Year of the Dragon: All Hail the Rainbow Serpent Mother!

Dragon representation in a tree. (Escondido, 6/10)

Of all the animals in the Chinese zodiac, the Dragon is the only (ahem) mythical animal - yet it might be the most powerful of the Eastern totems. Dragons are much revered and admired in Asian countries, associated primarily with the elements of Wind, Water, and Earth. Some of them carry precious pearls of Wisdom and/or Longevity in one of their forepaws, which they bestow upon those who are pure of body and spirit...and humble enough in their request!

Unlike their Eastern counterparts, Western Dragons haven't fared so well. From Tiamat being slain by the storm god Marduk, and Medusa's death by the sword of Perseus, to St. Patrick "relieving" Ireland of its snakes and St. George slaying the "evil" dragon, Dragons (along with snakes and serpents) have gotten a bad rap in Western culture, as Goddess religions were supplanted and then supressed by the patriarchal "Sky God" religions. Even today, there is the popular idea of "slaying one's dragons" in overcoming and transforming one's character flaws. 

Regardless of whether you're talking about Eastern or Western dragons, though, they have characteristics in common: great strength, courage, and power. More and more, we are also remembering and acknowledging their connections to Divine Feminine Energy, as part of the Snake/Serpent/Dragon trinity. The Serpent, along with the Bird and the Fish, is one of the most primal and ancient totems of the Great Goddess. Snake and Dragon Goddesses are some of the oldest archetypes known to humanity, from the aforementioned Tiamat (the Great Serpent Mother) in the West, to the creatrix Goddess Nu Kua (half woman, half dragon/snake) in the East.

With the dawning of 2012, the influx of Divine Feminine energies that has been steadily increasing over the past several years will hit a new level. For the next two years (as 2013 happens to be the Year of the Snake in the Chinese calendar), the primal aspects of the Goddess will be prevalent. This means impulses of raw, wild Power, Strength, and Courage, untamed and undimmed by Power-Over/Patriarchal forces, will be received and expressed by those who are open and willing to receive them - with the vast majority of these expressions arising among women and those who strongly identify as "female." In other words, don't be surprised if you suddenly feel like Boudicca among the Romans one day, ready to take up your sword and show these centurions a thing or two!

The important thing here is to remember these impulses are raw and power*full. They can be used for either creation or for destruction. While it's important to reclaim and own this power, it's also important to take full responsibility for its use. Especially for those of us who have been Lightworking for many years, "I was overcome by the Power" is no longer going to hold water as an excuse. Feel the Power fully, deeply, and totally, but don't destroy everything within a fifty-foot radius of yourself unless you're in immanent danger! (I speak from personal experience...no, I really didn't need to use a bazooka to wipe out the mosquito!) If the energy is building up, do a ceremony where you build a replica of what is bothering you, and then rip it to tiny pieces, then bury it or burn it. (If the material is biodegradable, you can release it into a river or cast it into the wind, but I'm not advocating polluting the environment any more than it already is, yo.)

What's most interesting is that about this time last year, I sensed the Rainbow Serpent Mother arriving in the World of Form. (You can read the earlier entry here.) Her presence is now fully manifested in this plane; She is bathing all of us in Her many colors of light. It will be most interesting to see what arises within each of us in this Time of Great Transition...Gung Hei Fat Choi! :-)

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