Oh yeah, the times ARE changing!

Completing a Circle (Poway, 10/12)
Now is the time for the greatest Shedding of the Skins in this Snake year, if you haven't noticed already. We are in the middle of a massive influx of energy that started at the New Moon and will last for about another week until we hit the Full Moon. For those of you who are following the astrological charts, let this be a reminder for you: Ignore Pluto at Your Own Peril! It may be now be regarded as a "mere planetoid," but its influence is still mighty!
The fun, however, won't stop on/about the 18th of this month. There will be a pair of eclipses, one on the 18th and another at the New Moon early in November. These eclipses will serve to heighten the Mercury Retrograde energies that are going to be officially kicking off right around the time the moon moves into Scorpio...which is why we're already feeling the Retrograde energies, especially if we are involved in the field of Communication! (Perhaps this will help explain why we have Politicians Behaving Badly in DC... ;-) )
Lest we forget, Samhain will be unfolding right before the New Moon (in the Northern Hemisphere) on 10/31. The Veil between the Worlds will be at its thinnest in the Dark Moon period - be ready for some interesting Information coming through at that time. Be also on guard for Trickster shenanigans, for many of them are very Otherworldly in Nature. For my peeps South of the Equator, get ready for a major energetic boost come Beltaine this year. Be very, very mindful of what you wish for as Spring moves into Summer, because wishes are going to wo*manifest fast and furious for y'all! Fertility energies will be spiking!

Then after all of THAT has concluded...we have a very special three-day portal opening up.
11/11-11/13 is the first of the "check-in" portals that will be activated following the Transition of 12/21/12. 11/11/13 has always been a very high-energy date, and there's nothing to indicate that anything will change here. 11/12/13 is an Ascending-Step Day, so expect an uplifting of global energy on that date. 11/13/13 is special for two reasons: first, because the Divine Masculine sacred number of 11 is paired with the Divine Feminine sacred number of 13, in a Power Year for the Divine Feminine. Second, if you take this year (2013) and add the 2 to the 13 (2+0+13), you get 15 for the year slot - and a preview of the Prime Number date/gate of 11/13/15. This will be a good day to look at your destiny trails and really focus on the things in the future that you want to wo*manifest in your life. Set Intention, then Take Action.

Finally, we'll be able to have a bit of a breather after that portal until we reach the Solstice on 12/21. One circle will have completed and another will begin. More info on the exciting developments ahead closer to that time. Until then, Take Nothing Seriously...and pass the kettlecorn, please. ;-)


Notes from Between Realities

We're Untangling Medusa's Hair. (Balboa Park, 7/09)
Hello again from the place in between the Old and the New! :-)
I've returned to share my rather different perspective from the current trends (read: fear*full hysteria) that I'm seeing from various other sources. Allow me to shed a different color of light upon the turmoil that's roiling about in the Darkness and causing a lot of confusion...

The Lunar/Solar/Lunar Eclipse that we experienced as Spring transitioned into Summer was a doozy, for sure. To sum up:
Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio = Huge Surge of Emotion!
Solar Eclipse = bit of a calming; an opportunity to catch our collective breath.
Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius = Huge Surge of Judgement!
...and on top of all that, we began to see the Great Parasite in all of its ugly glory, with more and more of it being illuminated with every passing day!

Let me make it totally clear - I see the Great Parasite as composed of all of the Shadows that are stuck in Darkness. Shadows, in and of themselves, are NOT evil. Darkness, in and of itself, is NOT evil. When a Shadow gets stuck in Darkness and never ever gets to come out and play in the light...that's when you start having issues!
A Shadow can get stuck when one has tricky emotions that one doesn't quite know how to process, so it gets shoved into a far corner of the psyche and has the door closed and locked behind it. One can also deny one has a Shadow in the first place and refuse to acknowledge the tricky emotions even exist. Either way: Bad Idea!

The Great Parasite (think a honking big tapeworm), now becoming more and more visible, is reacting the way it always has, by creating negative situations designed to make us respond in fear, anger, panic, et cetera. The more we respond in this way, the more dense, negative energy is produced for the Parasite to feed upon, thus giving it more energy to generate more negativity, which causes us to react in more fear, anger, panic...you see the picture?
The Great Parasite is generating massive amounts of melodrama to feed itself because it knows it's now an Endangered Species. You see, every single social structure that was created in, for, and by Power-Over Domination is now dissolving, some of it quickly and dramatically, others bits slower and less dramatically. Power-Over Domination was created by the Great Parasite, and the Great Parasite was sustained by all of the negativity generated within Power-Over Domination.
Here's the kicker: WE are all a part of the Great Parasite. Every single time we deny we have a Shadow, or refuse to work on something uncomfortable or triggering, we give the Parasite a little more life.
Here's another kicker: since WE are responsible for the Parasite's co-creation, WE can also be responsible for its extinction - simply by owning and working with, and ultimately transmuting, our Shadows.

