Third Unfolding: Conception

Beginning of the Blooming. (Florida, 6/11)
Now it is time for the activation of the Spark of New Life within the human spirit. The old has been cleared away, and in Stillness, new messages and inspirations have been sent and received. Some of these inspirations originating in the World of Dreams shall manifest in the World of Form - and the process starts during this Unfolding Time.
For some of you, this will be a literal conception: expect many pregnancies to have their origins during this time. For others, this will be a metaphoric conception: starting a new life in a new place, beginning a new project or returning to an old one long unfinished, returning to the greater flow in the world in some way, be it through a new job or a new life-path.
Whatever this means for you, be aware that many possibilities will come into your awareness during this time. Many paths will appear inviting to walk upon. Now is the time to sit in Possibility and revel in it; soon enough, we will winnow the possibilities down to the workable ones...

My apologies for being a bit late with this post; I've been white-water rafting down the River of Life as of late! Anyway, to elaborate a bit: this unfolding stretches from 1/11/12 to 2/11/12. Two things of significance unfold in this time frame. First, we have Chinese New Year at the new moon (on the 23rd), and we shall be entering - wait for it - the Year of the Dragon! Oh yes indeedy this will be a dynamic year; more details to come shortly! Second, we have Imbolc (the start of Spring) on February 2nd. This is the sabbat to look over one's stores of seeds to see what shall be planted. It's also a time when one can feel the pulse of Quickening in Nature, as sheep and other farm animals prepare for the arrival of the next generations, and the perpetuation of the species. Again, more details to follow shortly.

PS...who else felt the extra-potent energies of the full moon last week? Wowee!
I've been advised to keep those safety straps fairly taught, for every single full moon in 2012 is going to just as potent, if not more - we do have a Blue Moon event coming up in August! Shift is going to happen BIG TIME! More popcorn for the peanut gallery! ;-)

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