Resolving Illusions on All Trickster's Day!

In this time of Activation, I'm noticing it's not only dreams that are being activated. A lot of Shadows are coming up for peeps (myself included) to deal with - some with a vengeance! What is going on, you might ask?

Well, we are coming to the end of a Mercury Retrograde period. Along with all of the (ahem) "technical glitches" attendant during these times, we are also encouraged to check in with ourselves to see what is needing expression in the moment. Navel-Gazing becomes very prevalent during these few weeks. As Mercury winds up its wee "backwards" jaunt, it's going to pass through April Fools' Day in the States, which I've taken the liberty of renaming All Trickster's Day.

This particular date on the calendar means more than just an opportunity to spring a practical joke on an unsuspecting family member or co-worker. There is the opportunity to have a good belly-laugh at the absurdity present in the world, thanks to the work of the Tricksters. Coyote and Raven are the best known animal spirits with this energy; Loki in the Nordic/Teutonic pantheon is the first that springs to my mind when thinking about a specific deity. Of course, one cannot mention Tricksters without including faeries, many of whom are known for creating all sorts of mischief for unsuspecting mortals.

If a Trickster is operating in your life, this means that you might be shaken up a bit - or quite a lot - to show you where there are illusions present in your life. Many of these illusions are holding you back from truly Authentic expression. Rather than resisting their messages and clinging to falsehoods, allow the Trickster energy to shatter these illusions and sweep them out of your life...because you probably don't need them anyway.

As I have observed, in the face of Absurdity, you can choose to laugh or to scream. Laughing is easier on the vocal chords and the blood pressure. Find an excuse to laugh as the Tricksters work their magick, even if the humor is a bit on the dark side. Laughter is the thing that will help ease us through the Transition to the other side and keep us reasonably sane. Enjoy the ride!

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