Twelfth Unfolding: (Grace*full) Conclusion

Sunset through clouds (Carlsbad, 6/10)
The energies of this unfolding, the final one in the Diamond Year, are closely tied to the Holy Day that unfolds at the end of this month, whether you call it Samhain, Hallows, or Halloween. Samhain, the Celtic name, means "Summer's End," and it also marks the third and final Harvest Festival in the Northern Hemisphere. Traditionally, this is when the last crops were collected and brought in for the village/tribe...and the wise ones left a few in the field for the ancestors and the nature spirits to feast upon. This has been marked as a time of visitiation by the ancestors and those loved ones who have passed from the Land of the Living, as well as an opportunity to take a few moments for quiet contemplation as the nights grew longer, as we began to head inward and back into Stillness.

In our current context, this is a time to do that one final proofread, take the one final tour through the house to make sure everything has been packed. Have all the i's been dotted and the t's crossed? Are all the ducks nicely aligned in rows? Are all the loose ends tied off and tucked in or snipped away?

Look at your dreams and your visions. Which ones are ready to be let go with a final kiss farewell? Which ones have become so snarled and tangled in illusion and inconvenience that they really need to be cut loose and given to Mama for Sacred Composting? This is the time to prune away the old and put away the incomplete, for shortly after November starts, business is going to pick up - BIG TIME!

Note, however, that this is a time of Grace*Full conclusion...any releasing that needs to be done will occur with much ease, sometimes as quick and thorough as a sneeze. Much of the Really Hard Work is actually over, shift is happening in our lives more and more effortlessly by the week, sometimes by the day. If this doesn't ring true for you, though, let this serve as an invitation to check in and see where the resistance is to all the Change. Sometimes just honoring the fact that you're resisting is enough for you to let go and move into Grace; other times, mindfully relaxing that mental death grip you have on your thoughts/dreams/visions will do the trick. (It can be done. Trust me.)

As you move forward through this part of the journey, always say a word of thanks for the lessons that have been learned, the opportunities that have been presented, the experiences that have unfolded. Gratitude begets expansion, growth, and realization, which begets more Gratitude, and so forth. :-)

In the spirit of Grace*full Conclusions, let me present a Big Picture moment...
For those of you keeping score at home, the Unfoldings that have been presented as we "followed the 11's" through this year actually formed a guideline that can help you move through the significant shifts that lie ahead of us; in other words, a template has been presented to us, one "month" at a time. To keep it easy, let me sum everything up for y'all...

1) Preparation (11/11/11-12/11/11)
2) Reception-in-Stillness (12/11/11-1/11/12)
3) Conception (1/11/12-2/11/12)
4) Selection (2/11/12-3/11/12)
5) Activation (3/11/12-4/11/12)
6) Cultivation (4/11/12-5/11/12)
7) Exploration (5/11/12-6/11/12)
8) Evaluation (6/11/12-7/11/12)
9) Simplification (7/11/12-8/11/12)
10) Inspiration (8/11/12-9/11/12)
11) Celebration (9/11/12-10/11/12)
12) Grace*Full Conclusion (10/11/12-11/11/12)

For extra credit, review the year and see what was going on in your life during each unfolding. See if anything slowed down or sped up - did you experience one particular Unfolding over more than one month? Did you experience two (or more!) Unfoldings pretty well simultaneously? Did you go off the track and bounce hither and yon between the energies? Your results may - and probably did - vary! ;-)

...and for those who are asking: yes, there will be a Thirteenth Unfolding; however, the energies that are going to arise are so potent - especially since they're going to be magnified courtesy of our "frenemy," Mercury Retrograde - that it's going to be a Phase separate and complete unto itself. It's also tied into the third and final Phase of the Transitional Time that is leading into the Great-Mother-of-All-Cosmic-Downloads, with Fun Time beginning 12/21/12. More details to come at the full moon (at month's end) that will light our way through the nights as we trick or treat, step into our alter egos, and honor our ancestors with dumb suppers. Blessings to one and all! :-)