Your Horse Medicine Primer

Horse emerges from Winter. (Photo by Lynda Yraceburu)
Horse comes trotting towards us from the mists of the dawn of recorded time...
Horse is one of the animals that has shared the journey with humans as we've evolved and created and occasionally bumbled our way through this grand experiment with "civilization." Dog is another key Totem animal in this regard, who will share its energy later on. Unlike the Dragon and the Snake, which are primal symbols that resonate significantly in the female consciousness, Horse resonates all but universally in the collective consciousness, with her deep ties to humanity that stretch back thousands of years.

Horse's universality is important to note because it speaks to the greater energetic shifts that are occurring now. We are moving out of the "old reality" of Duality and Separation and into the "new reality" of Unity and Communion. Horse is very supportive of being a part of a WE - whether that's entering into a relationship, becoming a parent, or assuming a greater and more visible role in one's community, in realspace or cyberspace.
If you ever watch a herd of horses moving together, there's a beautiful connection between each member of the herd. When they are at rest, you can sense that they're all looking out for one another; when they are on the move, they move almost as one animal. The groundwork has been laid over the past few years of Special High Intensity Transformation for this Deep Connection to begin arising and blossoming within us. You are invited to play and experiment with it...are there instances where you and another person seem to be on the same wavelength - and is it become easier to match wavelengths?

The overall energy of Horse Medicine this year can be summed up in one word: YES!
I'm feeling an overwhelmingly positive period of expansion and accomplishment and success beginning to unfold...if nothing else, it's a refreshing change of pace from the feeling of "once more unto the breach!" that we've been going through since 2011 or so! Shift is going to happen in joy*full ways this year; momentum that was started in 2013 is definitely going to continue in 2014. The difference: instead of feeling like, "oh gods, what else can happen?" it's going to feel more like, "Wow, did you see that? How Cool!"

First things first, though...starting next week, we have a visit from your friend and mine, Mercury Retrograde.
Now before you run screaming for the hills, this particular Retrograde feels Way Different than Retrogrades of the recent past. (Yay!) This one feels more like a catch-your-breath Retrograde. If you have been riding a crazy wave of Momentum and you are just about ready to pass out from Overwhelm, this will be a welcome moment to stop, re-center yourself, and relax. Enjoy the changing of the seasons and put your feet up; you deserve a wee holiday!
If you've been feeling stuck and held back and have no idea where you're going, this Retrograde is giving you the chance to Choose Your Horse. Which Horse do you want to ride into this time of YES? Do you need to switch Horses and ride in a different direction? If the Horse Year is your particular year, is it time to reign in and change directions, or chomp down on the bit and really fly forward? Take advantage of these next few weeks of Mercury Retrograde to gain crystal clarity in your intentions, because we have another double New Moon month coming up in March. Depending on where you are in the world, you'll be entering a period of dynamic growth (in the Northern Hemisphere) or really opening up and receiving a Huge and
Bounty*full harvest (in the Southern Hemisphere.)

Finally, let me take a moment to discuss nightmares, you know, those nasty and horrifying dreams that can wake you up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat. You may find it interesting to note that Demeter, the Greek Earth Goddess, was also known as Aganippe, the "Night Mare" or the "Horse Who Destroys Mercifully." If you find yourself having a lot of nightmares, look into them; write them down as you would any other dream. What direction is this Horse going in? What is the Night Mare trying to tell you? Do you need to change direction? What you need to let go of Once & For All in your life.?
You can then take steps to change direction if that becomes necessary, both in the Waking world through different intentions and actions, and in the Dreamtime through the technique of Lucid Dreaming. If you have no idea what Lucid Dreaming is - you can train yourself to be awake in the middle of a dream and change the direction of the dream without actually waking up. If you're interested, I invite you to put Lucid Dreaming in your favorite search engine and see what you come up with.

May the Horse be a boon companion for you as you ride along the path of success. Gung Hei Fat Choi!


