from the Unseen Posse: "Soulquakes"

As there was much seismic activity in the World of Form last year, so there is now much psycho-seismic activity in the World of Thought - specifically within the Human Collective Consciousness. The higher vibrational energies that stimulated, and continue to stimulate, Gaia-Earth's ascension are percolating into the Human Collective as well. Many places that have been dormant are now experiencing mass Awakenings, with the "usual" confusion and chaos that accompanies these events. (These places being, namely, Tunisia, Egypt, Jordan, and other areas in the Middle East. - me)

What are Lightworkers being asked to do in this situation?
First, do not panic. These mass Awakenings are part of the ascension process of the Human Collective Consciousness; they will become more frequent and widespread throughout the Collective this year and next. (through the end-date of 12/21/12 - me)
Those who are Awakening at this time are most in need of Compassion and Support. Hold space for them. Send energy onto the Grid of Love and Light that cradles Gaia-Earth...this energy of Unconditional Compassion and Support. Assure them that all will be well.
(Julian of Norwich's prayer would be very appropriate to say while envisioning the "hot spots" in your mind - All shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of things shall be well. - me)
It would be most felicitous and effective if the Unconditional Compassionate and Supportive energies were "uploaded," if you will, at the Divine Times of 11:11 and 12:12 (morning and evening, your local time. - me). Allow your Intuition to guide you to the appropriate times, and in the appropriate ways of "uploading" your prayers and intentions.

If sufficient Lightworkers focus on calming the epicenters of the soulquakes, then the necessary Work will flow smoothly and effortlessly. We advise these prayers start tonight and continue for one lunar cycle (new moon now till the new moon in March - me). Of course, we will continue to offer our Support and Energies to the Newly Awake and the Long Awake alike. Be well... :-)

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