Post-Transition: Now What?

A Shell Medicine Wheel. (@ Home, 6/11)
The energies of the Transition that began last year with the opening of the 11/11/11 gateway hit their crescendo last Friday, on the 21st. Now we find ourselves basking in another Zero Time interlude, catching our collective breaths and perhaps wondering, "Now What?"

First, the power-gathering that began with the New moon is hitting its peak right now, with the Full Moon early Friday morning. All those wishes that you've been going over in your head? Tonight through Saturday is a good time to declare them aloud, alone or in a group, in sacred ceremony. Plant the seeds that will grow for you in the time of the Great Cosmic Download!

Oh yes, that Download deal...depending on who you ask, we are either beginning our transit, or are at the peak of our transit, over the center of the Milky Way galaxy. Now, at the center of our galaxy is a massive black hole - which is, in truth, the opening of a huge birth canal. Starting last week (or last year, depending on who you ask), new Information began emerging from this birth canal and is making itself immediately accessible to those who are ready to receive it. Put another way: there are a whole bunch of shiny new apps becoming available to our smartphone souls, and they are all FREE for the sharing! Not everyone will jive with every "app" that is appearing in the Collective Consciousness, but that's the beauty of Divine Free Choice; what doesn't resonate with you will be exactly what the witch doctor ordered for me, and vice versa!

We have come to the end of one calendar, gifted to us by the Mayans. WE are now going to make the next calendar that will guide the generations to come. (Yes, I've mentioned this plenty of times already, but I can't stress this enough!) It's not all going to happen at once; this is a process that will unfold over the next two years, give or take a week. We are still going to experience "amped-up" energetic processes during this two-year cycle; think of all the previous energetic spikes as "practice runs" for what is beginning to unfold now. The key here is realizing that we are now the co-creators of our stories. We can and will write new stories to replace the old ones that are no longer valid. We can and will (and ARE!) co-create new ways of living by changing our ways of storytelling. It's really an excellent time to be alive, yo!

So as to what lies ahead...Zero Time is going to be cradling us in softness for the rest of this Winter season. That doesn't mean that things won't get done - but there will be a lot of open and empty space around our activities. There won't be a sense of rushing. There will be an invitation to rest, and relax, and allow the Changes that have been wrought in each of us - and believe me, there have been a LOT of Changes! - to settle in. Give those apps time to unzip and be integrated into your operating system. There may be some emotional surges attached to this, especially if old Shadow stuff is jolted loose and brought to the surface for clearing and releasing. This is okay. There may be a feeling of discontent or disconnect. This is okay too...and if you can pin down the origin of your discontent/disconnect, you'll find your starting point for the new year's Work to be done! There may even simply be nothing but a sense of deep peace, serenity, and bliss. This is way okay, and calls for a cup of hot chocolate and some quality time with your feet up on the coffee table!

Moving forward from this most power*full of Solstices, I've been advised to pass along a couple of bonus tidbits of Information - a pair of apps, if you will... ;-)
~In the old reality, the master number (that is, the number that carries the vibration of the highest Divine frequencies) was 11. In the new reality, the master number is 13, which has deep ties to the Divine Feminine. This means that 13's will be popping up all over the place, in unexpected places too. When you come across a 13, the idea is to Take Notice and Receive whatever message/lesson is present for you in the Now Moment.
~Speaking of the Divine Feminine, do not be surprised if Mother Mary and Kuan Yin become even more popular than they are now. These two faces of the Goddess are among the most accessible, and their message of Gentle Compassion and Unconditional Love are going to resonate significantly as we continue to undergo massive restructuring on both the personal and the collective levels.

May the energy of the new beginning and the fresh start carry you through the (muggle) New Year and to the start of the spring - when cosmic business will pick up once more. Stay alert and be content!


Phase III: ALIGNMENT has begun!

Keeping Faith. (@ home, 6/10)
Did you feel all of the juicy magick that began unfolding over the last day or so? Good! :-)
We have entered the shortest, yet perhaps the most energetically jam-packed, of the three phases of the Time of Transition. From 12/12 to 12/21, we are in the "final countdown" to our journey over the center of the galaxy, and the start of the Great Mother of all Cosmic Downloads.

The opening of the 12/12 energy gate synchronizes nicely with the energies of the New Moon; this is a Power*full time to set intention and pray over your intention until the Solstice, which will unfold with the first quarter moon's energy. Between now and the end of the year, in fact, this is an excellent time to release the old and select the new that you wish to receive; this dreaming/wishing arc will culminate at the full moon on the 28th, just in time to ring out the old muggle year and ring in the new! It would be a very good idea to envision those New Year's Revolutions now, because you are completely and totally supported energetically to bring your YES'es into reality!

On the flip side of this procession...Deep Stuff is coming up and is going to come up in this double handful of days. Do not be surprised if you are also feeling what Sarah Ban Breathnach so eloquently calls Divine Discontent right now: basically, if you feel like your life and everything in it doesn't fit, no longer fits, and is completely useless and restrictive - resulting in a major case of the Grumpy Crankies - it's okay! Every single structure in the old paradigm is being dismantled right now...some things are flying apart with alarming rapidity, while others are slowly dissolving at the seams. The old paradigm was not constructed in a day, and even with the shifting taking place in the timescape, it's not going to be revamped in a day, either. This is a chance to invoke Extreme Self Care - lots of hot baths (or showers) by candlelight, curling up with a journal and/or a good book by the fire, indulging in a bit of comfort food, especially if it involves chocolate.
If something is really sticking out at you and annoying you, if there's a part of your life that's really Not Working At All, note it. Between now and the Solstice, this is a chance to give anything not serving your Highest and Best the boot once and for all; after the Solstice, the slate will be clean for many shiny new miracles to enter your life.