Considering 2014

The Rainbow Trail becomes more visible (@ Home, 4/11)
Happy (muggle) New Year to all and sundry! We made it to 2014 - woohoo!

Before we take a look at what's in store for the near future, let's contemplate the immediate past for a moment, for that will provide a bit of context for what's going on now, and what is to come.

2012's Dragon Year and 2013's Snake Year was a mighty one-two punch from the Divine Feminine, waking a lot of folks up from the Nightmare generated by the Collective Parasite (basically, all of humanity's Shadows still stuck in Fear) and providing some Tough Love from the Great Mother Goddess. For those who woke up, this last two year cycle allowed us to reclaim our Authentic Power and shed many of the Skins that we've been carrying around for years, if not lifetimes! For those who are still asleep, things appear to be going from "bad" to "worse," and there's still the foul stink of the Faux-Pocalypse (shall we call it "Shammageddon," perhaps?) in the air.

How is we are seeing such radical differences in opinion?
We are indeed existing simultaneously in two realities - the old one of Fear and the new one of Love. One event can occur and two very different conclusions can be reached. What's up with that?
The answer is very simple: it's all a Matter of Perception. Your point of view shows you which reality you're inhabiting in any given moment. (I know, right? It was a major A-HA! for me too!) If you look around and see nothing but doom and despair, you're moving in the Old Reality of Fear. If, in the main, you see optimism and hope when you check in, you're moving in the New Reality of Love. Even more wild: You can move back and forth between the Realities, for the time being, from moment to moment if you so choose. Many aren't actively choosing; they either believe themselves "stuck" in the Old Reality or prefer to stay in the New Reality...and can ya blame them?

Which Reality you're inhabiting, or choosing to inhabit, is going to be crucial this year because we're going to enter the Year of the Horse at the end of January. I will be sharing more about Horse Medicine closer to month's end - but the big message I'm getting right now is that this Horse Year is going to be all about Movement. It's going to be a lot of Movement, too, especially when you realize horses move a lot faster than snakes! ;-)
The kind of Movement you will experience is going to depend a lot upon what your Perception of the world is at this moment. If you're in the New Reality, it's going to feel a lot like rapid, forward Movement at last! Huzzah! The clearer your Intentions, the quicker your progress will be over and around things that might previously have felt like "insurmountable" obstacles only a few weeks before. If you're in the Old Reality, however, the process of disintegration and destruction is going to accelerate, radically. Will your horse bolt headlong down an unknown path with no apparent way of reigning it in...or will you navigate your way quickly and surely through the dim and murky and ride triumphantly out into the clear? That is all going to depend on your Perception.

Now, one thing I perceive very clearly is the delicious opportunity for New Beginnings and Fresh Starts that has been provided to us for the first quarter of 2014. We have not one, but TWO months (January and March) featuring Blue New Moons! While the Blue Full Moon gets most of the attention for magickal manifestation, the Blue New Moon provides a real jumpstart for starting new things, for the most felicitous time to begin a venture, no matter how large or small it is, is during the New Moon. Between these two months is February's magick, found in the Pagan Holy-Day of Imbolc (February 2nd). This Sacred Day in the Northern Hemisphere is also traditionally used to start new things, planting the seeds that will grow through the Spring, thrive in the Summer, and be ready to be harvested in the Autumn. Speaking of Harvests, get ready for a true Bumper Crop of Blessings if you're in the Southern Hemisphere; this felicitious time also provides y'all a chance for a "do-over" if your plans haven't been unfolding quite up to snuff.

Whether Beginning Anew or Beginning Again, keep in mind that the Agents of Change are still very active as we complete the shifting of gears into 2014. They, too, are going to get a shot of Movement in this Horse Year; expect radical and rapid change as the Tricksters and Transmuters continue to aid humanity in this wild Ascension/Evolution process through spreading their Crazy Wisdom and Visions of YES to counter the stubborn NO's that are quieting down, but still continuing to sound.

So go ahead and choose the Horse you will be riding though this year. I'll be back at a while to share more Information about Horse Medicine. Blessings all around! :-)