Ninth Unfolding: Simplification

Simplifying is easy with sun-brewed tea. (@ Home, 6/12)
Nothing like getting into the nitty-gritty of a process and really feeling the Shifts that are happening, within and around you! :-)

As promised/predicted, the Solstice last June really gave a big boost to our ongoing processes; the days leading up to the Solstice were some intense ones indeed! As I mentioned previously, the Releasingway began for some around that time. For others, it's beginning right around now.
This is an opportunity, basically, to simplify your life.What this means to you might differ from what this means to me, which might differ from what this means to one of my co-workers. For some, Simplification will be a decluttering process, going through years' worth of accumulated material goods and paying them forward, via donations to the nearest Goodwill or other charitable organization. Some will find people  leaving their lives and moving on to the next chapter; others will meet the person who will help with SO much, they will be considered a prayer answered. Some will be preparing to relocate themselves - across town, across the country, or around the world. Some will come to question their beliefs, and perhaps realize that what was once gospel truth is now a great big lie...or what was once dismissed as pure hokum really does make a strange sort of sense. Some will find all of these things happening. Some won't feel any major changes at all. It's All Good. :-)

Whatever is or isn't going on in your life, make sure you are taking care of your*self. Make the time to take that nature walk or run through your yoga practice; set aside the funds necessary to buy that supplement that you know your body loves and might need right now. I speak from personal experience: with all of the changes going on right now, it's very easy to become de-centered in your life. If you're feeling particularly stuck in one emotion or state of being (super angry all the time, feeling tired all the time), take a moment to check in with yourself, or visit your physician/naturopath/therapist. Reach out and give your mentor or sponsor a call. Once you know what is going on, you'll have a better idea of what (not) to do next.
A big lesson for us in these Transitional Times: this is not a task for us to undertake alone. There are many opportunities unfolding for us to reach out, support one another, and be Interdependent. We are making huge strides right now, individually and collectively, despite FALSE appearances to the contrary!

Which brings me to a bit of a side note - much of what we're seeing right now in the World of Form is a separation of realities. Yes, the cosmic freeway is getting ready to split! Of course, the old stuck reality is grabbing much more of the collective attention, since it's being very loud and obnoxious. However, the new flowing reality is taking shape and growing more solid day by day. It's extremely important to take a moment and answer this key question: Which Reality Am I Giving the Most Attention? The reality you focus on is the reality that you will soon be stepping into! There is still a window of opportunity to shift your focus and re-center into a different reality, but that window will be closing at the Winter Solstice. You have been advised!

Now for the fun bits...
Much of unfolding of Simplification is going to take place during a (gasp!) Mercury Retrograde period. This means that progress will (most likely) not be smooth. It may seem like a very bumpy road indeed at times. Things may move in fits and starts, or stall out completely, or fly off in a completely unexpected direction. Go with whatever the flow is, work out your patience muscles, and be fully prepared to take advantage of any down-time the Universe might hand to you.
Much of this Simplification process will reach its peak around August 1st. This is the first of the Harvest Celebrations in the North, with more Information coming closer to that date. In the South, this is the start of the Planting season, and an opportunity to be extra-selective in what seeds you're going to plant. Remember, you're not just contemplating what to bring forth for the next year, but for the Next Era in the New Reality. Uber-exciting, eh! :-)

There is definitely some momentum building for even bigger shifts lying ahead. Take full advantage of the opportunities to get your own house in order before the neighborhoods move! Blessings all around! :-)

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