Time Zero: Receiving in the Stillness

This way to a resting place... (Questhaven, 8/11)
 Many years ago, I remember a popular psychic (I think it was Sylvia Browne, but I'm not sure) was asked about what was coming up in the future. She said that after a certain time (which might have been 2012), she couldn't see anything arising in the future. Some folks took that as a sign the world was going to end; the truth is, we are concluding the "pre-scripted" portion of the collective human journey. As of the 28th, the "script" has nothing but blank pages.

October 28th marks the start of Time Zero, a short period of relative inaction (about two weeks) before the opening of the Triple-11 Portal, and the start of the Transition Time. I say "relative" inaction because Old Man Pluto is having a bit of a frolic right now in the stars, and there will be a LOT of shifting occurring in the depths of the collective human psyche!
This, however, is mostly "behind-the-scenes" work at the moment; front and center, we have an opportunity to kick up our heels, grab a refreshing beverage, and relax. We've done a TON of Work to get to this point, so a fortnight or so of chillaxing is just what the Witch Doctor ordered! Congratulations. Let's all take a well-deserved moment to pat ourselves on the back. :-)

The journey will wait for us. (Questhaven, 2/10)
Now, it's totally worth noting that Time Zero starts unfolding between the New Moon (a time of new beginnings, reviewing of goals, and planting of seeds) and Samhain, the traditional pagan holiday when the Veil between the Seen and Unseen Worlds is very thin. I'm being advised by my Unseen Posse that our ancestors have a lot to share with us this time around. For the next two weeks especially, Pay Attention to Your Dreams. This would be a good time to keep pencil and paper handy at your bedside, because much Information is going to be "downloaded" through the Dreamtime into the collective psyche. You have permission to ask the ancestors to slow down if they start throwing Information at you too fast!

For those of you who can't really stay still for long periods of time (and you know who you are), might I recommend taking inventory of what's still standing after the clearing out of your psychic garbage from your spiritual closet. If nothing else, step out into the Natural World and watch the ducks, or geese, migrating to their Winter abodes.

If you're coastal, you can watch the pelicans. (Carlsbad, 4/11)
 This is the moment of stopping on the trail and catching one's breath before one starts the really interesting part of the journey. Enjoy these days and nights of Stillness. Be open to witnessing interesting dreams and receiving sudden A-HA! moments. We'll be rocketing forward again soon enough... :-)


On the Seventh Day, we take out the garbage!

Full moon, just beginning to wane. (Escondido, 9/09)
 We have just about completed the Ninth Wave of Universal Energy, which is linked to (and associated with) the Mayan Calendar. The Seventh - and Final - Day will begin tomorrow, 10/11, ending right before Samhain/Halloween, on 10/28. At that point, we'll be pushing the Great Cosmic Reset Button...but there's some business to tend to first.
Once again, the heavens indicate what-all is going to be unfolding; this time, we need look no further than to the moon to find the "flavor of the day." The Seventh Day is all about moving forward, with lots of yang energy. This is going to unfold during a waning moon cycle, when the moon seems to "disappear" from the sky. The waning moon's energy is very conducive to Releasing and Letting Go - stuff associated with yin energy. So, there will be a bit of a "push-pull" dynamic as we progress in our processes, but it won't be nearly as gnarly as some of the "push-pull's" have been in the past. Yay!

By now, you should be intimately familiar, maybe even overly familiar, with your Shadow energies. You are SO Over and Done with this excess baggage, you can't even stand it! Good news, friends: the energies that will be in play will provide just that extra little nudge you need so you can shuck the Shadow and kiss it goodbye!
It is uber-important to send these last Shadows off to Never-Never Land before we hit the New Moon and Samhain. Depending on who you ask, we're either starting our journey over the Galactic Core, or we're about to start our journey over the Galactic Core; either way, we are going to be anchoring into the World of Form the vibration that's going to serve as the template for the next series of cycles that are going to be kicking off somewhere in the near future (between 2012 and 2014). We're going to be co-creating whole new calendars for ourselves and the human species - do we want to celebrate or acknowledge anything icky and negative on it? Of course not! So, if you haven't given your Shadows the ol' heave-ho, NOW is the time to do it. If you have, I'd advise that you do a quick round of "soul decluttering" so that you can make absolutely sure that you're ready to Receive, because what's coming will take up every square inch of your spiritual closet!

Moon Between Realities. (Escondido, 8/11)
I have received a LOT of Information about the upcoming "Time Zero" and the pushing of the Great Cosmic Reset Button...stay tuned for that a bit later in the month. In the meantime, I'm going to be celebrating a Zero Year birthday, and taking out my own garbage! (Oh yes, I've found some lingering Shadows myself. I'll share about that on my other blog.)
May we give our Shadows to our Earth Mother, who will compost them and bring forth new and beautiful things from the compost...A-ho. :-)