Wait for it...!

All righty, we're in the third and final eclipse. This weekend we can unfasten our seat belts and deplane, right?
Well - not really. We haven't come to a full and complete stop yet...

Summer is typically a period featuring dynamic growth and transformation, possibly even including lightning-fast changes. These traits have most definitely been apparent in this Summer season! So for this month, expect a lot of "forward progress," even - and dare I say, especially - if it seems you're going in completely the opposite direction you've intended! Many of us will indeed get where we're supposed to be going, though the terrain might be looking completely unfamiliar at this moment. Think of it this way: you're taking the "scenic route" instead of zipping directly down the highway. See if you can relax and allow the journey to unfold, especially if you've been kicking and screaming the whole way up to this point.

We're getting a big boost in relaxing and going with the flow from the energies currently swirling about. A few days ago, we entered the "Fourth Day" of the Mayan Ninth Wave; we're going to be switching to the Fourth Night on the 13th this month. This is a time to indulge in the other energies that Summer is known for: Passion and Play. Within all of the chaos and confusion, several shiny new possibilities may be coming into view for you. Now is your chance to get in touch with your inner eight-year-old, raid the parental closet, and play "dress up." What do you want to be when you grow up, on January 1st, 2013? Explore possibility, without the pressure of committing to anything yet. :-)

Take the opportunity to play NOW, because the end of the month features yet another significant convergence of energies:
First, we have a Blue (new) Moon on the 30th. Technically, we have a "blue moon" every year. Consider - this year, we have two new moons in the same month. Next year, we'll have two first quarter moons in the same month. In 2013, we'll have two full moons in the same month, and so on down the line. The significant mojo, however, is raised during the Blue new and full moons, which brings us back to our "Blue Moon Chaser" to follow last month's eclipse sandwich.
Second, we shift seasons once more and begin to tiptoe our way into Autumn. Lammas/Lughnasadh is marked on August 1st, but the energies begin to stir for the Sabbats a bit before and a bit after their actual dates. This will be the first of three Harvest Festivals; I'll go more into depth about the legends and lore of Lammas closer to time. Suffice to say right now you will be asked this question, on many levels: what are you willing to release before you can fully receive?
Third, and by no means least, let's peek at the Mayan Calendar again. On the 31st (just after the Blue Moon), we begin the "Fifth Day" - which looks to be the biggest yang spike of energy during this whole process. This will, in turn, be followed by the "Fifth Night" in mid-August...which looks to be the biggest yin spike of energy! In other words, next month will feature a big energy surge, followed by a big energy crash. No, we're not going to deplane just yet!

What is to come? The potential, at least, for more Special High Intensity Transformation. Remember, however, that you always have a choice: resistance or acceptance. If you choose the latter, you don't have to like the situation you're in, but you accept that you're right here, right now...and you can control your reaction to what hand Life deals you from the cosmic deck. So frolic now, friends, because we're going to be diving deep once again, very soon!
These two know the drill... ;-)

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