Felicitous Opportunities!

"Flora Estrella." (Naples, FL 6/11)
I believe this shall mark my return to the "mainstream," if you will...

We've received a most interesting one-two energetic "punch" with the Winter Solstice and the New Moon unfolding practically on top of one another. The energy is still very potent, and will be increasing subtly until we reach the Full Moon in January (the 9th, to be exact).
As this is the traditional time for folks to consider their "New Year's Resolutions," I'm going to make a suggestion for the fearless followers of this blog, here and on Facebook...
Take out your Vision for your life - you know, the same one you crafted during the Cosmic Tsunami of 2009 and held onto for dear life during the more challenging ebbs and flows of the Ninth Wave last year. Hold it in your heart center and meditate upon it during these days and nights of the waxing moon. Allow the energies to enter your imagination and let them charge up your dreams. Receive the Divine Blessings that are swirling fast and furious through the World of Form.
Just after the Full Moon on the 9th, the Third Unfolding of the Diamond Year will start on the 11th. I've been advised that the "flavor" of the energies will relate to Conception - so taking the time Now to solidify your intentions, dreams, and visions for the New Year are going to pay Huge Dividends in the very near future! More Information to come when the moon reaches fullness... :-)

In the meantime, whatever it is you're celebrating, may your celebrations be Merry and Joy*full. Blessings all around!

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