Felicitous Opportunities!

"Flora Estrella." (Naples, FL 6/11)
I believe this shall mark my return to the "mainstream," if you will...

We've received a most interesting one-two energetic "punch" with the Winter Solstice and the New Moon unfolding practically on top of one another. The energy is still very potent, and will be increasing subtly until we reach the Full Moon in January (the 9th, to be exact).
As this is the traditional time for folks to consider their "New Year's Resolutions," I'm going to make a suggestion for the fearless followers of this blog, here and on Facebook...
Take out your Vision for your life - you know, the same one you crafted during the Cosmic Tsunami of 2009 and held onto for dear life during the more challenging ebbs and flows of the Ninth Wave last year. Hold it in your heart center and meditate upon it during these days and nights of the waxing moon. Allow the energies to enter your imagination and let them charge up your dreams. Receive the Divine Blessings that are swirling fast and furious through the World of Form.
Just after the Full Moon on the 9th, the Third Unfolding of the Diamond Year will start on the 11th. I've been advised that the "flavor" of the energies will relate to Conception - so taking the time Now to solidify your intentions, dreams, and visions for the New Year are going to pay Huge Dividends in the very near future! More Information to come when the moon reaches fullness... :-)

In the meantime, whatever it is you're celebrating, may your celebrations be Merry and Joy*full. Blessings all around!


Items of Interest

Imagine two realities splitting apart... (Naples, FL 6/11)

We interrupt this Virtual Walkabout to share this update...

Quick show of hands: has anyone else noticed the "Bunny-Hop Sideways" as we are Shifting Between Realities? I began to notice this on Sunday, the 18th, with a very interesting interplay between the clouds and sun. At the edge of the clouds, there were slightly darker bands of blue sky interwoven with slightly lighter bands. While my Inner Scientist admired the optical show, my Inner Sybil was squealing in delight as I actually beheld, with my very own eyeballs, Two Realities sharing the same sliver of spacetime! Some "mixed" cloud formations in the following days showed me that we're still in mid-shift.
Checking in with my Unseen Posse gave me two answers: one, we as a whole - the entire Human Collective - are sloughing off some Major Ballast that's been dragging behind us, and holding us back from our Ascension Journey. The reality that the majority of us will be cohabiting will be a lot more open and lighter, pardon the cliche. Two, this process is wrapping up around the time of the Solstice (12/22), and will be fully complete with the New Moon. Happy New Year indeed! :-)

Speaking of the Solstice...I'm also informed by the Posse that the Gateway of Hebona will be fully open by that time. This is of note for the Starseeds/Lightworkers who have completed their Work within the World of Form, and are now ready to return to Source for some much needed RR & D (Rest, Recreation, and Decompression). The Gateway will be open from Winter Solstice 2011 through Winter Solstice 2014, when our passage over the Galactic Core will be complete. So for those Starseeds who are still not quite sure when to start their Homeward Journey, no worries; you've got plenty of time to tie off any loose ends that need to be secured. :-)

In the meantime, enjoy your Bunny-Hop Sideways through the realities as we change the collective trajectory of human evolution. Fun stuff - most of the time! ;-)

We now return you to your regularly scheduled Stillness, already in progress...


Second Unfolding: Reception-In-Stillness

This is the time of year when one circle ends, and another begins.
Find time for your*self in these still, slow times. Sit alone, in silence.
Listen to these words and Receive them...
"Be Still, and know that I AM a child of Divine Source Energy
I AM Divinity Incarnate, Here and Now
I AM a power*full creator/creatrix of My Own Life, Here and Now
I AM creating, Moment to Moment, those experiences that will full*fill me and help me learn and grow
I AM choosing, Moment to Moment, EXACTLY what to focus my attention on in order to manifest it in my life."

I find that the scariest thing for people to comprehend is that we ARE Divinity Incarnate. We are capable of doing not just anything, but Every Thing Possible. This awesome Power comes with awesome Responsibility - and in this age of Victim-Consciousness, very few are ready, let alone willing, to take on this Responsibility for their lives. We need to shift out of the concept that "we are power*less" and into the concept of "We Are Power*FULL" if we have any hope of surviving, and evolving, as a species.

