Super Moon + Equinox = POWER BOOST!

Don't unstrap from the wild ride just yet, my friends! There is another marvelous convergence this weekend - just around the corner!
Take the Equinox (Spring north of ye olde Equator, Autumn south of it), which is a Power*full event to begin with, as day and night are of equal length. Add a full moon that is closer to the earth than usual, with its Power*full energies, and we are set to receive a boost to our beings that might just light all of us up like Yule Trees! (lol)
They actually call these full moons "Super Moons" over at NASA...the moon comes very close, and appears larger and brighter in the night sky, once every 18 years or so. The "18" is very significant in a way outside of NASA's purview. See, "18," in the Judaic/Kabbalic tradition, corresponds to Chai, which translates to "life." Play with it a little bit and you'll see we're going to get a huge shot of Life-Energy this weekend. Huzzah! :-)

So what does this mean for Jane and John Q. Metaphysicist?
You might feel that "six pack of Red Bull" energy burst. You might feel completely drained. You might feel that everything is possible. You might feel that nothing is possible. In other words, there's no "one" way you're going to feel. I can, however, say these things:
~If there are still any Shadows that need clearing, prepare to have them kicked up into the light of your Awareness, and in an "You Will Deal With Me NOW!" way to boot.
~If you feel at all spacey or scattered, ground. Ground, ground, ground, unless you're physically ill. (If that's the case, feel perfectly permitted to do absolutely nothing.) Then ground some more...by Touching The Earth, with your hands, your bare feet, and/or lying on the ground with your whole body. (Lying on a blanket or towel while on the ground is totally okay.) Basically, you don't want to "hold on" to any of the energy. It will do the necessary Work within your body as needed as it passes through you.
~Send the energy into the Earth with Intention. We can - and will - serve as conduits for this energy. Use the Intention that you feel most inclined to send, such as Love, Peace, Serenity, or whatever your Intuition suggests.

I've also heard a lot of peeps anticipating an earthquake in (Southern) California in the very near future. I disagree, and here's why: Follow the circle. We started last Easter in SoCal, yes. Then we jumped to Chile, over to New Zealand, and up to Japan. There's another step before the circle is "completed" in California; I'm seeing someplace in the Pacific Northwest, perhaps, maybe even Alaska.
Having said that - WE CAN SET THE INTENTION TO DISSIPATE THE ENERGIES IN A SAFE WAY. Just because we're "supposed" to have an earthquake doesn't mean we have to experience another one. We can set an intention for the energies to be dispersed in a non-focused way instead. Remember: Energy Flows Where Intention Goes. I suspect this lesson needs to be relearned by many, myself included!

See y'all after the Power Boost, when the dust has settled a bit...

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