There are some people who are not discontent in the least, and are really believing that this is the Most Wonderful Time of the Year. Congratulations - you've done the Hard Work already and are holding space for the rest of us to muddle through. Enjoy the spirit of the season and share, share, share the happy holly jolly! Magick and miracles are contagious, and most all of us will catch it sooner or later. :-)
I shall return just after the Solstice with Information about what happens next. In the meantime, enjoy the ride! even if you have to smile through clenched teeth!


In Times to Come: looking at what lies ahead

Poised at the edge of Something Wonder*full. Art by Boris Vallejo
Beginning this Sunday, 11/11/12, we enter a critical and exciting 40-day period which will culminate energetically at the Winter Solstice (12/21/12). These next forty days are going to reveal a lot about where we are now and, more importantly, where we're going.

The party got started a little early when Mercury went retrograde once again on the fifth. Many of us saw great potential for chaos and trickster energy, especially with the US elections unfolding on the sixth! By and large, though, the chaos went unrealized (gods be praised!) This serves as an object lesson: because so many people were praying for a clear resolution to the elections - even if they were praying at cross-purposes - what could have been a very chaotic situation unfolded as a reasonably orderly one. Now, if we could get that prayer power harnessed towards common, agreed-upon goals...we could move entire mountain ranges, people!
Just because things haven't been as chaotic as they could be doesn't mean Mercury Retrograde isn't having any effect at all at this time. Shadows are on parade, and will be for much of the rest of this month. Thanks to the trickster energy running about, we're seeing past the smoke and mirrors and perceiving where people are really stuck in their development. For those of us who are a bit further along the Ascension path, this is an excellent opportunity to check in with yourself and see if the sticky bits you're perceiving are reflecting any sticky bits still present within, and whether this is the time to clear them out for good.

With all of that in mind, let's take a look at the Second and Third phase of the Transitional Times...

Phase II is the Thirteenth Unfolding, beginning 11/11, and it brings to us the energy of RE*VISION.
This will be manifesting for us two different ways: first, as we draw closer to the Winter Solstice, we'll probably be seeing an uptick in the "doom and gloom" predictions as much of the Human Collective will be holding its breath to see what, if anything, unfolds on that day. Re*Vision, in this case, means holding fast to the energies and dreams coming from the New Reality, holding the quiet and gentle "Yes" in the face of a thousand loud and harsh "No's." It is a reaffirmation of what we know is possible, and what we know is unfolding, despite evidence to the contrary - which is illusion anyway.
Second, re*vision comes to us in the sense of taking the plans we have carefully typed up and getting out the big fat red marker to mark where we need to make changes. We're going to be rewriting the scripts and co-creating new ones that will start manifesting in the World of Form post-Winter Solstice. We are going to be setting the tone for the dreams and visions that the next seven generations will be enjoying. To quote a friend of mine, We are the Modern-Day Ancestors - what we envision NOW will serve to guide the generations to come.

To add a spot of excitement and synchronicity, the new moon will be unfolding on or about the 13th, so this is a most excellent time to either start new projects, or kick-start those projects that might have faltered and need a little pick-me-up to get going again.

Phase III will begin on 12/12/12 and conclude on the Winter Solstice, 12/21/12. These are going to be nine juicy, deep, possibly very intense days full of the energy of Alignment. The tone set by these nine days are going to resonate for the next two years (or so) as we move into alignment over the Galactic Core (that big black hole at the center of our Milky Way galaxy) and start receiving what I'm calling the Great Mother of all Cosmic Downloads. To peek ahead a smidge: starting at the Winter Solstice, we will be moving into Right Relationship with Nature and the Natural Ways, with each other as a species, and within ourselves. We are going to have tremendous opportunities to heal and rewrite ALL of our stories and move forward, growing and evolving and Ascending, becoming the very best we can be. (When I say "we," I'm being all inclusive, from the President of the United States all the way to that little stone on the side of the highway in Death Valley, CA.)

Once we hit 12/22/12, there are going to be a whole bunch of people looking around and going "now what?" By then, I should have the beginning of an answer...strap in and stay tuned! :-)


Twelfth Unfolding: (Grace*full) Conclusion

Sunset through clouds (Carlsbad, 6/10)
The energies of this unfolding, the final one in the Diamond Year, are closely tied to the Holy Day that unfolds at the end of this month, whether you call it Samhain, Hallows, or Halloween. Samhain, the Celtic name, means "Summer's End," and it also marks the third and final Harvest Festival in the Northern Hemisphere. Traditionally, this is when the last crops were collected and brought in for the village/tribe...and the wise ones left a few in the field for the ancestors and the nature spirits to feast upon. This has been marked as a time of visitiation by the ancestors and those loved ones who have passed from the Land of the Living, as well as an opportunity to take a few moments for quiet contemplation as the nights grew longer, as we began to head inward and back into Stillness.

In our current context, this is a time to do that one final proofread, take the one final tour through the house to make sure everything has been packed. Have all the i's been dotted and the t's crossed? Are all the ducks nicely aligned in rows? Are all the loose ends tied off and tucked in or snipped away?

