Fourth Unfolding: Selection

Beginning to Bloom (Encinitas, 9/09)
"Gather together your possibilities, those things you wish to manifest in the World of Form. Which of these possibilities do you want to manifest NOW? Consider carefully, then make your choices. Those dreams that you focus your total attention on, that you state with clear and absolute intention - these dreams will no longer be dreams. They WILL be reality, sooner rather than later! So again, we advise...Consider Carefully!"

With the coming of Imbolc earlier this month, the Northern Hemisphere of Earth feels the pulse of Quickening. The worst of the cold and dark of Winter ends, yielding gently-but-inevitably to the warmth and light of Spring. As the animals begin to prepare to bear their next generations to carry on their various lineages, we too can turn inward for a moment longer and gaze upon our dreams.

Some of our dreams might need to wait a bit longer; we might find that others no longer fit, and we can cast them aside. There are dreams, however, that are ready to come forth Now, so let's use our powers of Selection and plant those seeds, and bring attention to those dreams that are ready to be made real.
Prioritizing will also play a role...some dreams are ready to materialize now, while others might need a bit more time to germinate in the rich soil of your deep heart-felt desires. That's okay; not all the seeds need to be planted at this time. All that needs to manifest will manifest with Divine Perfect Timing.

Let us continue to move forward, if gradually and slowly, with the sure knowledge that we are now on the UP-swing, in more ways than one! Blossoming Spring Blessings all the way around! :-)