This is why doing Shadow-Work is absolutely crucial at this particular time in our evolution. It's time to stop blaming "outside forces" for all of the suffering that's unfolding in the world today - that's a very subtle but sinister Giveaway of Power. It's time to look all the Suffering in the eye and acknowledge, This, Too, Is Me - and Now I'm Going to Choose Differently.

We have an excellent opportunity to do some deep and juicy Shadow-Work coming up very soon, as another bout of Mercury Retrograde is set to start unfolding right after the Solstice. Whereas in the past I've dreaded Mercury Retrograde periods, I'm actually looking foward to this one.
The Tricksters (who help us break through Illusion!) are going to be playing fast(er) and loose(r) with Reality for a few weeks, and it will be a chance for us to look deeply into events and really get a chance to see what is Truth, and what is merely Bullshit. The more Truth we can see, the more we can bypass the Great Parasite and its hysteria-generating convulsions and lay claim to our individual Shadows. The more we own our Shadows, the quicker the Parasite will dissolve - and the easier it will be to co-create Beauty in the New Reality, which is manifesting all around us, slowly but surely!

I will grant y'all, it's easier said than done. It hasn't been easy shifting between the Realities, post-Transition...not for me, not for other Lightworkers, not for the muggles along for the ride.
Beginning in February, I began to notice what I'm calling the Popcorn Effect in the world around me. It goes like this: we're all like popcorn seeds in the pressure cooker. The pressure keeps building and building. Eventually - especially in those who have a lot of stuck Shadows - the pressure becomes too much, and they POP! The results aren't pretty and very often embarrassing, violent, and otherwise extremely messy. If you've been wondering why the air has been smelling nasty lately, perhaps like burnt popcorn, there's your reason!
Personally, I've come close a few times, but every time the pressure has felt like it's too much, the top of the pressure cooker wiggles and hisses, and I'm suddenly able to breathe deeply and move forward again, even if only by few inches. I can tell you that the Popcorn Effect won't be dying down anytime soon (and might even become a bit more intense as we head to Lammas and the Harvest of Autumn!)

We are indeed living in interesting times. It's up to each one of us to determine if that's a curse or a blessing.


...and now for something completely different...

Weathering the Shadow-Storm (pic credit unknown to me)
(with a tip of the hat to Monty Python for coming up with that phrase)

I must say, I've been rather taken aback with the direction our script seems to be taking. We have a glorious opportunity to write the stories that future generations will follow - and so many of us are still spinning our wheels in Old Reality desiring the end of the world? WTF, people!

I get that a lot of people were disappointed that human society didn't go belly-up on 12/21/12. I didn't realize until this past month how many people still seem to want things to end with a BOOM!, or at the very least, go completely dystopian as we slowly commit collective suicide.

What exactly IS going on here?

Well, allow me to share my perspective...

Especially in the West, we seem to be rather challenged in Letting Things Go. We tend to cling to what we want long after it's become apparent that we need to change our ways. Alongside that, we seem to be afflicted with something of a "Peter Pan" complex; that is, we don't really want to Grow Up and step into our own Power because that would mean we would have to Be Responsible for ALL of the things we choose to co-create in life.

Basically, many of us are still scared of our Innate Divinity...because to own our Divinity means we have to own ALL of our stuff: what we call "good," what we call "bad," and those things that we can't really categorize and pin down. To own our Divinity, we must also own our Shadow-sides - and from what I've seen, many people would rather swallow hot coals than do THAT!

However: it's the Repressed Shadow, stuck in the Dark, that is the true root of our challenges at this time. Forget what you've heard about "secret societies," "dark cabals," "reptilian agendas," and all the rest of that nonsense...and, yes, it's ALL Nonsense! It's basically Lightchaser Hysteria, if I may use and expand on one of Debbie Ford's terms.
Here's the Honest-to-Goddess Truth: WE are the cause of our own damnation, because we continue to deny All That We Are. We don't really want to take Personal Responsibility for All Our Creations. The longer we put off doing the Shadow-Work that needs to be done (and the last six months have shown us plenty of good reasons to DO that Work), the harder it will be to get on with the process we are calling Ascension.
Here's some more Honest-to-Goddess Truth: WE are also the key to our own salvation. By owning your Shadow, by looking deeply at events and acknowledging, This, Too, Is Me, you change it from being Rigid and Unmovable to Flexible and Flowing. When it is Flexible and Flowing, it can be healed and the nastier parts transmuted into new and better things that benefit everyone.

When the Stuck Shadow is unowned, it generates negative emotions in its "host" so it can feed on them and stay in control, like a parasite. When you have several billion Stuck Shadows desiring a common goal, you have a collective parasite, like a tapeworm...and THIS is the true and real cause of the craziness in the world today.
This Parasite knows it's "food supply" is being threatened by all of the Ascension energy that humanity is being bathed in right now, so it's doing all it can to make sure it doesn't "go extinct." Hence, all the Stuck Shadows are conspiring to co-create fear and chaos, so it/they can stay fed and alive. These events cause those reactions, and it's a "win-win" for the Parasite...and a "lose-lose" for those of us who have disconnected from the damn beastie and want to scream at our siblings, "What in the sam-hill are y'all Doing?!?"

