For Your Use: a Rite of Re-Affirmation

Hello again in this very delicious time! Potential is sizzling in the air like a lightning stroke about ready to descend to the earth! At the suggestion of one of my soul sisters, I present a small rite that you can do in the comfort of your own home to take advantage of the energies swirling about.

Timing: tonight would be excellent, as we are beautifully in between the start of the Ninth Wave (of energy, according to the Mayan calendar) and the opening of a significant Ascension Portal (remember the Grandfathers?). This can be done one, three, or nine nights, which would take you to the first night of the full moon (3/18 - a power date in itself!)

Props: Not necessary, but if you like to use a focus object, here are some suggestions:
Candle - in the color of white (for Spirit), light blue (for Peace), or pink (for Love)
Crystal - clear quartz, rose quartz, amethyst (either singularly or in a cluster)
Alternatively, you can fill a small bowl with water and add some salt to it...Earth + Water = the Divine Feminine.

The Rite...
Sit at your altar or meditative space. If you're outdoors, bundle up if necessary!
Consider your personal purpose. What are you here to do in this Time of Transition? Raise your children to be fully realized citizens of the New Age? Help out those who are in need with all of the Love in your heart? Follow the path of your bliss and let your Authentic Life unfold around you? (It can be anything, really.)
Now, can you state your personal purpose in one sentence? Work with it until you can, then declare it aloud: "My purpose at this time is..." If you're into writing, write it down on a piece of paper. Keep this paper in your sacred space.
Next, consider the Vision you're holding for the Earth and Her Children at this time. What change are you most wanting to see in this moment? World Peace? Sustainable Community? Universal & Unconditional Love? Again, compact it into one sentence - "I am holding the vision for..." Write it down if you're so inspired.
Finally, see how your personal purpose plays into the fulfillment of your greater Vision. (It does, trust me; take a bit of time to play with creative visualization if you can't "see" it right away.) See these visions as already manifest in the World of Form. Declare your affirmation in active language. As an example - "I affirm that my children are conscious citizens of a self-sustaining society that is living lightly on the Earth." Finish your declaration with "It Is So!" three times. Again, if you wish, write it down, keeping this affirmation in your sacred space.
Ground into the earth. Extinguish your candle, thank your stones, cover your salt water.
Repeat if desired. :-)

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