Look at your dreams and your visions. Which ones are ready to be let go with a final kiss farewell? Which ones have become so snarled and tangled in illusion and inconvenience that they really need to be cut loose and given to Mama for Sacred Composting? This is the time to prune away the old and put away the incomplete, for shortly after November starts, business is going to pick up - BIG TIME!

Note, however, that this is a time of Grace*Full conclusion...any releasing that needs to be done will occur with much ease, sometimes as quick and thorough as a sneeze. Much of the Really Hard Work is actually over, shift is happening in our lives more and more effortlessly by the week, sometimes by the day. If this doesn't ring true for you, though, let this serve as an invitation to check in and see where the resistance is to all the Change. Sometimes just honoring the fact that you're resisting is enough for you to let go and move into Grace; other times, mindfully relaxing that mental death grip you have on your thoughts/dreams/visions will do the trick. (It can be done. Trust me.)

As you move forward through this part of the journey, always say a word of thanks for the lessons that have been learned, the opportunities that have been presented, the experiences that have unfolded. Gratitude begets expansion, growth, and realization, which begets more Gratitude, and so forth. :-)

In the spirit of Grace*full Conclusions, let me present a Big Picture moment...
For those of you keeping score at home, the Unfoldings that have been presented as we "followed the 11's" through this year actually formed a guideline that can help you move through the significant shifts that lie ahead of us; in other words, a template has been presented to us, one "month" at a time. To keep it easy, let me sum everything up for y'all...

1) Preparation (11/11/11-12/11/11)
2) Reception-in-Stillness (12/11/11-1/11/12)
3) Conception (1/11/12-2/11/12)
4) Selection (2/11/12-3/11/12)
5) Activation (3/11/12-4/11/12)
6) Cultivation (4/11/12-5/11/12)
7) Exploration (5/11/12-6/11/12)
8) Evaluation (6/11/12-7/11/12)
9) Simplification (7/11/12-8/11/12)
10) Inspiration (8/11/12-9/11/12)
11) Celebration (9/11/12-10/11/12)
12) Grace*Full Conclusion (10/11/12-11/11/12)

For extra credit, review the year and see what was going on in your life during each unfolding. See if anything slowed down or sped up - did you experience one particular Unfolding over more than one month? Did you experience two (or more!) Unfoldings pretty well simultaneously? Did you go off the track and bounce hither and yon between the energies? Your results may - and probably did - vary! ;-)

...and for those who are asking: yes, there will be a Thirteenth Unfolding; however, the energies that are going to arise are so potent - especially since they're going to be magnified courtesy of our "frenemy," Mercury Retrograde - that it's going to be a Phase separate and complete unto itself. It's also tied into the third and final Phase of the Transitional Time that is leading into the Great-Mother-of-All-Cosmic-Downloads, with Fun Time beginning 12/21/12. More details to come at the full moon (at month's end) that will light our way through the nights as we trick or treat, step into our alter egos, and honor our ancestors with dumb suppers. Blessings to one and all! :-)


Eleventh Unfolding: Celebration

Fruits of the Harvest. (Encinitas, CA 1/11)
With all of the hoopla and uncertainty up and about in the world, it may seem strange that celebration would be the energy of this particular Unfolding. Take a moment and consider, though: where are you now compared with where you were at the start of the year? More importantly - who are you now, compared with who you were at the start of the year? You're probably in a far different place now than then - and perhaps a completely different person now, than then! (I know that applies to me, for sure!)

The energies anchoring this Unfolding arise from the Equinox on the 22nd of this month: Autumn in the North, Spring in the South. The Fall Equinox is at the height of the Harvest Season, where we can be thankful for the bounty that is in our lives. (In Pagan calendars, this is indeed the "Pagan Thanksgiving," with much ceremony attendant and emphasized around corn. Wheat is to Lammas, the first Harvest festival, as corn is to Mabon/Autumn Equinox, the second (and largest) Harvest festival.
In the South, the Spring Equinox is the highlight of things growing, and the blessings that are unfolding day by day as life stirs anew and bursts forth in color and wonder. As the North blesses what has come and is coming, the South blesses what is coming and will come shortly. It's all one big circle, and it's all good! :-)

Wherever you are, this is a time to stop, or at least slow down, and count your blessings. See if you can find at least ONE thing to be grateful for in your life. Look back on what you've done and give yourself some kudos. It might not have been a perfect job, or what you had expected to happen, but perhaps you've met and even exceeded your wildest dreams. If not yet, that's okay too. You're well on your way. Definitely take some time to Rest and Pamper yourself this Unfolding, as the upcoming season promises to be anything but dull and ordinary! We're still gearing up to receive the Great Mother of All Downloads starting on 12/21/12 ...and THAT promises to make the previous energetic pulses look absolutely miniscule! Stay Tuned!!


Tenth Unfolding: Inspiration

Inspiration in Creation. (Pennsylvania & California, 8/11)
This one is especially for those who are feeling ragged around the edges, or rubbed raw smack dab in the middle of their beings, or both. All of the energies this year - and, truth be told, for a couple more years yet - are being amped up hundreds, if not thousands of times, over what they were even a few years ago! Rest assured...this is all a part of a natural evolutionary process we are experiencing as a whole. We're living the process of Natural Selection right now, on all sorts of levels! So breathe a little deeper and a smidge more easily; you're SO not alone in this crazyhazyweirdmiraculous process we're ALL going through!