From 12/11/11 to 1/11/12, there will be Downloads Galore to be had by all, if we can find still places to sit in, in silence, to hear the soft voices of Wise Guidance that whisper within us. I'm going to be listening closely during this time. How about you? :-)


First Unfolding: Preparation

The first step in this process is one of preparation. What is to unfold depends upon where you are in your personal journey...
For some of you, this is going to be an intense time of clearing out unwanted/undesired materials, especially everything - Every Thing - that is no longer of service to you, whether you are "in agreement" or not. The Master Plan within you is beginning to come online fully; this is a time to release that which is standing in the way of you and access to your Authentic Power. NOTE: if this is not done willingly, it will be done for you. The time of Procrastination and Delay is OVER. You have been advised!
For some of you, you have cleared out all that is no longer of service. Well Done. Use this time to take an inventory of those techniques you use to ensure your personal evolution: your altar materials, the spells/prayers you use, etc. Some of these techniques may be freely discarded, as you will no longer need them. If there are material forms associated with these techniques (crystals, altar tools, and the like), you are strongly encouraged to pay them forward, for there are others who will be able to benefit significantly from the energies imbued in them. Other techniques will become essential to your practice, as they will benefit not just your personal process, but the collective evolutionary process as well. Be open to receiving new Information, both through the Internet and direct transmission from those Lightworkers who are sharing Information at this time.

This is (more or less) a direct transmission from the Unseen Posse, as filtered through my unique synapses. ;-) I had intended to post this on the 11th, but the Universe conspired to remove me from my home for a quick trip elsewhere. As I've regrounded back into this particular reality, I've come to understand why - especially after reading this article from a sister Channeler of Information. Once I'm a bit more comfy "back home," as it were, I'll be updating my personal blog with a bit of sharing.

Let's get busy, bees! :-)


TRANSITION: The Diamond Year (Phase 1 of 3)

Which way to go? The choice is OURS! (Questhaven, 8/11)
A lot of hoopla is surrounding the date of 11/11/11, which is this Friday. There are many interpretations about what's going to unfold on this date. The other date that's got a lot of hoopla surrounding it is 12/21/12, next year's Winter Solstice. This is the "popular" date upon which the Mayan calendar supposedly ends, though as we have seen, many predicted the "actual" end-date to be October 28th, due to all of the changes we've made in our systems for keeping track of time. So who's correct? And what's starting on the 11th?  I'm going to add my spin to the hype and hopefully make things a bit more comprehensible, because that's how I roll, yo. ;-)

Let me start with this apparent discrepancy. I've downloaded some Information that serves as a "bridge" between the two end-dates: Starting on Friday, we are entering an intermediate period of time that I'm advised to call the Transition. This is going to unfold in three parts; Part One will go from 11/11/11 until 11/11/12. The Unseen Posse calls this The Diamond Year. To borrow a pagan phrase, it's going to last "a Year and a Day" - however, due to 2012 being a Leap Year, this year will actually contain 367 days.

To further decode the significance of all this, let me throw in a bit of numerology here - if you reduce 367, that is, 3+6+7, you get 16, which itself reduces to 7 (1+6=7) Seven is a VERY powerful and felicitous number! Aside from being considered a "lucky" number, Seven also has significant ties to the Natural/Faerie realm. Faerie/Feminine Wisdom is definitely becoming more and more apparent in our culture, and there are many who are feeling very strong pulls to return to simpler ways of living that are harmonious with the Earth and her cycles, instead of being destructive. These pulls will intensify over the next few years, both because they feel right and also because they will become more and more necessary if we as a species are to survive and Ascend!
As for 11, it is also a very powerful and felicitous number. It's tied specifically to Divine Masculine energies and is commonly associated with Ascended Masters, those who have not just reached spectacular levels in their personal evolution, but have taken a quantum leap and now serve as templates for all of humanity to aspire to. Perhaps you can now begin to see what much of the fuss is about, yes?

