Shifting Your Center

Time for another pop-culture TV reference to assist with today's post...
If you're familiar with Farscape, you might have already recognized the reference. If not, I'll sketch a picture for you: Our main character, a human named John, has met a humanoid alien named Sikozu. (I think I'm spelling her name right.) We know she's an alien because she's walking on the wall and on her way up to the ceiling. When John asks Sikozu how she's pulling off this seemingly impossible (for humans) feat, she replies simply, "Shift your center."

I mention this because that's exactly what's going to be happening in a few days.
We're coming up on the (Fall) Equinox, which is going to unfold at the exact same time we begin the Sixth Night of the Mayan Ninth Wave. The time: September 23rd.
From what I've gleaned from the ebb and flow of energies, there will be the potential for some significant Shadow activity to rise into our Awareness, like Godzilla surfacing from the depths. However, the stars are showing the way to proceed, for the sun shall move into Libra on this day. Libra, being the sign of the Scales, is all about Balance...and there are a lot of dualistic energies zig-zagging hither and yon which are going to be partnered up and set into place, both within each of us and out in the world at large!

Basically, after tossing out what's no longer of service to you and rearranging the furniture, it may be time to move the whole damn house to a new location. For some of you, this will be literal; for others, it's metaphoric.
If you have Awakened recently, you are going to be finding yourselves plonked down in a Whole New Reality - and you may well be disoriented at first. That's okay; the weirdness will pass relatively quickly, especially if you simply go with the flow. This is what happened to me last Equinox, when I found myself plonked into the New. Physically, everything around me looked the same - but felt VERY different. I was way more sensitive to energetic ebbs and flows than I'd ever been before; I had Shifted my Center. Oh yes - be ready for some significant Realignments to come your way in the next few weeks as well, as you adjust to the New and Higher Frequencies that surround you.
For those of us who have been in the New Reality for some time, this is a chance to fine-tune our Center-points, to make sure we're well and truly fixed in the New, and see if those connections to the "old" reality are really necessary. Some of us will definitely be cutting bait and casting off for new abundant waters! No worries; the ship will right itself quickly if it starts feeling a little wobbly.

Into the woods. (Northern CA, 1/09)

Stay on the path and you'll be fine... :-)

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