Right around this time last week, as we entered this Unfolding, you might have felt a rather significant energy boost, which either stirred things up or settled things down, depending on where you are in your journey. August 11th was the 25th anniversary of what was called the Harmonic Convergence, where all the rest of our planets in our system lined up in a straight line, and made all the astronomers go ooh and ahh as they looked up to the night sky. Okay, it made all the astrologers go ooh and ahh too, but for different reasons:
In 1987, we entered a grand portal that took us out of one energetic frequency (the Age of Pisces, featuring Duality) and is now bringing us into another energetic frequency (the Age of Aquarius, featuring Unity.) While it will take a bit more than a century before the actual physical shifting of the stars' positions in the heavens is completed, we're just about done with the energetic shifting...for shift happens in the World of Thought before it filters down into the World of Form. In other words, you set an Intention, then take deliberate Action, and that's how Things Get Done. :-)

With the remembering of the Harmonic Convergence came a rush of feel-good nostalgia for some people. Add to this the rush of feel-good that the recent Olympic games generated in much of the world, and you have an opportunity to take a look around and find things that inspire you. Maybe it's stopping and smelling that bouquet of roses that someone gave to you. Maybe it's getting up early and watching the sunrise/sunset as you jog along the beach. Maybe it's going to that uber-cool website you bookmarked last week and really checking it out. Whatever it is, it's not going to be so much "a-ha!" as "oh, yeah!" - as in, oh yeah, I remember how good I feel after I do yoga. Let me make some time to get back into my routine.~Oh yeah, I remember how much fun I had at the beach with my friends. Let me send a few texts and see if I can get anyone to come join me.~Oh yeah, I remember how much I enjoyed that smoothie last week. Let me break out my blender, get some fruit, and see if I can make my own version of that smoothie. Little things, all - but to twist a popular phrase, the delight is often in the details!

Speaking of sources of delight: we have a very inspirational Blue Moon at the end of the month! Full Blue Moons are particularly associated with faeries and the Fey, the (semi-)divinities associated with Earth and Water. I am being advised as I type that this particular waxing moon phase (starting tonight and going for about two weeks) would be a most excellent time to Ask for a Miracle - then be prepared to receive it sooner instead of later...say, around the time of the Fall Equinox next month!
So - what will you be inspired to ask for? :-)


Ninth Unfolding: Simplification

Simplifying is easy with sun-brewed tea. (@ Home, 6/12)
Nothing like getting into the nitty-gritty of a process and really feeling the Shifts that are happening, within and around you! :-)

As promised/predicted, the Solstice last June really gave a big boost to our ongoing processes; the days leading up to the Solstice were some intense ones indeed! As I mentioned previously, the Releasingway began for some around that time. For others, it's beginning right around now.
This is an opportunity, basically, to simplify your life.What this means to you might differ from what this means to me, which might differ from what this means to one of my co-workers. For some, Simplification will be a decluttering process, going through years' worth of accumulated material goods and paying them forward, via donations to the nearest Goodwill or other charitable organization. Some will find people  leaving their lives and moving on to the next chapter; others will meet the person who will help with SO much, they will be considered a prayer answered. Some will be preparing to relocate themselves - across town, across the country, or around the world. Some will come to question their beliefs, and perhaps realize that what was once gospel truth is now a great big lie...or what was once dismissed as pure hokum really does make a strange sort of sense. Some will find all of these things happening. Some won't feel any major changes at all. It's All Good. :-)

Whatever is or isn't going on in your life, make sure you are taking care of your*self. Make the time to take that nature walk or run through your yoga practice; set aside the funds necessary to buy that supplement that you know your body loves and might need right now. I speak from personal experience: with all of the changes going on right now, it's very easy to become de-centered in your life. If you're feeling particularly stuck in one emotion or state of being (super angry all the time, feeling tired all the time), take a moment to check in with yourself, or visit your physician/naturopath/therapist. Reach out and give your mentor or sponsor a call. Once you know what is going on, you'll have a better idea of what (not) to do next.
A big lesson for us in these Transitional Times: this is not a task for us to undertake alone. There are many opportunities unfolding for us to reach out, support one another, and be Interdependent. We are making huge strides right now, individually and collectively, despite FALSE appearances to the contrary!

Which brings me to a bit of a side note - much of what we're seeing right now in the World of Form is a separation of realities. Yes, the cosmic freeway is getting ready to split! Of course, the old stuck reality is grabbing much more of the collective attention, since it's being very loud and obnoxious. However, the new flowing reality is taking shape and growing more solid day by day. It's extremely important to take a moment and answer this key question: Which Reality Am I Giving the Most Attention? The reality you focus on is the reality that you will soon be stepping into! There is still a window of opportunity to shift your focus and re-center into a different reality, but that window will be closing at the Winter Solstice. You have been advised!

Now for the fun bits...
Much of unfolding of Simplification is going to take place during a (gasp!) Mercury Retrograde period. This means that progress will (most likely) not be smooth. It may seem like a very bumpy road indeed at times. Things may move in fits and starts, or stall out completely, or fly off in a completely unexpected direction. Go with whatever the flow is, work out your patience muscles, and be fully prepared to take advantage of any down-time the Universe might hand to you.
Much of this Simplification process will reach its peak around August 1st. This is the first of the Harvest Celebrations in the North, with more Information coming closer to that date. In the South, this is the start of the Planting season, and an opportunity to be extra-selective in what seeds you're going to plant. Remember, you're not just contemplating what to bring forth for the next year, but for the Next Era in the New Reality. Uber-exciting, eh! :-)

There is definitely some momentum building for even bigger shifts lying ahead. Take full advantage of the opportunities to get your own house in order before the neighborhoods move! Blessings all around! :-)


Eighth Unfolding: Evaluation

Good evaluating spot: the Labyrinth. (Questhaven, 2/11)
Your dreams are growing, perhaps a little, perhaps a lot, perhaps at a pace that surprises even you. You've been frolicking in the Garden of Earthly Delight. The mood of play and whimsy is still here, but now we come to an exciting moment, maybe even a pivotal one.

