What's in YOUR Saddlebag?

More SHIfT is happening! (photographer unknown to me)
Yes, it's corny, but I can't resist... ;-)

It's been a most interesting and intense journey since the Equinox; the parts that are Stuck within us - what some refer to as our Egos and others as our Shadows - were revealed more and more through the weeks until we hit the Blood Moon event on the 15th of this month. That full moon eclipse completed the process and opened a window into our collective psyche. For those willing to look, we were able to see, completely and clearly, not only exactly where we were stuck, but how all the Sticky Bits have come together to form the collective "organism" some shamans refer to as the Parasite. This is the one thing that obstructs the evolution of humanity. These parts of us have been hidden and suppressed for so long, it's no wonder some sensitive individuals have beheld this Parasite and seen it as something "alien."

With the astrological Grand Cross energies unfolding over the next few days, we will have an excellent opportunity to unhook our Stuckness from the Parasite and reclaim our Shadows as our own. We can Bless the Darkness and recognize it as a part of ourselves...nothing more, nothing less. Without a massive amount of Stuckness to draw upon, the Parasite will wither and die, leaving the way clear to realize the bright Visions of the future that many have seen and shared with the world.

So in this Year of the Horse, we have a moment here where we can take a look in our saddlebags and see what we've been carrying with us - since we were children, since our arrival on this planet, and perhaps for a lifetime or three. Do you want to keep what's in that saddlebag or are you ready to release it once and for all? Divine Free Choice hold sway in all things...and of course, your results may vary.

After the Grand Cross energies are dispersed, the Releasingway will continue, like it or not, until the new moon eclipse at the end of the month. Then we'll have a bit of a breather before the next season arrives: Summer and Beltaine in the North, Winter and Samhain in the South. The extraordinary Transformation will continue, though whether it will be bold and in-your-face or subtle and behind-the-scenes will depend on where in the world you are.

In the meantime, we're almost finished with squeezing the Cosmic Tube of Toothpaste. Breathe Deeply and Stay Crazy, my friends!

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