Now entering the "Opposite Sketch"

There are folks of a certain generation (or two) who will remember a show on Nickelodeon called You Can't Do That on Television. One of the regular features of the show was the "Opposite Sketch," wherein parents were absolutely permissive, and their teenaged and tweenaged children were smart and responsible - often times, more so than the parents. It was an exercise in role reversal.
Why do I mention this? Because the concept behind the Opposite Sketch is coming into play, and will be fully anchored in this reality by the weekend. I've received some clarification of the energetic processes that are unfolding around us, which can be summed up thusly: Whatever you're experiencing now, be prepared to start experiencing its opposite.

If we return for a moment to our friendly Mayan Calendar to check in, we see that tomorrow we go from the Fifth Day to the Fifth Night. As I mentioned before, this is the day where the energetic flow is going to do a complete one-eighty and move in opposite directions for the rest of this month, and a smidge into the next.
(If you want a user-friendly download, grab this handy PDF file.)
This doesn't mean that everyone is going to go from "Ah!" to "Blah!" in ten seconds or less. What this does mean: if you've been having a groovy month so far, the next few weeks might be a bit harsh. If you've been having a crappy month so far, the next few weeks might actually show some sun peeking through the dark clouds. If you've been rocking and rolling, you might come to a complete stop; but if you've been wallowing in intertia, a nudge might be on its way to get you moving again. You see my point?

One thing that I said earlier remains the same now: this is definitely the time to stand firm, stand pat, and hold on to that Positive Vision of your life, and the lives of everyone around you, like a dog grabs on to a rope and starts a game of tug-o-war. Be fierce in your convictions, and gentle in your interactions! And always check in with your body for any needed inspiration or wisdom! If you feel like you need to get outside, Go Outside - if only for a few minutes!
The good news is, Mercury isn't going to be Retrograde forever, so breathe through the weirder spots and remember that this, too, is passing - and something better is just around the corner. I'll leave you with a bit of beauty to enjoy... :-)
She knows the way up and out. (Naples, FL 6/11)

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