The new moon and the Solstice (Summer in the North, Winter in the South) are going to unfold one right after the other. New moons traditionally bring one cycle to a close and open a new cycle of activity; the Solstice provides a major energetic boost to all affairs, whether they're opening or closing or doing something completely different. For some, this will be a time to examine their lives closely (and Yet Again!) to determine what is still serving them in their lives, and what is No Longer Serving them  and is absolutely ready to be released. For others, they've done the evaluation, they know what is ready to be released, and they're ready to shift their shapes.

Between the Solstice (in a few days) and the Equinox (in September), there will be a massive opportunity to prune away all of the old, dead growth and RELEASE what is no longer of service in our lives. This Releasingway will become more intense with the next Unfolding (which I'm advised to call Simplification) and will peak energetically at Lammas, the First Harvest, at the start of August. In the South, this will be a grand Winter season of releasing old dross and getting ready for a Brilliant New Spring starting with the First Selection of dreams!

Whether you're just now beginning to figure out what works, and what doesn't, in your life, or whether you've been shaping your life like a bonsai for many many moons, know that (1) it's all good, and (2) you're completely supported in your efforts. If you're feeling like, "oh geez, I gotta go through all this again?!" know that (3) you're not alone, (4) you're now in the "fine tuning" phase of the process, and (5) this whole honking YEAR is turning out to be a major Eye of the Needle initiatory process, where we're being squeezed through ever shrinking holes to release Every Last Sticky Bit in our souls that might serve to block or hinder our personal evolution.
Exhausting? Yes. Frustrating? Definitely...but Absolutely Worth every tear, every howl, every punch of the punching bag or pillow, every pounding of the drum. It's not always pretty, but it's Evolution - and we're right in the thick of it!


Special Announcement: Venus & Right Relationship

Love, Baby, Love... (Questhaven, 2/11)
 Yes, there are a gazillion articles about the Venus Transit today, and the anticipation is so thick you can cut it with a Ginsu knife. As I read through the articles that dance into my awareness, and feel my way into the energies du jour, one phrase jumps out at me to sum it all up: Right Relationship.

We receive this phrase from the Native Americans, to describe the best and most optimal way to live upon the world, and in our lives. Right Relationship means that you are living in as close alignment with Mother Earth and Her cycles as you possibly can. Right Relationship means that you are treating everyone - Yourself Included - with kindness, compassion, and love. Right Relationship means that you have found your optimal path through life and are following that path, co-creating magick and miracles with the Divine, with every breath in every moment of every day.

Today is the day Venus dances naked in front of Sol, the Source of all Light and Warmth. She is in retrograde right now (that whole illusion of moving-backwards-then-forwards trick that the planets do now and again), so She is bringing up sticky Shadow bits into our awareness. Being that this is Venus we're talking about, these sticky bits are all centered around love and relationships.

As the transit takes place just at the start of the waning moon cycle, now is the time to ask and discern:
Where am I living in Right Relationship with life?
Where am I NOT living in Right Relationship?
What can I do to release the discord and bring full harmony into my life?

Use the answers to these questions to release That Which No Longer Serves You in your life to make room for more of That Which Does Serve You Quite Nicely. The next energetic unfolding will assist in this process, as it's all about - wait for it - Evaluation.
This process will conclude with the back-to-back Power Boosts of the New Moon and the (Summer) Solstice...so here's yet another chance to tidy up your House of Belonging and get things in order before the next wave comes along to ride forward, ever forward, inexorably forward!  A-ho and Blessed Be! :-)


Special Announcement: the Portal of CHOICE is Open!

Which way to go? The choice is YOURS! (Questhaven, 8/11)

This was given to me to pass along by my Unseen Posse, in cooperation with my intuition...

This lunation before the Solstice is a very potent one for humanity. From now until the New Moon/Solstice event (6/20-6/21 on my calendar), we are given the reminder that We Can Choose Exactly What We Want to Manifest In Our Lives. WE have the Power; WE have Divine Free Choice! Let us use the Power to CHOOSE!

This epiphany unfolded for me about this time last week: I saw those things I called obstacles in my life as a pile of "Thou Shalt's," as in, Thou Shalt stay at thy place of work. Thou Shalt stay forever at thy home. Thou Shalt give up thy dreams, for they are impractical. I saw this dark dense pile of Limiting Obligation suddenly go transparent, and shrink before my very eyes. I realized that I could step over this pile, around this pile, or even THROUGH the pile, if it dissolved enough!

I give you this gift of in*sight...whatever obstacle you believe is in your life at this moment is most likely a Figment of Imagination that someone gave you and asked you to believe as Gospel Truth. Look at your life with the eyes of your heart and ask, with every thing present, on every level, "Is this Need*full and Necessary in my life right now?" What resonates with you, what is deep and rich and juicy and satisfying for you, keep it in your life and allow it to guide you to your Highest and Best. Everything else - give yourself permission to Let It GO so you can draw more juiciness in your life.

