Fasten your seat belts...

Everyone remember last year's Cosmic Tsunami, which brought in a monster wave of energy over several months? Well, get ready for a spot of deja vu. We've got some very Power*full forces converging in this month of June which will most likely serve to kick our various evolutionary/Ascension processes up several notches!

Let me introduce the players:
1) We have a lovely "eclipse sandwich" (thanks to Miss Lauren Gorgo for the term) that pretty well brackets this month. It started with yesterday's lunar eclipse (boy howdy, did I feel THAT one unfolding!), will feature a solar eclipse on the 15th, and concludes with another lunar eclipse as June tiptoes into July.
Eclipses are unique events where various forces are brought into alignment for brief periods of time. In the case of the Lunar eclipse, the bright elements of the Divine Feminine are balanced out by Her dark elements. Think of it as, say, Brigit and Kali sitting together for a brief cup of tea before heading Their separate ways. (Feel free to insert your personal aspects of Divinity into the equation if you so wish.) These merging energies can help bring deep Shadows up into the Light of Awareness, like looking in the back of your closet with a flashlight.
In the case of the Solar eclipse, the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine meet for a brief tryst - the Sacred Marriage in Heaven - before separating once more to balance the day and the night. These merging energies can allow you to renew your own inner essence through allowing your inner yin and yang energies to mingle and merge, outside of the awareness of the usual boundaries.

2) The Third Night of the Mayan Ninth Wave begins on the 7th. Stuff that arose within your Awareness during the Third Day will now have a chance to be integrated into your system, which will most likely mean certain things within you, and your life, will now be cleared out. Yes, it's time to rearrange the furniture inside your internal house for the umpteenth time! As always, acceptance of the process - without necessarily liking the process - will allow the movement to be much smoother and easier to deal with. When in doubt, hie thee into nature and dig your toes into the earth! or stick them in a lake! or the ocean!

3) As if all of this juiciness weren't enough, we also have Litha, the Summer Solstice (in the Northern Hemisphere) on the 21st. On this date, Nature's yang/masculine forces reach their peak with the longest day and shortest night of the year. After the 21st, the yin/feminine forces begin their ascent; however, their influence won't be felt for a while yet. Litha is the equivalent of the full moon in regards to power and potency...this will be a time for receiving a major boost for everything that is growing in your life. Invite the dynamic energy of YES into your affairs at high noon on the Solstice!

So, the keywords for this month are Intense Transformation. We have yet another golden opportunity to fine-tune our personal vibrations as we move ever forward in this wild and wacky age of Transition. Be ready for anything and everything - perhaps with a fresh bag of popcorn standing by as life unfolds. Enjoy as much as you can; if you can't, fake it till you make it! ;-)

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  1. CORRECTION: It's a Lunar eclipse coming up on the 15th that is bracketed by a pair of Solar eclipses! Oy Gevalt...shows you how inside out I was turned by the first eclipse event! LOL!