-of-now tiny positive manifestations to grow and spread out far and wide. See the difference? :-)
If you need any further convincing, look at the numbers of the dates. November's event: 11/11/10. January's event: 01/11/11. They're mirrors of each other! The Descent and the Ascent, perfectly bracketing the Winter season and the shape-shifting occurring within!

Now we come to the little addendum that I want to make here...the Korean tensions unfolded just as the first Envisioning was ending; we have tensions that recently made themselves quite visible in Arizona just as the second Envisioning is beginning. These are not coincidental. My Unseen Posse advises me thusly - "Just as Gaia shifts Her tensions in events that you refer to as 'earthquakes,' so humanity shifts their tensions in what you could call 'soulquakes.' In both cases, they are calls to where attention needs to be focused."
The tensions in Korea invited us to focus on peace. The tensions apparent in Arizona are inviting us to focus on acceptance and tolerance. Both of these "soulquakes" serve to remind us that we are ALL one community, at the end of the day. Both are invitations to evolve and release the Shadow-stuff that no longer serves us.

If you want to focus on the tensions that bubbled to the surface in Arizona, go for it. Personally, I am being advised to focus on the greater concept of Community and its various permutations. (I haven't been directed to work with the Stone People directly again, but that may yet come to pass!) Whatever part of the Vision you choose to ponder - at your local time of 11:11 pm, or whatever feels most apropos - go for it.
Let's see what miracles we manifest this time, on the upswing! :-)

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