Basically, use this month to review what's present and make the necessary edits in your story; the Solstice is going to unfold with a spectacular energetic surge and propel everyone, Ready OR Not, forward in its unfolding. Yup, time to wax up those surfboards once again! :-)

ps - remember to whistle while you work, and take time out to frolic in the Garden of Earthly Delight as you prepare. Mama said. ;-)


Seventh Unfolding: Exploration

What lies on the other side? (Gerton, NC 4/12)
Summer is a time to get outside...into Nature, into the world, and out of your headspace! The dreams that were planted at the Equinox, and carefully cultivated up to now, are blooming marvelously. Sometimes these dreams unfold very slowly, drawing your attention to the tiny details of your journey. Sometimes the path unfolds before you in unexpected ways, taking you off in completely different directions. It's all good! :-)

This is the time to explore, to frolic, to play with your dreams. Try them on, one at a time or all at once. What is looking especially fine on your right now? What looks good, but needs a wee adjustment or two? What looked like a good fit at first, but now that you're evaluating it in natural light in front of your home mirror, doesn't look quite right? No worries! Release what is NOT working and move through your life with what IS working!

This unfolding brings in some very juicy energies that is setting the table nicely for the Solstice, and the next phase of energetic movement. On 5/20, not only are we going to be in New Moon Energy, but there will be a lunar eclipse and a lovely astrological alignment as Venus moves through the Shadows (in Retrograde) and brings the Light of Love into the darker corners of the collective psyche. This might show up as more fabulous synchronicities entering your life and carrying you forward ~ or more parts of stuck ego arising into your awareness that need to be loosened up and released into the great Cosmic Composting pile  ~ or a series of a-ha! moments that provide answers to the questions that you've been asking for a very long time ~ or, most likely, some combination of the above! ;-)

Whatever comes your way over these next few days, remember one thing at all times: this is the time to PLAY, and frolic in the Garden of Earthly Delight! Gaia's children are enjoying life; find whatever excuse will serve - or don't use an excuse at all - and Get Out Into the Fresh Air & Bright Sunshine! Sigh deeply as you sip at your refreshment of choice... :-)


Sixth Unfolding: Cultivation

"Cultivated" Mushrooms (@ Home, 12/10)
The energies have been unfolding one after another, each taking a bit of momentum from the one before it. Now we have entered the potent phase of Cultivation. We've planted the seeds of our dreams, but planting the seed and walking away won't work. We have to tend to these dream-seeds: water them with our intention and keep them front and center - at least for part of every day - of our attention.

There is a saying, which I might or might not be paraphrasing: "God will meet you halfway." This implies, though, you'll receive Divine assistance IF you put some actual Work into making this dream of yours real. Pick a task to do every day, even if it's only a baby step-sized task that takes five minutes of your time. What does this task do in helping you realize your dream? Stay on track...but if you lose track for a few days, don't beat yourself up. This takes away vital energy that you could be investing in your dream. Gently place yourself back on track and pick up where you left off.

To assist us in this Cultivation, two big Power boosts are coming up shortly. First, we have a new moon on the 21st (or so), which always provides a good opportunity to begin anew, or begin again, as the case may be. Second, Beltaine (the pagan start of Summer) blossoms on May 1st. This is a time to celebrate fertility and new life, both of the Earth and within each of us. If you missed the opportunity to plant those seeds at the Equinox, Northern peeps, no worries! Here's another opportunity for setting intention and starting on the path of full*fill*ment.

The season of Summer is one where significant growth and dynamic transformation can unfold within you in the blink of an eye. As all of the planetary and earthly moments are being amped up during this special Transitional Year of 2012, expect huge strides of growth and transformation to unfold within this Summer season, as the momentum continues to build towards what promises to be a humdinger of a Solstice! (And for my Southern peeps - prepare to dig extra deep into the dark soil of your soul as you get extra juicy and rich during a relaxing and uber-regenerative Winter season!)


Resolving Illusions on All Trickster's Day!

In this time of Activation, I'm noticing it's not only dreams that are being activated. A lot of Shadows are coming up for peeps (myself included) to deal with - some with a vengeance! What is going on, you might ask?

Well, we are coming to the end of a Mercury Retrograde period. Along with all of the (ahem) "technical glitches" attendant during these times, we are also encouraged to check in with ourselves to see what is needing expression in the moment. Navel-Gazing becomes very prevalent during these few weeks. As Mercury winds up its wee "backwards" jaunt, it's going to pass through April Fools' Day in the States, which I've taken the liberty of renaming All Trickster's Day.

This particular date on the calendar means more than just an opportunity to spring a practical joke on an unsuspecting family member or co-worker. There is the opportunity to have a good belly-laugh at the absurdity present in the world, thanks to the work of the Tricksters. Coyote and Raven are the best known animal spirits with this energy; Loki in the Nordic/Teutonic pantheon is the first that springs to my mind when thinking about a specific deity. Of course, one cannot mention Tricksters without including faeries, many of whom are known for creating all sorts of mischief for unsuspecting mortals.

If a Trickster is operating in your life, this means that you might be shaken up a bit - or quite a lot - to show you where there are illusions present in your life. Many of these illusions are holding you back from truly Authentic expression. Rather than resisting their messages and clinging to falsehoods, allow the Trickster energy to shatter these illusions and sweep them out of your life...because you probably don't need them anyway.

As I have observed, in the face of Absurdity, you can choose to laugh or to scream. Laughing is easier on the vocal chords and the blood pressure. Find an excuse to laugh as the Tricksters work their magick, even if the humor is a bit on the dark side. Laughter is the thing that will help ease us through the Transition to the other side and keep us reasonably sane. Enjoy the ride!


