First Unfolding: Preparation

The first step in this process is one of preparation. What is to unfold depends upon where you are in your personal journey...
For some of you, this is going to be an intense time of clearing out unwanted/undesired materials, especially everything - Every Thing - that is no longer of service to you, whether you are "in agreement" or not. The Master Plan within you is beginning to come online fully; this is a time to release that which is standing in the way of you and access to your Authentic Power. NOTE: if this is not done willingly, it will be done for you. The time of Procrastination and Delay is OVER. You have been advised!
For some of you, you have cleared out all that is no longer of service. Well Done. Use this time to take an inventory of those techniques you use to ensure your personal evolution: your altar materials, the spells/prayers you use, etc. Some of these techniques may be freely discarded, as you will no longer need them. If there are material forms associated with these techniques (crystals, altar tools, and the like), you are strongly encouraged to pay them forward, for there are others who will be able to benefit significantly from the energies imbued in them. Other techniques will become essential to your practice, as they will benefit not just your personal process, but the collective evolutionary process as well. Be open to receiving new Information, both through the Internet and direct transmission from those Lightworkers who are sharing Information at this time.

This is (more or less) a direct transmission from the Unseen Posse, as filtered through my unique synapses. ;-) I had intended to post this on the 11th, but the Universe conspired to remove me from my home for a quick trip elsewhere. As I've regrounded back into this particular reality, I've come to understand why - especially after reading this article from a sister Channeler of Information. Once I'm a bit more comfy "back home," as it were, I'll be updating my personal blog with a bit of sharing.

Let's get busy, bees! :-)

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  1. Hey VSD thanks for this and for the link to that other article. Elation, extreme anxiety and a sudden surge in baking activity...Aha now it's all starting to make sense ;-)