Second Unfolding: Reception-In-Stillness

This is the time of year when one circle ends, and another begins.
Find time for your*self in these still, slow times. Sit alone, in silence.
Listen to these words and Receive them...
"Be Still, and know that I AM a child of Divine Source Energy
I AM Divinity Incarnate, Here and Now
I AM a power*full creator/creatrix of My Own Life, Here and Now
I AM creating, Moment to Moment, those experiences that will full*fill me and help me learn and grow
I AM choosing, Moment to Moment, EXACTLY what to focus my attention on in order to manifest it in my life."

I find that the scariest thing for people to comprehend is that we ARE Divinity Incarnate. We are capable of doing not just anything, but Every Thing Possible. This awesome Power comes with awesome Responsibility - and in this age of Victim-Consciousness, very few are ready, let alone willing, to take on this Responsibility for their lives. We need to shift out of the concept that "we are power*less" and into the concept of "We Are Power*FULL" if we have any hope of surviving, and evolving, as a species.

From 12/11/11 to 1/11/12, there will be Downloads Galore to be had by all, if we can find still places to sit in, in silence, to hear the soft voices of Wise Guidance that whisper within us. I'm going to be listening closely during this time. How about you? :-)

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