Breathing into the Stillness

So how did that power boost work out for you? Still trying to find your bearings?
No worries in that case, for Mercury went retrograde on 3/30 and will stay retro for about three weeks. This  gives us an opportunity to breathe into the stillness, perhaps do a little Spring Cleaning of the Soul. Take the time over these next few weeks to re-center yourself, take up (or perhaps resume) a devotional practice, and get out into Nature to observe Her soothing rhythms of Life. Let yourself settle for a moment or two; give yourself the space to figure out what you're keeping and what you're releasing, what you're starting work on and what you're letting fall by the wayside. You do have permission to say, "I'm not going to finish" a project and let it go. Give yourself this permission, especially for anything that feels really stale or stagnant in your life at the moment. Clearing out the "old" stuff makes room for "new" and juicy stuff to emerge in your life...you know best what that looks and feels like. :-)
Let me take a moment to explain a little further what I mean by "devotional practice" - for me, it's anything that helps calm you, soothe you, ground you, and reconnect you to the Present Moment. It can be a traditional practice, such as praying, chanting, or meditating. It can also be something "outside the box," as it were: taking long bubble baths by candlelight, creating a collage or other work of art, sitting down with a journal and writing for ten minutes every day, going on a walk around the block. If you don't have a devotional practice, now is a good time to start one. If you have a devotional practice, why not try a different one and see how you like it?

All righty, back to the download...
Be extra gentle and mindful today, on All Trickster's Day (aka April Fools' Day). Take a moment to remember, it's not all that serious! Have yourself a laugh as you see illusions dissolve before you. This energy will carry through the weekend until the new moon on the 3rd.
Mercury stays retrograde until 4/23, going direct on...let's have a drum roll...Easter Sunday! The last week of April, from Easter Sunday until Beltaine (May 1st), is going to feature a new surge of energy coming our way; I'll be sharing that Information a bit closer to time. In the interim, I've a book to work on and some chakra closets to clean out - along with a duck pond to sit by and some nature trails to walk.
Breathe easy...we're rewriting the Story as we speak! :-)

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