Eighth Unfolding: Evaluation

Good evaluating spot: the Labyrinth. (Questhaven, 2/11)
Your dreams are growing, perhaps a little, perhaps a lot, perhaps at a pace that surprises even you. You've been frolicking in the Garden of Earthly Delight. The mood of play and whimsy is still here, but now we come to an exciting moment, maybe even a pivotal one.

The new moon and the Solstice (Summer in the North, Winter in the South) are going to unfold one right after the other. New moons traditionally bring one cycle to a close and open a new cycle of activity; the Solstice provides a major energetic boost to all affairs, whether they're opening or closing or doing something completely different. For some, this will be a time to examine their lives closely (and Yet Again!) to determine what is still serving them in their lives, and what is No Longer Serving them  and is absolutely ready to be released. For others, they've done the evaluation, they know what is ready to be released, and they're ready to shift their shapes.

Between the Solstice (in a few days) and the Equinox (in September), there will be a massive opportunity to prune away all of the old, dead growth and RELEASE what is no longer of service in our lives. This Releasingway will become more intense with the next Unfolding (which I'm advised to call Simplification) and will peak energetically at Lammas, the First Harvest, at the start of August. In the South, this will be a grand Winter season of releasing old dross and getting ready for a Brilliant New Spring starting with the First Selection of dreams!

Whether you're just now beginning to figure out what works, and what doesn't, in your life, or whether you've been shaping your life like a bonsai for many many moons, know that (1) it's all good, and (2) you're completely supported in your efforts. If you're feeling like, "oh geez, I gotta go through all this again?!" know that (3) you're not alone, (4) you're now in the "fine tuning" phase of the process, and (5) this whole honking YEAR is turning out to be a major Eye of the Needle initiatory process, where we're being squeezed through ever shrinking holes to release Every Last Sticky Bit in our souls that might serve to block or hinder our personal evolution.
Exhausting? Yes. Frustrating? Definitely...but Absolutely Worth every tear, every howl, every punch of the punching bag or pillow, every pounding of the drum. It's not always pretty, but it's Evolution - and we're right in the thick of it!


Special Announcement: Venus & Right Relationship

Love, Baby, Love... (Questhaven, 2/11)
 Yes, there are a gazillion articles about the Venus Transit today, and the anticipation is so thick you can cut it with a Ginsu knife. As I read through the articles that dance into my awareness, and feel my way into the energies du jour, one phrase jumps out at me to sum it all up: Right Relationship.

We receive this phrase from the Native Americans, to describe the best and most optimal way to live upon the world, and in our lives. Right Relationship means that you are living in as close alignment with Mother Earth and Her cycles as you possibly can. Right Relationship means that you are treating everyone - Yourself Included - with kindness, compassion, and love. Right Relationship means that you have found your optimal path through life and are following that path, co-creating magick and miracles with the Divine, with every breath in every moment of every day.

Today is the day Venus dances naked in front of Sol, the Source of all Light and Warmth. She is in retrograde right now (that whole illusion of moving-backwards-then-forwards trick that the planets do now and again), so She is bringing up sticky Shadow bits into our awareness. Being that this is Venus we're talking about, these sticky bits are all centered around love and relationships.

As the transit takes place just at the start of the waning moon cycle, now is the time to ask and discern:
Where am I living in Right Relationship with life?
Where am I NOT living in Right Relationship?
What can I do to release the discord and bring full harmony into my life?

Use the answers to these questions to release That Which No Longer Serves You in your life to make room for more of That Which Does Serve You Quite Nicely. The next energetic unfolding will assist in this process, as it's all about - wait for it - Evaluation.
This process will conclude with the back-to-back Power Boosts of the New Moon and the (Summer) Solstice...so here's yet another chance to tidy up your House of Belonging and get things in order before the next wave comes along to ride forward, ever forward, inexorably forward!  A-ho and Blessed Be! :-)