Oh yeah, the times ARE changing!

Completing a Circle (Poway, 10/12)
Now is the time for the greatest Shedding of the Skins in this Snake year, if you haven't noticed already. We are in the middle of a massive influx of energy that started at the New Moon and will last for about another week until we hit the Full Moon. For those of you who are following the astrological charts, let this be a reminder for you: Ignore Pluto at Your Own Peril! It may be now be regarded as a "mere planetoid," but its influence is still mighty!
The fun, however, won't stop on/about the 18th of this month. There will be a pair of eclipses, one on the 18th and another at the New Moon early in November. These eclipses will serve to heighten the Mercury Retrograde energies that are going to be officially kicking off right around the time the moon moves into Scorpio...which is why we're already feeling the Retrograde energies, especially if we are involved in the field of Communication! (Perhaps this will help explain why we have Politicians Behaving Badly in DC... ;-) )
Lest we forget, Samhain will be unfolding right before the New Moon (in the Northern Hemisphere) on 10/31. The Veil between the Worlds will be at its thinnest in the Dark Moon period - be ready for some interesting Information coming through at that time. Be also on guard for Trickster shenanigans, for many of them are very Otherworldly in Nature. For my peeps South of the Equator, get ready for a major energetic boost come Beltaine this year. Be very, very mindful of what you wish for as Spring moves into Summer, because wishes are going to wo*manifest fast and furious for y'all! Fertility energies will be spiking!

Then after all of THAT has concluded...we have a very special three-day portal opening up.
11/11-11/13 is the first of the "check-in" portals that will be activated following the Transition of 12/21/12. 11/11/13 has always been a very high-energy date, and there's nothing to indicate that anything will change here. 11/12/13 is an Ascending-Step Day, so expect an uplifting of global energy on that date. 11/13/13 is special for two reasons: first, because the Divine Masculine sacred number of 11 is paired with the Divine Feminine sacred number of 13, in a Power Year for the Divine Feminine. Second, if you take this year (2013) and add the 2 to the 13 (2+0+13), you get 15 for the year slot - and a preview of the Prime Number date/gate of 11/13/15. This will be a good day to look at your destiny trails and really focus on the things in the future that you want to wo*manifest in your life. Set Intention, then Take Action.

Finally, we'll be able to have a bit of a breather after that portal until we reach the Solstice on 12/21. One circle will have completed and another will begin. More info on the exciting developments ahead closer to that time. Until then, Take Nothing Seriously...and pass the kettlecorn, please. ;-)

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