New Moon @ Imbolc: of Rabbits, Cats, & the *Quickening*

I absolutely love it when the cycles of Earth and Sky synch up and provide Perfect Divine Harmony! :-)

Such is going to be the case this week: We've got the new moon falling almost simultaneously with Imbolc/Candlemas, which is the start of the Spring season in the agrarian-based Pagan calendars. Talk about your opportunities to Plant the Seeds of your Dreams! This one couldn't be any better if it had been Fed-Ex'ed to your front door by Divinity and tied in pretty paper with a big puffy bow on top! So if you missed the opportunity to start the new Work of your life during the "All Direct" phase, no worries - because here is another excellent chance! :-)

I have heard from a dear soul-sister that many peeps, especially Lightworkers, are going to need this "second chance" because they've been sicker than dogs these past few weeks! As my Unseen Posse advised last time, this has been an intense experience, for many, in sloughing off That Which Is No Longer Of Service...and here I thought it was just my allergies reacting in an uber-hypersensitive manner to the Santa Ana winds as they've come and gone! I stand corrected! (lol)

Anyhow, back to the New Moon & Imbolc. To break it down a bit...
The New Moon is traditionally a time to begin things - a project, a job, an adventure. It's also a time to invite that which you want to grow and increase into your life - more financial prosperity, more love, more happiness. This is where you write down your intentions and keep them in a safe place, while giving them room to grow and manifest in your life. In other words, write down what you want, then release any and all expectations about "how" this will manifest in your life. Be open for the Universe to answer your prayers in surprising ways!
Imbolc/Candlemas is that time of the year when we realize, indeed, that the days are getting a bit longer, and a bit warmer. Our ancestors would note that the magick they worked at Yule was bringing the sun back, and this was the time for some "positive reinforcement" magick, if you will, to keep the momentum going.  Hence the alternate name for this sabbat, Candlemas; this is a time to light candles at night to help the Light along in its journey. Imbolc can be translated as "In the Milk," for this was the time that pregnant female sheep (and other livestock animals) would begin to lactate in anticipation of the birthing of their offspring. It can also be seen in the first of the flowering plants breaking up through the ground as it slowly begins to thaw from Winter's frosts and cold.
(Note: this information is for the Northern Hemisphere peeps at the moment. Those in the Southern Hemisphere will get to play along in August.) ;-)

So: take the "new beginnings" energy of the New Moon, add it to the "early Spring" energy of Imbolc, and you have another most excellent opportunity to make Changes and work Transformations in your life that will stick!

As if this convergence isn't felicitious enough, it's also the start of the Lunar New Year in many Asian countries. This also deserves some consideration...
Depending on where you live, 2011 is going to be the Year of the Rabbit - OR of the Cat. Now before you start worrying about which is the "correct" animal to follow, let me point out the similarities between the two: Both have strong ties to the Lunar & Divine Feminine energies. Both are prolific breeders, implying great fertility, fecundity, and abundance. Both are also very aware of their surroundings, and can change direction quickly if they need to. (And, apropos of nothing, both can be trained to use a litter box!) ;-)

To bottom-line all of this juicy Information: This next week is a most excellent time to either begin living your Authentic Life or give it a Number-One Power*full boost!

Since we're both rational and intuitive beings, I invite you to "get crafty" this week: make a Vision-Board, or a Life Map. Grab some clay and create 3-D representations of what you want. Write down a chant or mantra that will help focus your attention. Write your prayers and dreams on slips of paper and hang them on trees - with the tree's permission, of course. Draw or paint your dream on a big piece of butcher paper and hang it on your door. Basically, do something that will allow both your rational, goal-setting mind and your intuitive, non-verbal mind to focus like a laser on what you really, truly, want in your life...then allow the Universe to do the rest. :-)
Here's how the Universe is going to "do the rest" - with the coming of the warmer, longer days, a pulse of life-force energy that I call The Quickening goes out through Mother Earth. This pulse tells the plants to grow in the womb of the soil, encourages the animals yet-to-be to grow in the wombs of their mothers. This pulse goes out at the start of February so that, six weeks from now, we see the New Life emerging when the weather is warm enough, and the days are long enough, to support and nurture these next generations. Nature moves in no way that is not Perfection. Sit with that one for a while and see what insights emerge!

For now, let us be content to know that the forces of Yang are ascendant in Nature, and there is a Great Promise of Miracles and Magick unfolding this year. Gung Hai Fat Choi! Happy New Year! :-)

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