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Heya, dedicated Lightworks and Curious Readers! I wanted to share a few things with everyone as we wind up Mercury retrograde and gear up for the Succulent Wild energies of Beltaine that are just around the corner!

First, I found a most excellent link that breaks down and explains, in Plain English, the energetic pulses that the (Mayan) Ninth Wave is bringing us. Basically, within the greater shift of Time, there are "tiny" pulses of energy that are nudging Earth and Her Children forward on the Ascension journey. (I put tiny in quotes because while each pulse might not be as all encompassing as, say, the Cosmic Tsunami was last year, they are no less impact*full as the Tsunami was!) I will be referring to the Information contained in this document as I continue to transmit on how the Star energies interact with the Earth energies, and vice versa.

Second, as I promised once upon a post, I have been shown a vision as to how the "new" energies will come to fruition in the Ascension journey, and replace the "old" ones: Consider the conscious, heart-centered communities that have formed, are forming, and will form as "seeds" being planted in the fertile soil of Mother Earth. See these seeds sprouting and growing as these communities grow in influence in popularity. Where two of these "spheres of influence" overlap, they won't compete with each other; rather, the spheres will merge and the influence of each community will unite and become magnified. Eventually, instead of seeing "bright spots in the Shadows," we will see "pockets of Shadow in a bright mosaic" - and these pockets of Shadow will shrink until they no longer exist. The best parts are, 1) there's no force involved in this evolutionary development, and 2) this process is already well underway. :-)

Finally, a dear local sister of mine recently created a Facebook event to encourage peeps to engage in a "global Ho'oponopono prayer" for our world leaders. (If you have no idea what ho'oponopono is, no worries, she explains it in her post.) Inspired by this, I took her idea with me on my daily "constitutional" walk - and some words assembled in my head that asked to be shared with everyone. So I'll leave y'all with this prayer...if you feel called to use it in your Prayer-Work, go for it. :-)

Let the Waters of Clear Insight flow through the minds of the leaders of the world.
Let these Waters wash away all old tribal illusions.
Let these Waters wash away all Shadow-muck, which has caused human evolu...tion to become slow and stagnant.
Let the Waters of Clear Insight wash clean the Vision of the leaders of the world, so they may see things As They Truly Are - and not as certain parties would prefer they be seen!

And, let the Fire of Brave Courage burn in the hearts of the leaders of the world.
Let this be free from being a firestorm that destroys wantonly; may it be tempered by the Waters.
Let this Fire bring light, heat, and comfort, as in days gone by.
Let this Fire stir the common ancestral memories of sitting by the hearth in the middle of the night; may these memories re-ignite Unity Consciousness in the leaders of the world.

Now, let the Waters of Clear Insight and the Fire of Brave Courage come together in the seat of the Voice of the leaders of the world
Let the Water and the Fire merge in Sacred Union; let this Union blossom in the Throat.
When the leaders of the world speak and act henceforth, let them speak and act for the Highest Good of All Beings, instead of just what will satisfy right now!

So Mote It Be - And So It Is!

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