A special addendum from our Creatrix

That would be me... ;-)
In this first week of August, I am noticing the prevailing theme for this Fifth Day/Mercury Retrograde extravaganza is Awakening. Some people are Waking Up to their gifts, their possibilities, their Reality, for the very first time. Other people, who were already Awake, are finding that their spiritual gifts have suddenly been ratcheted up several notches, and/or that unexpected energies have sent their lives topsy-turvy!

Let me say first: All Is Well. Really, it IS.
Let me say second: This, Too, Shall Pass. Really, it WILL.
Breathing easier? Good.
The key for these times is to stay as centered and neutral as you can. Get out into Nature to ground and reconnect to the True Reality as much as you can. Use the tools in your psychic toolbox - and don't be surprised if some of those tools suddenly change shape, or if shiny new tools show up to be used, with pleasingly optimum effect!

Yes, Special High Intensity Transformation is happening, Right Now! You're not going crazy, though; many of us are finally going SANE.
Still confused or freaky? Look on the left side of this blog. My email address is there. We can arrange for a time to talk, on the phone or on Skype. I can help you to think outside the box...

Namaste. <3

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