Special Announcement: Venus & Right Relationship

Love, Baby, Love... (Questhaven, 2/11)
 Yes, there are a gazillion articles about the Venus Transit today, and the anticipation is so thick you can cut it with a Ginsu knife. As I read through the articles that dance into my awareness, and feel my way into the energies du jour, one phrase jumps out at me to sum it all up: Right Relationship.

We receive this phrase from the Native Americans, to describe the best and most optimal way to live upon the world, and in our lives. Right Relationship means that you are living in as close alignment with Mother Earth and Her cycles as you possibly can. Right Relationship means that you are treating everyone - Yourself Included - with kindness, compassion, and love. Right Relationship means that you have found your optimal path through life and are following that path, co-creating magick and miracles with the Divine, with every breath in every moment of every day.

Today is the day Venus dances naked in front of Sol, the Source of all Light and Warmth. She is in retrograde right now (that whole illusion of moving-backwards-then-forwards trick that the planets do now and again), so She is bringing up sticky Shadow bits into our awareness. Being that this is Venus we're talking about, these sticky bits are all centered around love and relationships.

As the transit takes place just at the start of the waning moon cycle, now is the time to ask and discern:
Where am I living in Right Relationship with life?
Where am I NOT living in Right Relationship?
What can I do to release the discord and bring full harmony into my life?

Use the answers to these questions to release That Which No Longer Serves You in your life to make room for more of That Which Does Serve You Quite Nicely. The next energetic unfolding will assist in this process, as it's all about - wait for it - Evaluation.
This process will conclude with the back-to-back Power Boosts of the New Moon and the (Summer) Solstice...so here's yet another chance to tidy up your House of Belonging and get things in order before the next wave comes along to ride forward, ever forward, inexorably forward!  A-ho and Blessed Be! :-)

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