In case of Rapture, Break the Paradigm

Heya, peeps...thought I'd sneak in and post from somewhere "in the field," as it were.

By now, most of you will have experienced, in one form or another, the hype and hoopla surrounding "The Rapture," the event anticipated by several Christian denominations as the End of the World As We Know It. Obviously, since I've written this, and you're reading it, that event has not come to pass - which is a really good thing because I'm just getting started in my Grand Adventure on the east coast! I'll save that story for another time, and my other blog. ;-)

Post-Non-Event, here are some thing for folks to keep in mind...
1) This will not be the last incident to capture the Collective attention. Between now and 12/21/12, and I daresay perhaps even a year or two beyond that date, there will be some more false alarms arising to garner headlines and foster various levels of hysteria and humorous derision.
2) These false alarms are symptomatic, shall we say, of the significant Fear-based paradigm we currently inhabit. Major changes are afoot in the weather, in our global societies, in the economy...in pretty well every aspect of our lives. These changes can be, and often are, extremely scary! Don't be talked into selling all of your possessions and moving across the country to be with some guru figure to wait for the "end-times." Do acknowledge that these moments of panic are part of our evolutionary process - think of it as Spring-Cleaning of the Collective Human Psyche - and go on with your daily affairs as usual, making course corrections as necessary.
3) If you know someone who has sold all of their possessions and moved across the country - or if you are one of these people - don't beat them up. Don't beat yourself up. Instead, take a good look around at where you are right now. Take inventory of what you have right now, skill-wise if you don't have material possessions with you. What is one thing you can do right now to start your new life? Because that's the doorway that's opened up before you...(non) events such as the "Rapture" are really disguised opportunities to start over and start again. Were you not living the life you really wanted to live? Why not start living your Authentic Life now? Why not co-create Heaven on Earth, instead of Hell?

Until the next interesting little hiccup in the Collective Consciousness...Merry Meet, Merry Part, and Merry Meet Again! :-)

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