Seeing a Finish Line...

We've reached the dawn of a New Day! (Naples, FL 6/11)

Good news, faithful readers: we're almost finished with this round of "holy-crap-this-is-INSANE!" Mercury has gone direct and we're now in the phase of the Waxing Moon. Join me in breathing deeply and saying, Huzzah! :-)

With the moon beginning its latest journey towards fullness, though, there are still a few interesting times ahead, as the Fifth Night in the (Mayan) Ninth Wave lasts until September 5th. As the waxing moon energies are all about manifestation, a few residual Shadows may be chased from their hiding spots in the back of your psychic closet and brought to the surface of your awareness. All for the good; just deal with them as you've been dealing with the other Shadows that have been coming up, and watch as they dissolve in the light of the new day.

With the coming of the Sixth Day, you'll be able to look around and see all the mess that you might be surrounded with at the moment. (In some cases, for my friends in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic sections of the US, this may be literal! I'm holding Calm Serenity for you at this time.) The Sixth Day with shine with the light of Clear Insight, allowing you to see quite clearly what's ready for releasing, and what's truly meant to be kept in your life. In the Northern Hemisphere, call it a final cycle of Letting Go prior to receiving the Bounty of the Harvest; in the Southern Hemisphere, take advantage of this energy for some inspired Spring Cleaning!
Either way, it would be a good idea to take full advantage of this dynamic clearing and cleansing energy that's coming our way, for the next convergence of cosmic events is going to be a doozy: the energetic shifting that usually arises with the Equinox is going to happen on the exact same day that the Sixth Night begins: September 23rd! I will be joining you in getting my "house" in order...in this case, taking care of some long-overdue business! More on that very soon - if you haven't seen my excitement elsewhere, that is! ;-)


  1. Happy to find you- Goddess Leonie put a link to you on Goddess Guide and I have popped you onto my blog roll. Am experiencing exactly what you are writing about just now - am interested in 2012 - have been writing about it for a couple of years now. Write about it at times on my blog -as well as mothering, mindful living and creativity - do stop by! http://dreamingaloudnet.blogspot.com/2011/08/something-for-weekend-cosmic-bodies.html

  2. All of that is just awesome news. Things have been so strange and frustrating with this energy lately and I am just happy it's coming to an end and we can relax.