Starting the Year of the Snake!

out with the old, in with the new. (Poway, 10/12)
So how is everyone feeling in the opening moments of the New Reality? Some are feeling totally at ease; others are chomping at the bit ready to go; still others are shifting between these states, and about half a dozen others, every few seconds or so! (I would fit in solidly with the last description.) It's All Good as the new spiritual apps available to us are being perused, downloaded, and - most importantly - integrated into our personal awareness. The new moon is almost at hand, and with it starts the next significant energetic wave: this is the Year of the Snake in the Asian calendars. From the Rainbow Serpent of the (Aboriginal) Dreamtime to the great World Serpent Tiamat, Snakes and Snake Medicine are going to be very apparent!

This is the second year of a two-year cycle that has seen, and is seeing, the Wo*manifestation of the Divine Feminine in the Collective Awareness BIG time. The Year of the Dragon (which is concluding) was about remembering and reclaiming our Authentic Power, both for women and for those men who are awake enough to shake themselves free of all the misinformation that has been foisted on society for Quite Some Time! The Year of the Snake is going to be about taking that Power and using it for two very important purposes...shedding our skins and healing through transmutation of poisons.

Snake's shedding of her skin was seen by our ancestors as a death/rebirth process: first, the snake became very still. The scales over her eyes would become opaque. She would appear as dead when in fact she was growing a new skin beneath the old. Then she would start to rub her head against objects to loosen and break the old skin. When the old skin split, she would slide out of it and seemingly "come back to life," often going hunting for something to eat because she would be famished!
MUCH in our society is dying off right now, some things dramatically, other things slower and more subtly. In this Snake year, Every*Thing that is not in right relationship with the New Reality is going to be sloughed off in/by the Collective Awareness, some of it dramatically, other things slower and more subtly. By this time next year, I would not be surprised to see that some radical changes had unfolded, on personal, inter-personal, and trans-personal levels. Depending on where you are in your journey, of course, "your results may vary." ;-)

The transmutation of poisons part is a little more complex and interesting...shamans of old would often allow themselves to be bitten by snakes and then transmute their poison to render it harmless - if they survived the process. Not all of them did! (and as a quick disclaimer - this is NOT an endorsement to go run out and try this yourself!)
From what I've observed and intuited, there was originally going to be a Split between the two realities currently in play: the Old Reality of Doom, Gloom, and Fear, and the New Reality of Hope, Light, and Love. At the moment, the two realities are still co-existing side by side. Certain parties in the Old Reality are massively disappointed that the world didn't end in blood and thunder, so there is a thrust now of, "Okay, we're still here, but we're all going to die any day now! Lookie all the nastiness afoot!" The Faux-pocalypse is at hand, and the best way to deal with it is to look the naysayers in the eye and Laugh in Their Faces! and then be polite and offer them some of the kettle corn you've been munching on while watching "the rilly big shew." ;-)
Anyway, the reason the two realities are still co-habitating in the same space is that there is an effort underway by certain Lightworkers to transmute these toxic beliefs/systems/ideals and thereby bring healing to the Collective Awareness. Good idea, in theory; I will admit to being a wee bit skeptical but still willing to do my "deep water" work to advance the cause. I am being advised that what is non-transmutable will be released at the end of next year, with the final numeric "stairstep" of 12/13/14. I'll keep an eye on things and keep you posted.

By now, you've probably seen evidence of that which is going to be shed and/or transmuted...I'm not quite sure if I remember another lunar cycle when I've seen so many Egos Stuck in Place! You can really see when someone's ego got stuck, because of all the inner five-, six-, and seven-year old children throwing temper tantrums when things aren't exactly going their way. (Yes, I'm speaking from personal experience.)
With Snake guiding us, old stuff will be released, poisonous situations will be transmuted, and we will either move forward, personally and species-wise, or we won't. The blessing and the curse of our situation is, and always has been, The Choice Is Ours. Humans have always been the source of our own damnation AND our own salvation; in these fresh new days on the New Frontier, this fact is becoming more apparent than ever. What are you going to choose now? and now? and even now...?

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