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So I've been advised by my Posse that it would be a good idea for me to share the journey of Shifting my center, which I touched upon in the last post. Okay, fine. I'm going to try to keep it as a "Reader's Digest" version... ;-)

First, some backstory: my Journey of Spirit began in 1998, with a copy of SARK's Living Juicy and a New Year's Resolution to "cultivate the Lighter Side of my personality." The next ten years would be spend doing just that, as I added Wicca and Native American Spirituality to my understanding of Taoism, and was encouraged to play Mix 'n Match.
In 2009, I attended my first Big Glow retreat - and was (metaphorically) struck by lightning. I had NO idea what had hit me, at first...only that Something Big was beginning to happen. 
It took me six months to uncross my eyes! (Source Unknown)
It did...in this one year, I recapitulated my entire Journey from 1998-2008! I had received my official introduction: Victoria, New Reality. New Reality, Victoria. Nice to meet you. Now could you please tell me what the sam-hill is going on here?!?
2009 ended with a Soul Retrieval that I co-created with one of my sister shamankas. I had seen where I was still stuck, you see, and I needed help to unstick myself. (Lesson in Playing Well With Others in the New Reality!) She advised me that it would take three months for everything to settle into place...and she was right.
My internal realignment process concluded right around the Spring Equinox, in March 2010. (Indicator #1: I woke up one morning and felt like I was waking up for the first time in a Very Long Time.) That's when I left my muggle job as an operator at an answering service, and that's when I began to Shift My Center.
Beginning to risk the blossoming... (Encinitas, 3/10)
It took me six months, from Equinox to Equinox, to shift from the "old" reality into the New Reality. During this shift, even though I was moving around quite nicely in the World of Form, it felt like snails were running laps around me. I was moving at a rock's pace - and rocks take quite a long time to get anywhere by themselves!
Eventually, though, time began to resume its "normal" pace; I touched down in the New Reality in September 2010. (Indicator #2: I felt a sudden opening and expansiveness right around this time.) The Work, however, was not done. As I had undergone realignment within post-Soul Retrieval, now it was time for me to realign with the New Reality around me.
This I noticed in three separate, intense spurts - the first was at Samhain (2010), when I felt myself splitting open once more, to even deeper levels. The second was at Yule (2010), when it was revealed unto me Who I Truly Was. (In my case, I realized my identity as a Daughter of Persephone; this is a story all its own!) The third was at Imbolc (2011) when I realized What I Truly Was...and embraced my true place in the New Reality. (For now, let's just say the archetypal energies I had activated finally made sense in my wee confused mind.) This is also when I became fully aware of the feeling of being sequestered from much of the World of Form...and I embraced that as well.
By the time this year's Spring Equinox unfolded, the process of Shifting My Center was complete. I was firmly planted in the New Reality, and I had a direction to proceed forward in.
The flower needed time to Bloom... (San Diego, 7/09)
Is it all perfect, now? HA! Of course not - this is the World of Form we're talking about, so the Visions are always going to need to be adjusted and fine tuned and tweaked in dense physical reality! Having said that, the necessary adjustments are more subtle, these days, and the results are seen and felt much quicker than before. :-)

So that's how I shifted my center: catalytic event, recapitulation of what's unfolded, accessing and aligning with the True Center, shifting into, then aligning within, the New Reality...and I kept it fairly straightforward in the telling of the tale. ;-)

As always, Your Results May - no, Will - Vary...and it probably won't take as long as it did for me, with time itself being realigned in this process as well!

Holler back with any questions...

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