A Timeline for Transition

Okey dokey, friends, time for my Big Reveal.
I've been sitting on this timeline for a while now, wondering when it would be appropriate to share it. With the opening of the main Ascension Portal by the Grandfathers (Uranus & Saturn - skip back a couple of posts), I've downloaded the final bits of Information and am ready to present a rough sketch of what's going to unfold for the near future. My Unseen Posse also agrees: Now is the Time to Share!
Let me just throw in a wee disclaimer first: this is "A" timeline. It's not "THE" timeline. There's this little thing called Divine Free Choice that we have to take into consideration; we, as a Whole, can speed up, slow down, or bypass certain portions entirely! Got it? Good, because here we go...

3/11/11-9/11/11: the Great Awakening, which began earlier this year, will continue. Soulquakes and physical earthquakes will continue to shake folks to their core, test their mettle, and shatter all Illusions currently being held in Collective Humanity. This is, however, concurrent with a surge of Opportunity - never has their been a better time for folks to throw off the yokes that oppress them and follow their Passions to live Authentic Lives! Wake Up and Seize the Day!

9/11/11-11/11/11: A Great Healingway unfolds. More than ever, we will have opportunities to practice Love, Forgiveness, and Compassion. The time will be ripe to release old Shadows for good - which is exactly what is required. Go through your life uber-carefully, for this will be the "last time" that you'll have a chance to release everything and anything that no longer serves you. Once you pass through the Triple-11 Gate, what's in your life will be what you Work with, on all levels...so make sure you're in your "happy place" with everything you need!

11/11/11-11/11/12: My Unseen Posse calls this The Diamond Year; this is the first phase of the actual Transition, where one reality will split off from the other. Think of it this way - there are a pair of highways sharing the same part of road right now; eventually, these highways split from each other. They may both still go in the same direction, but one will bend to the left, and the other will bend to the right. We're still moving along the "joint" reality-highway part, but come November 11th, the two reality-highways are going to split. Which direction are you going to be headed? (And in case you're wondering, I have no blessed idea what this is going to look like, at least not right now! I might get a better idea later; if I do, I'll pass it along!)
The Diamond Year is going to look like the traditional pagan "Year and a Day," but with a slight twist: 2012 is a leap year. Thusly, this span of time is going to contain 367 days, instead of the "usual" 366 days this type of year holds. Playing with the numbers, I saw it reduced down to "7," and got very excited...Faerie and Earth Energies are associated with this number! So this hints at one of the directions we'll be going, at any rate!

11/11/12-12/12/12: Phase two of the Transition unfolds. I am advised that this may be a time of Special High Intensity Transformation, as massive realignments take place after the reality-split is complete, in time to pass through the Triple-12 Gate. This lasts roughly 30-31 days.

12/12/12-12/21/12: Phase three of the Transition, lasting 9-10 days. The changes are "locked in" for our planetary system's journey over the Galactic Core, which begins in 2012 and continues through 2014. What we've created at this point in the Collective Journey is what we're going to work with for the next several decades; that's why it's so very important to get that Vision defined to the tiniest detail NOW! We're going to get exactly what we wish for!

Tiny numerological note: Phases two and three = 40 days. This is a number that resonates deep within the Collective Psyche!

2012-2014: Passing over the Galactic Core = the Great Grand Mother of all Power Surges! This is why we're experiencing a whole bunch of physiological and genetic modifications now, because this is going to push us beyond anything we know, or can dream of. Beyond your wildest, most expansive dreams is how the Unseen Posse phrases it.

2014-2150 (approximately): In 2150, the astrological charts will have to be rewritten entirely, because the Cardinal, Fixed, and Mutable signs will have shifted. This will be the "physical" beginning of the Age of Aquarius. What will unfold in the interim? WORK!
We will have roughly thirteen decades to undo the damage that has unfolded over the past eight thousand years (give or take a century) in the Human Collective, and just maybe find our way into the Unity Consciousness that Aquarius represents. This is the Very Bright future that we've been yearning for, and the journey towards it begins now.
Once you have completed your journey over the Galactic Core, you are indeed finished with one Journey, but you will begin another...and it will be marvelous. (the Unseen Posse)

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