TRANSITION: The Diamond Year (Phase 1 of 3)

Which way to go? The choice is OURS! (Questhaven, 8/11)
A lot of hoopla is surrounding the date of 11/11/11, which is this Friday. There are many interpretations about what's going to unfold on this date. The other date that's got a lot of hoopla surrounding it is 12/21/12, next year's Winter Solstice. This is the "popular" date upon which the Mayan calendar supposedly ends, though as we have seen, many predicted the "actual" end-date to be October 28th, due to all of the changes we've made in our systems for keeping track of time. So who's correct? And what's starting on the 11th?  I'm going to add my spin to the hype and hopefully make things a bit more comprehensible, because that's how I roll, yo. ;-)

Let me start with this apparent discrepancy. I've downloaded some Information that serves as a "bridge" between the two end-dates: Starting on Friday, we are entering an intermediate period of time that I'm advised to call the Transition. This is going to unfold in three parts; Part One will go from 11/11/11 until 11/11/12. The Unseen Posse calls this The Diamond Year. To borrow a pagan phrase, it's going to last "a Year and a Day" - however, due to 2012 being a Leap Year, this year will actually contain 367 days.

To further decode the significance of all this, let me throw in a bit of numerology here - if you reduce 367, that is, 3+6+7, you get 16, which itself reduces to 7 (1+6=7) Seven is a VERY powerful and felicitous number! Aside from being considered a "lucky" number, Seven also has significant ties to the Natural/Faerie realm. Faerie/Feminine Wisdom is definitely becoming more and more apparent in our culture, and there are many who are feeling very strong pulls to return to simpler ways of living that are harmonious with the Earth and her cycles, instead of being destructive. These pulls will intensify over the next few years, both because they feel right and also because they will become more and more necessary if we as a species are to survive and Ascend!
As for 11, it is also a very powerful and felicitous number. It's tied specifically to Divine Masculine energies and is commonly associated with Ascended Masters, those who have not just reached spectacular levels in their personal evolution, but have taken a quantum leap and now serve as templates for all of humanity to aspire to. Perhaps you can now begin to see what much of the fuss is about, yes?

Back to the Diamond Year...as I mentioned last time, on October 28th, we reached the end of the "pre-scripted" portion of the collective human journey. We also came to the conclusion of at least one, and most likely several, galactic cycles. We are moving into position to begin a journey over the center of our galaxy, during which we are going to receive the (Grand) Mother of ALL Downloads from the Star Nations.
Beginning on Friday (11/11/11), we're going to have an unprecedented opportunity. WE are going to be writing the new scripts for subsequent generations to follow.  What we co-create NOW is going to set the tone for the cycles that will unfold once we've passed over the Galactic Core. We have a golden opportunity NOW to push the Great Cosmic Reset Button and fix a lot of what has gone askew in our evolutionary process as a species! If you're feeling like me, we are now entering the super-exciting portion of the Ascension Journey! Not just Anything...EVERY-thing is Possible! :-)

Many individuals made specific Agreements to be alive and incarnate at this time on Earth to help co-create and facilitate this process; I would include myself in this group. We are going to be taking over, so to speak, from many who paved the way before us, both energetically and physically. Many of those who have been working very hard to make it possible for humanity to even reach this point will be "going Home" (that is, releasing themselves from their physical bodies) sometime during the Transition; I believe some will stay incarnate until after Earth has completed its journey over the Galactic Core, just to make sure everything unfolds as planned.
To those about to depart, I salute you and thank you for all of your efforts. I am just now beginning to appreciate fully the challenges and the rewards in this "line of Work," and I am humbled and grateful to the bottom of my heart to be taking my place beside this great cauldron of Magick and Mystery that y'all have been tending for so very long. :-)

As to what the Diamond Year will actually look like, I was advised to "follow the elevens" from month to month in the calendar. As I'm being shown, the first "month" will be from 11/11 to 12/11, the second "month" from 12/11 to 1/11, and so on.
Guess what? There are going to be thirteen of these "months," or as I'm advised to call them, unfoldings, all together! I got very excited when I saw that; for as 11 is associated with the Divine Masculine, so 13 is associated with the Divine Feminine! Yin and Yang working together in harmony; what a concept! ;-)
The one thing I'm not being shown is the "flavor" of each unfolding from start to finish. I've seen bits and pieces, but I'm advised that I'm not going to see specifics until it's time for each unfolding to begin. Basically, this means that I'll be posting again on Friday with Information about the first unfolding, and what we can expect to occur, and/or what we should be focusing on. I'm not exactly thrilled with this piecemeal process (with a Virgo Moon, I like all my answers Now, Please!), but I'll be flying alongside everyone else by the seat of my pants.

All I can say at this point is, Yee-Haw!
We are about to live in Most Interesting Times...!

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  1. Thank *you* too for tending the cauldron, dear walker and guider.

    I feel reassured, inspired, and hope-infused when I read your writings, and most especially today about the diamond year to come. I'm glad you share what you receive.

    shannon in quebec