Redefining "Moon Time"

Bella Luna shall work Her Magick! (Las Vegas, NV 11/11)
Let me get right to the point: we have some serious mojo coming our way starting with the Equinox and lasting for the next six weeks!

Equinoxes and Solstices in general are great for energy boosts, either giving you enough energy to get past the obstacle in your path or recharging you to go out and get even more done. This Equinox is going to fit right in with the pattern; since its unfolding during a Horse year, expect an extra boost over the norm! So if you're in the Northern Hemisphere, there will be no time like the present to plant those seeds of New Endeavors! If you're in the Southern Hemisphere, open up to Receive, Receive, Receive the Bounty of the Harvest, as blessings are going to come to you fast and furious!

After the Equinox comes an especially juicy convergence of solar and lunar energies...we are going to have what I'm calling a Triple Dark Moon. First will be the New Moon at the end of the month, which is the second Black Moon of the year. (A black moon is the second new moon in a month; thanks to my sister shamanka Mara Clearspring for the clarification!)
Second will be a Full Moon Eclipse in mid-April. I am  advised by my Unseen Posse that full moon lunar eclipses bring what is normally hidden in the Shadows into view to be seen clearly. They are also advising me that this particular Full Moon Eclipse will provide some real "see-what's-really-behind-the-curtain" moments, as the work of the Tricksters comes to a conclusion and shatters some really long-held illusions. Perhaps we'll finally discover the fate of the missing Malaysian airplane...?
Finally, we will have a New Moon Eclipse towards the end of April. The new moon eclipse opens a doorway to the Void Before Creation, and allows us to have prayers answered with great rapidity, as we are able to access the World of Thought much more easily and bring our clear Intentions rapidly into the World of Form. This will enable us to focus on what we want to grow and expand in our lives just before we plunge into the dynamic transformative energies of Summer (in the North), or choose one "final" thing we wish to manifest as we ease into the quieter energies of Winter (in the South).

For this Triple Dark Moon time, I am going to be offering a Peace Prayer for the entire month of April on Facebook. Watch for the event and your invite to it for all the details...and share it far and wide with all of your friends, whether on Facebook or elsewhere. Come the Equinox I'm also going to make some very special announcements, so keep those rabbit ears up! ;-) In the meantime, may your trails be smooth and easily ridden upon your Horse of Choice!

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