Let me assure you: Humanity Will Ascend. That's guaranteed, so no more worries about that. The question now being worked out is what portion of humanity will ascend: only a few? Half? Everyone? In truth, the opportunity is here for everyone to Ascend, but how many will take advantage of it? How many of us will dare to take the leap and acknowledge the Totality of our Divinity? That is still to be determined.

Besides, here's a news flash: the Old Reality is actively dissolving. In a little more than a century, it won't exist. Period. I know there's a movement to salvage the Old Reality, at least in part - I just think the energy would be better spent in co-creating cool things in the New Reality, since it's here to stay. It's time to let go and let God/dess, friends. Now.


Starting the Year of the Snake!

out with the old, in with the new. (Poway, 10/12)
So how is everyone feeling in the opening moments of the New Reality? Some are feeling totally at ease; others are chomping at the bit ready to go; still others are shifting between these states, and about half a dozen others, every few seconds or so! (I would fit in solidly with the last description.) It's All Good as the new spiritual apps available to us are being perused, downloaded, and - most importantly - integrated into our personal awareness. The new moon is almost at hand, and with it starts the next significant energetic wave: this is the Year of the Snake in the Asian calendars. From the Rainbow Serpent of the (Aboriginal) Dreamtime to the great World Serpent Tiamat, Snakes and Snake Medicine are going to be very apparent!

This is the second year of a two-year cycle that has seen, and is seeing, the Wo*manifestation of the Divine Feminine in the Collective Awareness BIG time. The Year of the Dragon (which is concluding) was about remembering and reclaiming our Authentic Power, both for women and for those men who are awake enough to shake themselves free of all the misinformation that has been foisted on society for Quite Some Time! The Year of the Snake is going to be about taking that Power and using it for two very important purposes...shedding our skins and healing through transmutation of poisons.

Snake's shedding of her skin was seen by our ancestors as a death/rebirth process: first, the snake became very still. The scales over her eyes would become opaque. She would appear as dead when in fact she was growing a new skin beneath the old. Then she would start to rub her head against objects to loosen and break the old skin. When the old skin split, she would slide out of it and seemingly "come back to life," often going hunting for something to eat because she would be famished!
MUCH in our society is dying off right now, some things dramatically, other things slower and more subtly. In this Snake year, Every*Thing that is not in right relationship with the New Reality is going to be sloughed off in/by the Collective Awareness, some of it dramatically, other things slower and more subtly. By this time next year, I would not be surprised to see that some radical changes had unfolded, on personal, inter-personal, and trans-personal levels. Depending on where you are in your journey, of course, "your results may vary." ;-)

The transmutation of poisons part is a little more complex and interesting...shamans of old would often allow themselves to be bitten by snakes and then transmute their poison to render it harmless - if they survived the process. Not all of them did! (and as a quick disclaimer - this is NOT an endorsement to go run out and try this yourself!)
From what I've observed and intuited, there was originally going to be a Split between the two realities currently in play: the Old Reality of Doom, Gloom, and Fear, and the New Reality of Hope, Light, and Love. At the moment, the two realities are still co-existing side by side. Certain parties in the Old Reality are massively disappointed that the world didn't end in blood and thunder, so there is a thrust now of, "Okay, we're still here, but we're all going to die any day now! Lookie all the nastiness afoot!" The Faux-pocalypse is at hand, and the best way to deal with it is to look the naysayers in the eye and Laugh in Their Faces! and then be polite and offer them some of the kettle corn you've been munching on while watching "the rilly big shew." ;-)
Anyway, the reason the two realities are still co-habitating in the same space is that there is an effort underway by certain Lightworkers to transmute these toxic beliefs/systems/ideals and thereby bring healing to the Collective Awareness. Good idea, in theory; I will admit to being a wee bit skeptical but still willing to do my "deep water" work to advance the cause. I am being advised that what is non-transmutable will be released at the end of next year, with the final numeric "stairstep" of 12/13/14. I'll keep an eye on things and keep you posted.

By now, you've probably seen evidence of that which is going to be shed and/or transmuted...I'm not quite sure if I remember another lunar cycle when I've seen so many Egos Stuck in Place! You can really see when someone's ego got stuck, because of all the inner five-, six-, and seven-year old children throwing temper tantrums when things aren't exactly going their way. (Yes, I'm speaking from personal experience.)
With Snake guiding us, old stuff will be released, poisonous situations will be transmuted, and we will either move forward, personally and species-wise, or we won't. The blessing and the curse of our situation is, and always has been, The Choice Is Ours. Humans have always been the source of our own damnation AND our own salvation; in these fresh new days on the New Frontier, this fact is becoming more apparent than ever. What are you going to choose now? and now? and even now...?