Special Announcement: the Portal of CHOICE is Open!

Which way to go? The choice is YOURS! (Questhaven, 8/11)

This was given to me to pass along by my Unseen Posse, in cooperation with my intuition...

This lunation before the Solstice is a very potent one for humanity. From now until the New Moon/Solstice event (6/20-6/21 on my calendar), we are given the reminder that We Can Choose Exactly What We Want to Manifest In Our Lives. WE have the Power; WE have Divine Free Choice! Let us use the Power to CHOOSE!

This epiphany unfolded for me about this time last week: I saw those things I called obstacles in my life as a pile of "Thou Shalt's," as in, Thou Shalt stay at thy place of work. Thou Shalt stay forever at thy home. Thou Shalt give up thy dreams, for they are impractical. I saw this dark dense pile of Limiting Obligation suddenly go transparent, and shrink before my very eyes. I realized that I could step over this pile, around this pile, or even THROUGH the pile, if it dissolved enough!

I give you this gift of in*sight...whatever obstacle you believe is in your life at this moment is most likely a Figment of Imagination that someone gave you and asked you to believe as Gospel Truth. Look at your life with the eyes of your heart and ask, with every thing present, on every level, "Is this Need*full and Necessary in my life right now?" What resonates with you, what is deep and rich and juicy and satisfying for you, keep it in your life and allow it to guide you to your Highest and Best. Everything else - give yourself permission to Let It GO so you can draw more juiciness in your life.

Basically, use this month to review what's present and make the necessary edits in your story; the Solstice is going to unfold with a spectacular energetic surge and propel everyone, Ready OR Not, forward in its unfolding. Yup, time to wax up those surfboards once again! :-)

ps - remember to whistle while you work, and take time out to frolic in the Garden of Earthly Delight as you prepare. Mama said. ;-)


  1. It's scary to let things go that you know you need to let go. I'm so ready for the juciness. This message was what I needed to hear right now. Just perfect. Thank you.

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