Eleventh Unfolding: Celebration

Fruits of the Harvest. (Encinitas, CA 1/11)
With all of the hoopla and uncertainty up and about in the world, it may seem strange that celebration would be the energy of this particular Unfolding. Take a moment and consider, though: where are you now compared with where you were at the start of the year? More importantly - who are you now, compared with who you were at the start of the year? You're probably in a far different place now than then - and perhaps a completely different person now, than then! (I know that applies to me, for sure!)

The energies anchoring this Unfolding arise from the Equinox on the 22nd of this month: Autumn in the North, Spring in the South. The Fall Equinox is at the height of the Harvest Season, where we can be thankful for the bounty that is in our lives. (In Pagan calendars, this is indeed the "Pagan Thanksgiving," with much ceremony attendant and emphasized around corn. Wheat is to Lammas, the first Harvest festival, as corn is to Mabon/Autumn Equinox, the second (and largest) Harvest festival.
In the South, the Spring Equinox is the highlight of things growing, and the blessings that are unfolding day by day as life stirs anew and bursts forth in color and wonder. As the North blesses what has come and is coming, the South blesses what is coming and will come shortly. It's all one big circle, and it's all good! :-)

Wherever you are, this is a time to stop, or at least slow down, and count your blessings. See if you can find at least ONE thing to be grateful for in your life. Look back on what you've done and give yourself some kudos. It might not have been a perfect job, or what you had expected to happen, but perhaps you've met and even exceeded your wildest dreams. If not yet, that's okay too. You're well on your way. Definitely take some time to Rest and Pamper yourself this Unfolding, as the upcoming season promises to be anything but dull and ordinary! We're still gearing up to receive the Great Mother of All Downloads starting on 12/21/12 ...and THAT promises to make the previous energetic pulses look absolutely miniscule! Stay Tuned!!

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