Back to the Diamond Year...as I mentioned last time, on October 28th, we reached the end of the "pre-scripted" portion of the collective human journey. We also came to the conclusion of at least one, and most likely several, galactic cycles. We are moving into position to begin a journey over the center of our galaxy, during which we are going to receive the (Grand) Mother of ALL Downloads from the Star Nations.
Beginning on Friday (11/11/11), we're going to have an unprecedented opportunity. WE are going to be writing the new scripts for subsequent generations to follow.  What we co-create NOW is going to set the tone for the cycles that will unfold once we've passed over the Galactic Core. We have a golden opportunity NOW to push the Great Cosmic Reset Button and fix a lot of what has gone askew in our evolutionary process as a species! If you're feeling like me, we are now entering the super-exciting portion of the Ascension Journey! Not just Anything...EVERY-thing is Possible! :-)

Many individuals made specific Agreements to be alive and incarnate at this time on Earth to help co-create and facilitate this process; I would include myself in this group. We are going to be taking over, so to speak, from many who paved the way before us, both energetically and physically. Many of those who have been working very hard to make it possible for humanity to even reach this point will be "going Home" (that is, releasing themselves from their physical bodies) sometime during the Transition; I believe some will stay incarnate until after Earth has completed its journey over the Galactic Core, just to make sure everything unfolds as planned.
To those about to depart, I salute you and thank you for all of your efforts. I am just now beginning to appreciate fully the challenges and the rewards in this "line of Work," and I am humbled and grateful to the bottom of my heart to be taking my place beside this great cauldron of Magick and Mystery that y'all have been tending for so very long. :-)

As to what the Diamond Year will actually look like, I was advised to "follow the elevens" from month to month in the calendar. As I'm being shown, the first "month" will be from 11/11 to 12/11, the second "month" from 12/11 to 1/11, and so on.
Guess what? There are going to be thirteen of these "months," or as I'm advised to call them, unfoldings, all together! I got very excited when I saw that; for as 11 is associated with the Divine Masculine, so 13 is associated with the Divine Feminine! Yin and Yang working together in harmony; what a concept! ;-)
The one thing I'm not being shown is the "flavor" of each unfolding from start to finish. I've seen bits and pieces, but I'm advised that I'm not going to see specifics until it's time for each unfolding to begin. Basically, this means that I'll be posting again on Friday with Information about the first unfolding, and what we can expect to occur, and/or what we should be focusing on. I'm not exactly thrilled with this piecemeal process (with a Virgo Moon, I like all my answers Now, Please!), but I'll be flying alongside everyone else by the seat of my pants.

All I can say at this point is, Yee-Haw!
We are about to live in Most Interesting Times...!


Time Zero: Receiving in the Stillness

This way to a resting place... (Questhaven, 8/11)
 Many years ago, I remember a popular psychic (I think it was Sylvia Browne, but I'm not sure) was asked about what was coming up in the future. She said that after a certain time (which might have been 2012), she couldn't see anything arising in the future. Some folks took that as a sign the world was going to end; the truth is, we are concluding the "pre-scripted" portion of the collective human journey. As of the 28th, the "script" has nothing but blank pages.

October 28th marks the start of Time Zero, a short period of relative inaction (about two weeks) before the opening of the Triple-11 Portal, and the start of the Transition Time. I say "relative" inaction because Old Man Pluto is having a bit of a frolic right now in the stars, and there will be a LOT of shifting occurring in the depths of the collective human psyche!
This, however, is mostly "behind-the-scenes" work at the moment; front and center, we have an opportunity to kick up our heels, grab a refreshing beverage, and relax. We've done a TON of Work to get to this point, so a fortnight or so of chillaxing is just what the Witch Doctor ordered! Congratulations. Let's all take a well-deserved moment to pat ourselves on the back. :-)

The journey will wait for us. (Questhaven, 2/10)
Now, it's totally worth noting that Time Zero starts unfolding between the New Moon (a time of new beginnings, reviewing of goals, and planting of seeds) and Samhain, the traditional pagan holiday when the Veil between the Seen and Unseen Worlds is very thin. I'm being advised by my Unseen Posse that our ancestors have a lot to share with us this time around. For the next two weeks especially, Pay Attention to Your Dreams. This would be a good time to keep pencil and paper handy at your bedside, because much Information is going to be "downloaded" through the Dreamtime into the collective psyche. You have permission to ask the ancestors to slow down if they start throwing Information at you too fast!

For those of you who can't really stay still for long periods of time (and you know who you are), might I recommend taking inventory of what's still standing after the clearing out of your psychic garbage from your spiritual closet. If nothing else, step out into the Natural World and watch the ducks, or geese, migrating to their Winter abodes.

