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This would be my "introductory" post, for those who are new to this blog. Heya, friends. :-)

This whole Channeling of Information thing is fairly new to me. It started up about two or three years ago. I'm a voracious reader, you see, and I've read a lot of Spiritual and "alternative" material. What started to happen is that I would read something, and a little voice inside my head would say something like, "Well, the real reason behind that was..." or, "Actually, that's not true. This is what really happened..." and suddenly I'd get this surge of Information directly materializing into my mind, bypassing all of the let's-think-it-through-to-a-rational-conclusion channels.
This phenomenon in and of itself wasn't new to me; this is the way I access Information about previous lifetimes for myself and others. But to have Information come through about society, about global processes and metaphysics as a whole - okay, that was an entirely different kettle of fish! So I followed the example of St. Hildegard of Bingen and began to write the Information down, into a little blank journal. I've just about filled this book up with the "dictation," as I call it, along with some personal descriptions of guided meditations I've done.

I'm also reading articles posted by various fellow Lightworkers about the "state of reality," as it were - and feeling more and more that there was Information that was missing; namely, how do these energy pulses fit in with the phases of the Moon? or the seasons of the Earth? How would they be mapped out against the Wheel of the Year? How does the magick of the Sabbats interact with these pulses? Most importantly, how would these activities affect John and Jane Everyperson?
Right after the Solstice last summer, I hit some sort of critical mass and posted the first of my Wetware channels, entitled "Bella Luna and the Cosmic Tsunami." I was open to posting more, and more I posted, for the Information kept flowing. I was open from the beginning to start up a second blog just for these posts, and that's exactly what needed to happen, lest my personal chronicle be overwhelmed by the river of Information percolating in the nether regions of my brain! ;-) So here we are.

I call it From the Wetware with a nod to William Gibson and the cyberpunk crew. "Wetware," you see, is a term from this genre. As the mechanical computer is composed of "hardware," you see, so the biological "computer" is composed of "wetware" - and it's a very accurate description of the process of receiving the Information! Here, in this blog, I set forth to combine the messages from the Star Nations (the Pleiades are particularly active these days!) with the Ancestral wisdom that is manifesting strongly at this time...and just to make things extra interesting, filter everything through a Divine Feminist lens. The Goddess is definitely alive, magick is significantly afoot, and it's high time women's voices are once again heard alongside men's voices in the Council of Guidance! (Not to mention I have a rather, shall we say, unique viewpoint on just about everything! lol)
I can't promise I'll follow a regular posting schedule, because that's not the way things move in the New Reality that is manifesting before our eyes. But I don't think there will be very long stretches of non-posting. So check back, check in, and enjoy the ride - with your seat belt securely fastened and worn low around your hips. We are living in the most interesting of times...

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