Happy Freyja Power Day! :-)

...which is what Friday the 13th is really all about!
You see, there's nothing to be afraid of on these days - it's really a whole bunch of misunderstandings that have compounded from a huge "smear campaign," if you will, from those who crave(d) Power Over Others and wanted to control everyone. What do you do to those who you perceive as competition in your power game? First, you put up huge taboos against them and spread lots of Misinformation about them; then, if they still don't roll over and die conveniently, then you kill them all. (Inquisition, anyone?) But I'm digressing... ;-)

Let's break this day down into its component parts: first, Friday comes from the Goddess Freyja; this is "Her" day. In fact, many of the days of the week are named after Teutonic gods, which is the German interpretation of the Norse pantheon. I present a handy decoder: Tuesday = Tiw, the God of Victory, Wednesday = Woden, better known as Odin, the Patriarch of the pantheon, and Thursday = Thor, He who can do cool things with lightning. ;-) As for the rest of our days of the week...Sunday = Sun's Day, Monday = Moon's Day, and Saturday = Saturn's Day. (Yes, Grandfather Time shows us when the week ends, at least in the States.)

13 is a number that is highly regarded in (Divine) Feminist traditions, for there are thirteen moons in a (lunar) calendar year. It also has its own "charge" to it - whether that charge is positive or negative depends on the beliefs you grew up with. Consider, though: a Goddess number on a Goddess day...sounds like a good day to boost your personal Power, yes? :-)

Since the moon is waxing (increasing towards fullness), this is a good time to focus on those parts of your journey that are reaping dividends for you, and ride the energies all the way to the full moon next Monday/Tuesday. This is also a good time to focus on those parts of your*self that you are cultivating, and/or refine your personal character. As I noted earlier, we've been going through a huge push-pull since the start of the month. Beltaine's dynamic Summer energies have been interacting with the extremely introverted yin energies of the Second Night, reflected in the global polarization that we've been seeing as of late. I don't think the choice we as a species need to make could have been made any clearer, or more apparent...do we want to continue to live in a Fear-based paradigm, or are we finally ready to switch over to a Love-based one instead?

There are many still struggling with this choice. If you are one of those struggling with it, here is my advice to you: Center yourself in Quiet and Stillness. Now, listen to the soft, small voice of your Heart. What direction is it telling you to move in? Follow this directive - Follow that Voice. You will not be lead astray, no matter what crazy impulse may rise up into your awareness! If you are a Lightworker, this is the time, more than ever, to be a role model. Show the community you reside in what it looks like to walk the Loving Beautyway. Continue to hold others in Compassion in the public eye - while in the stillness of your personal sanctuary, give yourself permission to vent and ground and take Extreme Care of Your*Self. Use the tools in your toolbox! The methods you know, you know for a reason...and the situation we find ourselves in gives us a damn good reason to practice what we've been preaching all along! Just remember this important tidbit of Wisdom: Always Refill Your*Self First. Then you can fill up others who might need a wee boost. :-)

Mayhap I will post again around the full moon; if not, then I'll see y'all in June! Blessed Be!

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