In Times to Come: looking at what lies ahead

Poised at the edge of Something Wonder*full. Art by Boris Vallejo
Beginning this Sunday, 11/11/12, we enter a critical and exciting 40-day period which will culminate energetically at the Winter Solstice (12/21/12). These next forty days are going to reveal a lot about where we are now and, more importantly, where we're going.

The party got started a little early when Mercury went retrograde once again on the fifth. Many of us saw great potential for chaos and trickster energy, especially with the US elections unfolding on the sixth! By and large, though, the chaos went unrealized (gods be praised!) This serves as an object lesson: because so many people were praying for a clear resolution to the elections - even if they were praying at cross-purposes - what could have been a very chaotic situation unfolded as a reasonably orderly one. Now, if we could get that prayer power harnessed towards common, agreed-upon goals...we could move entire mountain ranges, people!
Just because things haven't been as chaotic as they could be doesn't mean Mercury Retrograde isn't having any effect at all at this time. Shadows are on parade, and will be for much of the rest of this month. Thanks to the trickster energy running about, we're seeing past the smoke and mirrors and perceiving where people are really stuck in their development. For those of us who are a bit further along the Ascension path, this is an excellent opportunity to check in with yourself and see if the sticky bits you're perceiving are reflecting any sticky bits still present within, and whether this is the time to clear them out for good.

With all of that in mind, let's take a look at the Second and Third phase of the Transitional Times...

Phase II is the Thirteenth Unfolding, beginning 11/11, and it brings to us the energy of RE*VISION.
This will be manifesting for us two different ways: first, as we draw closer to the Winter Solstice, we'll probably be seeing an uptick in the "doom and gloom" predictions as much of the Human Collective will be holding its breath to see what, if anything, unfolds on that day. Re*Vision, in this case, means holding fast to the energies and dreams coming from the New Reality, holding the quiet and gentle "Yes" in the face of a thousand loud and harsh "No's." It is a reaffirmation of what we know is possible, and what we know is unfolding, despite evidence to the contrary - which is illusion anyway.
Second, re*vision comes to us in the sense of taking the plans we have carefully typed up and getting out the big fat red marker to mark where we need to make changes. We're going to be rewriting the scripts and co-creating new ones that will start manifesting in the World of Form post-Winter Solstice. We are going to be setting the tone for the dreams and visions that the next seven generations will be enjoying. To quote a friend of mine, We are the Modern-Day Ancestors - what we envision NOW will serve to guide the generations to come.

To add a spot of excitement and synchronicity, the new moon will be unfolding on or about the 13th, so this is a most excellent time to either start new projects, or kick-start those projects that might have faltered and need a little pick-me-up to get going again.

Phase III will begin on 12/12/12 and conclude on the Winter Solstice, 12/21/12. These are going to be nine juicy, deep, possibly very intense days full of the energy of Alignment. The tone set by these nine days are going to resonate for the next two years (or so) as we move into alignment over the Galactic Core (that big black hole at the center of our Milky Way galaxy) and start receiving what I'm calling the Great Mother of all Cosmic Downloads. To peek ahead a smidge: starting at the Winter Solstice, we will be moving into Right Relationship with Nature and the Natural Ways, with each other as a species, and within ourselves. We are going to have tremendous opportunities to heal and rewrite ALL of our stories and move forward, growing and evolving and Ascending, becoming the very best we can be. (When I say "we," I'm being all inclusive, from the President of the United States all the way to that little stone on the side of the highway in Death Valley, CA.)

Once we hit 12/22/12, there are going to be a whole bunch of people looking around and going "now what?" By then, I should have the beginning of an answer...strap in and stay tuned! :-)

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