Fifth Unfolding: ACTIVATION!

"Ascension Connection" Artist unknown by me. Any leads?
"You have carefully selected the dreams that you wish to manifest at this moment. We wish to inform you that we are now moving into a time where the energies are most felicitous for you to manifest these dreams. Focus your intention. Hone your mind to where you can SEE your vision. Open your heart to FEEL your vision fully. Then, from the Seat of Creation, concentrate your energies to BIRTH your vision!"

I shall elaborate on this little tidbit at some length here, because there is a lot of Information coming through for this period...
If you haven't noticed by now, the energies of the usual planetary activities have been amped up considerably this year. I'm still noticing some sharp and snarky tempers coming off the doozy of a convergence involving the full moon, the latest solar flare, and Mercury Retrograde. (All three basically unfolding at once: Yeee!) This also goes for the earth cycles as well: Imbolc was particularly energizing, and the Equinox (Spring in the North, Autumn in the South), promises to be just as potent, if not more so!

This Unfolding in particular (3/11 - 4/11) is going to be a critical one in the Collective Ascension process. The Equinoxes have always provided a massive ramping up of energies that can either give you a great shot of momentum to propel you forward, or a great jolt of energy that zaps you fully Awake and shakes up everything in your life - and sometimes both at once! (Spring) Equinox 2012 is promising to deliver one Mother of an energetic wave, so make sure your surfboards are ready to ride it!
Make Absolutely Sure that you know what you really want in this moment of time, because what you focus on is going to manifest Sooner, instead of Later! Energy flows where Attention goes, says the axiom. If your attention is on Lack and Despair, you will receive more of the same. If your attention is on Abundance and Hope, you will receive more of the same. If your attention is on pink polka-dotted cows, you'll see more of the same in the department stores, in TV ads, and on Facebook. You get the idea... ;-)

Here is a possible game plan to follow:
From now till the Equinox (3/20), hone your vision until you see nothing but What You Want. Eliminate all mental clutter, emotional drains, and spiritual distraction. Put on the blinkers!
The critical three-day period of Manifestation unfolds between the Equinox and the New Moon (3/20-3/22). I am advised to share that this is one of the potential windows of the much ballyhooed "Three Days of Darkness." This is NOT a literal event that will unfold. In this case, the "Darkness" might be a massive power outage, either in the electrical grid or in (satellite) communications. I am further advised that during this time, all Lightworkers can hold space for Serenity, however they envision that feeling of calm assurance that all shall be well, regardless of outward appearances, as the Equinox energy emerges and spreads around the world; this will ameliorate whatever "negative" effects might arise as a result of the massive surge.
As the moon waxes, continue to place your attention on What You Want, but this time, feel that desire growing in your awareness until everything that surrounds you, and everyone around you, is a part of that vision. As you will it, So Mote It Be! :-)

Finally, if you live in the US, be aware of April Fool's Day (aka All Tricksters' Day). On that particular Sunday, do not be surprised if events unfold that seem a bit absurd, and perhaps a bit melodramatic. This year, the Master Tricksters will be Shattering Illusions left, right, and center, so go easy on yourself and others on that day, and be prepared to laugh, a lot.

Okay, that seems to be it for now.
Happy Manifestation! :-)


Mother of the New Time: saying YES to the future!

I know a lot of very awesome people in my Web of Life. One of them is the excellent Lady Yeshe Rabbit. She has contributed so much to her community, both in Northern and in Southern California. Now she's taking her efforts worldwide with a brilliant project for the Transitional Times called "Mother of the New Time."

To share an exerpt from her invitation:
Today, we encourage our sisters to put aside fear and remember Who We Are. Whether or not we have individually given birth or raised a child, we are all, collectively, the Mothers of consciousness. Just as a thoughtful Mother teaches her child the basic aspects of life, we can teach the world how to create a sustainable future instead of merely accepting what is currently being handed to us. 

Instead of buying in to the current "doom and gloom" rhetoric currently being bandied about, she and her succulent sisters of the Amazon Tribe have composed a ritual that brings radical change and hope to the world in a dynamic YES! This Work so totally resonates with me that not only have I signed on, but I'm including a link to her project on my blog. Find the pic that matches the pic at the top of this post and click on it. If this resonates with you as well, I - no, WE - invite you to say YES! as well. A-HO! :-)


Fourth Unfolding: Selection

Beginning to Bloom (Encinitas, 9/09)
"Gather together your possibilities, those things you wish to manifest in the World of Form. Which of these possibilities do you want to manifest NOW? Consider carefully, then make your choices. Those dreams that you focus your total attention on, that you state with clear and absolute intention - these dreams will no longer be dreams. They WILL be reality, sooner rather than later! So again, we advise...Consider Carefully!"

With the coming of Imbolc earlier this month, the Northern Hemisphere of Earth feels the pulse of Quickening. The worst of the cold and dark of Winter ends, yielding gently-but-inevitably to the warmth and light of Spring. As the animals begin to prepare to bear their next generations to carry on their various lineages, we too can turn inward for a moment longer and gaze upon our dreams.

Some of our dreams might need to wait a bit longer; we might find that others no longer fit, and we can cast them aside. There are dreams, however, that are ready to come forth Now, so let's use our powers of Selection and plant those seeds, and bring attention to those dreams that are ready to be made real.
Prioritizing will also play a role...some dreams are ready to materialize now, while others might need a bit more time to germinate in the rich soil of your deep heart-felt desires. That's okay; not all the seeds need to be planted at this time. All that needs to manifest will manifest with Divine Perfect Timing.

