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Weathering the Shadow-Storm (pic credit unknown to me)
(with a tip of the hat to Monty Python for coming up with that phrase)

I must say, I've been rather taken aback with the direction our script seems to be taking. We have a glorious opportunity to write the stories that future generations will follow - and so many of us are still spinning our wheels in Old Reality desiring the end of the world? WTF, people!

I get that a lot of people were disappointed that human society didn't go belly-up on 12/21/12. I didn't realize until this past month how many people still seem to want things to end with a BOOM!, or at the very least, go completely dystopian as we slowly commit collective suicide.

What exactly IS going on here?

Well, allow me to share my perspective...

Especially in the West, we seem to be rather challenged in Letting Things Go. We tend to cling to what we want long after it's become apparent that we need to change our ways. Alongside that, we seem to be afflicted with something of a "Peter Pan" complex; that is, we don't really want to Grow Up and step into our own Power because that would mean we would have to Be Responsible for ALL of the things we choose to co-create in life.

Basically, many of us are still scared of our Innate Divinity...because to own our Divinity means we have to own ALL of our stuff: what we call "good," what we call "bad," and those things that we can't really categorize and pin down. To own our Divinity, we must also own our Shadow-sides - and from what I've seen, many people would rather swallow hot coals than do THAT!

However: it's the Repressed Shadow, stuck in the Dark, that is the true root of our challenges at this time. Forget what you've heard about "secret societies," "dark cabals," "reptilian agendas," and all the rest of that nonsense...and, yes, it's ALL Nonsense! It's basically Lightchaser Hysteria, if I may use and expand on one of Debbie Ford's terms.
Here's the Honest-to-Goddess Truth: WE are the cause of our own damnation, because we continue to deny All That We Are. We don't really want to take Personal Responsibility for All Our Creations. The longer we put off doing the Shadow-Work that needs to be done (and the last six months have shown us plenty of good reasons to DO that Work), the harder it will be to get on with the process we are calling Ascension.
Here's some more Honest-to-Goddess Truth: WE are also the key to our own salvation. By owning your Shadow, by looking deeply at events and acknowledging, This, Too, Is Me, you change it from being Rigid and Unmovable to Flexible and Flowing. When it is Flexible and Flowing, it can be healed and the nastier parts transmuted into new and better things that benefit everyone.

When the Stuck Shadow is unowned, it generates negative emotions in its "host" so it can feed on them and stay in control, like a parasite. When you have several billion Stuck Shadows desiring a common goal, you have a collective parasite, like a tapeworm...and THIS is the true and real cause of the craziness in the world today.
This Parasite knows it's "food supply" is being threatened by all of the Ascension energy that humanity is being bathed in right now, so it's doing all it can to make sure it doesn't "go extinct." Hence, all the Stuck Shadows are conspiring to co-create fear and chaos, so it/they can stay fed and alive. These events cause those reactions, and it's a "win-win" for the Parasite...and a "lose-lose" for those of us who have disconnected from the damn beastie and want to scream at our siblings, "What in the sam-hill are y'all Doing?!?"

Let me assure you: Humanity Will Ascend. That's guaranteed, so no more worries about that. The question now being worked out is what portion of humanity will ascend: only a few? Half? Everyone? In truth, the opportunity is here for everyone to Ascend, but how many will take advantage of it? How many of us will dare to take the leap and acknowledge the Totality of our Divinity? That is still to be determined.

Besides, here's a news flash: the Old Reality is actively dissolving. In a little more than a century, it won't exist. Period. I know there's a movement to salvage the Old Reality, at least in part - I just think the energy would be better spent in co-creating cool things in the New Reality, since it's here to stay. It's time to let go and let God/dess, friends. Now.

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