Tenth Unfolding: Inspiration

Inspiration in Creation. (Pennsylvania & California, 8/11)
This one is especially for those who are feeling ragged around the edges, or rubbed raw smack dab in the middle of their beings, or both. All of the energies this year - and, truth be told, for a couple more years yet - are being amped up hundreds, if not thousands of times, over what they were even a few years ago! Rest assured...this is all a part of a natural evolutionary process we are experiencing as a whole. We're living the process of Natural Selection right now, on all sorts of levels! So breathe a little deeper and a smidge more easily; you're SO not alone in this crazyhazyweirdmiraculous process we're ALL going through!

Right around this time last week, as we entered this Unfolding, you might have felt a rather significant energy boost, which either stirred things up or settled things down, depending on where you are in your journey. August 11th was the 25th anniversary of what was called the Harmonic Convergence, where all the rest of our planets in our system lined up in a straight line, and made all the astronomers go ooh and ahh as they looked up to the night sky. Okay, it made all the astrologers go ooh and ahh too, but for different reasons:
In 1987, we entered a grand portal that took us out of one energetic frequency (the Age of Pisces, featuring Duality) and is now bringing us into another energetic frequency (the Age of Aquarius, featuring Unity.) While it will take a bit more than a century before the actual physical shifting of the stars' positions in the heavens is completed, we're just about done with the energetic shifting...for shift happens in the World of Thought before it filters down into the World of Form. In other words, you set an Intention, then take deliberate Action, and that's how Things Get Done. :-)

With the remembering of the Harmonic Convergence came a rush of feel-good nostalgia for some people. Add to this the rush of feel-good that the recent Olympic games generated in much of the world, and you have an opportunity to take a look around and find things that inspire you. Maybe it's stopping and smelling that bouquet of roses that someone gave to you. Maybe it's getting up early and watching the sunrise/sunset as you jog along the beach. Maybe it's going to that uber-cool website you bookmarked last week and really checking it out. Whatever it is, it's not going to be so much "a-ha!" as "oh, yeah!" - as in, oh yeah, I remember how good I feel after I do yoga. Let me make some time to get back into my routine.~Oh yeah, I remember how much fun I had at the beach with my friends. Let me send a few texts and see if I can get anyone to come join me.~Oh yeah, I remember how much I enjoyed that smoothie last week. Let me break out my blender, get some fruit, and see if I can make my own version of that smoothie. Little things, all - but to twist a popular phrase, the delight is often in the details!

Speaking of sources of delight: we have a very inspirational Blue Moon at the end of the month! Full Blue Moons are particularly associated with faeries and the Fey, the (semi-)divinities associated with Earth and Water. I am being advised as I type that this particular waxing moon phase (starting tonight and going for about two weeks) would be a most excellent time to Ask for a Miracle - then be prepared to receive it sooner instead of later...say, around the time of the Fall Equinox next month!
So - what will you be inspired to ask for? :-)

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