Let us continue to move forward, if gradually and slowly, with the sure knowledge that we are now on the UP-swing, in more ways than one! Blossoming Spring Blessings all the way around! :-)


Year of the Dragon: All Hail the Rainbow Serpent Mother!

Dragon representation in a tree. (Escondido, 6/10)

Of all the animals in the Chinese zodiac, the Dragon is the only (ahem) mythical animal - yet it might be the most powerful of the Eastern totems. Dragons are much revered and admired in Asian countries, associated primarily with the elements of Wind, Water, and Earth. Some of them carry precious pearls of Wisdom and/or Longevity in one of their forepaws, which they bestow upon those who are pure of body and spirit...and humble enough in their request!

Unlike their Eastern counterparts, Western Dragons haven't fared so well. From Tiamat being slain by the storm god Marduk, and Medusa's death by the sword of Perseus, to St. Patrick "relieving" Ireland of its snakes and St. George slaying the "evil" dragon, Dragons (along with snakes and serpents) have gotten a bad rap in Western culture, as Goddess religions were supplanted and then supressed by the patriarchal "Sky God" religions. Even today, there is the popular idea of "slaying one's dragons" in overcoming and transforming one's character flaws. 

Regardless of whether you're talking about Eastern or Western dragons, though, they have characteristics in common: great strength, courage, and power. More and more, we are also remembering and acknowledging their connections to Divine Feminine Energy, as part of the Snake/Serpent/Dragon trinity. The Serpent, along with the Bird and the Fish, is one of the most primal and ancient totems of the Great Goddess. Snake and Dragon Goddesses are some of the oldest archetypes known to humanity, from the aforementioned Tiamat (the Great Serpent Mother) in the West, to the creatrix Goddess Nu Kua (half woman, half dragon/snake) in the East.

With the dawning of 2012, the influx of Divine Feminine energies that has been steadily increasing over the past several years will hit a new level. For the next two years (as 2013 happens to be the Year of the Snake in the Chinese calendar), the primal aspects of the Goddess will be prevalent. This means impulses of raw, wild Power, Strength, and Courage, untamed and undimmed by Power-Over/Patriarchal forces, will be received and expressed by those who are open and willing to receive them - with the vast majority of these expressions arising among women and those who strongly identify as "female." In other words, don't be surprised if you suddenly feel like Boudicca among the Romans one day, ready to take up your sword and show these centurions a thing or two!

The important thing here is to remember these impulses are raw and power*full. They can be used for either creation or for destruction. While it's important to reclaim and own this power, it's also important to take full responsibility for its use. Especially for those of us who have been Lightworking for many years, "I was overcome by the Power" is no longer going to hold water as an excuse. Feel the Power fully, deeply, and totally, but don't destroy everything within a fifty-foot radius of yourself unless you're in immanent danger! (I speak from personal experience...no, I really didn't need to use a bazooka to wipe out the mosquito!) If the energy is building up, do a ceremony where you build a replica of what is bothering you, and then rip it to tiny pieces, then bury it or burn it. (If the material is biodegradable, you can release it into a river or cast it into the wind, but I'm not advocating polluting the environment any more than it already is, yo.)

What's most interesting is that about this time last year, I sensed the Rainbow Serpent Mother arriving in the World of Form. (You can read the earlier entry here.) Her presence is now fully manifested in this plane; She is bathing all of us in Her many colors of light. It will be most interesting to see what arises within each of us in this Time of Great Transition...Gung Hei Fat Choi! :-)


Third Unfolding: Conception

Beginning of the Blooming. (Florida, 6/11)
Now it is time for the activation of the Spark of New Life within the human spirit. The old has been cleared away, and in Stillness, new messages and inspirations have been sent and received. Some of these inspirations originating in the World of Dreams shall manifest in the World of Form - and the process starts during this Unfolding Time.
For some of you, this will be a literal conception: expect many pregnancies to have their origins during this time. For others, this will be a metaphoric conception: starting a new life in a new place, beginning a new project or returning to an old one long unfinished, returning to the greater flow in the world in some way, be it through a new job or a new life-path.
Whatever this means for you, be aware that many possibilities will come into your awareness during this time. Many paths will appear inviting to walk upon. Now is the time to sit in Possibility and revel in it; soon enough, we will winnow the possibilities down to the workable ones...

My apologies for being a bit late with this post; I've been white-water rafting down the River of Life as of late! Anyway, to elaborate a bit: this unfolding stretches from 1/11/12 to 2/11/12. Two things of significance unfold in this time frame. First, we have Chinese New Year at the new moon (on the 23rd), and we shall be entering - wait for it - the Year of the Dragon! Oh yes indeedy this will be a dynamic year; more details to come shortly! Second, we have Imbolc (the start of Spring) on February 2nd. This is the sabbat to look over one's stores of seeds to see what shall be planted. It's also a time when one can feel the pulse of Quickening in Nature, as sheep and other farm animals prepare for the arrival of the next generations, and the perpetuation of the species. Again, more details to follow shortly.

PS...who else felt the extra-potent energies of the full moon last week? Wowee!
I've been advised to keep those safety straps fairly taught, for every single full moon in 2012 is going to just as potent, if not more - we do have a Blue Moon event coming up in August! Shift is going to happen BIG TIME! More popcorn for the peanut gallery! ;-)