If you're coastal, you can watch the pelicans. (Carlsbad, 4/11)
 This is the moment of stopping on the trail and catching one's breath before one starts the really interesting part of the journey. Enjoy these days and nights of Stillness. Be open to witnessing interesting dreams and receiving sudden A-HA! moments. We'll be rocketing forward again soon enough... :-)


On the Seventh Day, we take out the garbage!

Full moon, just beginning to wane. (Escondido, 9/09)
 We have just about completed the Ninth Wave of Universal Energy, which is linked to (and associated with) the Mayan Calendar. The Seventh - and Final - Day will begin tomorrow, 10/11, ending right before Samhain/Halloween, on 10/28. At that point, we'll be pushing the Great Cosmic Reset Button...but there's some business to tend to first.
Once again, the heavens indicate what-all is going to be unfolding; this time, we need look no further than to the moon to find the "flavor of the day." The Seventh Day is all about moving forward, with lots of yang energy. This is going to unfold during a waning moon cycle, when the moon seems to "disappear" from the sky. The waning moon's energy is very conducive to Releasing and Letting Go - stuff associated with yin energy. So, there will be a bit of a "push-pull" dynamic as we progress in our processes, but it won't be nearly as gnarly as some of the "push-pull's" have been in the past. Yay!

By now, you should be intimately familiar, maybe even overly familiar, with your Shadow energies. You are SO Over and Done with this excess baggage, you can't even stand it! Good news, friends: the energies that will be in play will provide just that extra little nudge you need so you can shuck the Shadow and kiss it goodbye!
It is uber-important to send these last Shadows off to Never-Never Land before we hit the New Moon and Samhain. Depending on who you ask, we're either starting our journey over the Galactic Core, or we're about to start our journey over the Galactic Core; either way, we are going to be anchoring into the World of Form the vibration that's going to serve as the template for the next series of cycles that are going to be kicking off somewhere in the near future (between 2012 and 2014). We're going to be co-creating whole new calendars for ourselves and the human species - do we want to celebrate or acknowledge anything icky and negative on it? Of course not! So, if you haven't given your Shadows the ol' heave-ho, NOW is the time to do it. If you have, I'd advise that you do a quick round of "soul decluttering" so that you can make absolutely sure that you're ready to Receive, because what's coming will take up every square inch of your spiritual closet!

Moon Between Realities. (Escondido, 8/11)
I have received a LOT of Information about the upcoming "Time Zero" and the pushing of the Great Cosmic Reset Button...stay tuned for that a bit later in the month. In the meantime, I'm going to be celebrating a Zero Year birthday, and taking out my own garbage! (Oh yes, I've found some lingering Shadows myself. I'll share about that on my other blog.)
May we give our Shadows to our Earth Mother, who will compost them and bring forth new and beautiful things from the compost...A-ho. :-)


A Model for Center-Shifting :-)

View through the Portal. (Northern CA, 1/09)
(brought to you by Our Creatrix...)

So I've been advised by my Posse that it would be a good idea for me to share the journey of Shifting my center, which I touched upon in the last post. Okay, fine. I'm going to try to keep it as a "Reader's Digest" version... ;-)

First, some backstory: my Journey of Spirit began in 1998, with a copy of SARK's Living Juicy and a New Year's Resolution to "cultivate the Lighter Side of my personality." The next ten years would be spend doing just that, as I added Wicca and Native American Spirituality to my understanding of Taoism, and was encouraged to play Mix 'n Match.
In 2009, I attended my first Big Glow retreat - and was (metaphorically) struck by lightning. I had NO idea what had hit me, at first...only that Something Big was beginning to happen. 
It took me six months to uncross my eyes! (Source Unknown)
It did...in this one year, I recapitulated my entire Journey from 1998-2008! I had received my official introduction: Victoria, New Reality. New Reality, Victoria. Nice to meet you. Now could you please tell me what the sam-hill is going on here?!?
2009 ended with a Soul Retrieval that I co-created with one of my sister shamankas. I had seen where I was still stuck, you see, and I needed help to unstick myself. (Lesson in Playing Well With Others in the New Reality!) She advised me that it would take three months for everything to settle into place...and she was right.
My internal realignment process concluded right around the Spring Equinox, in March 2010. (Indicator #1: I woke up one morning and felt like I was waking up for the first time in a Very Long Time.) That's when I left my muggle job as an operator at an answering service, and that's when I began to Shift My Center.
Beginning to risk the blossoming... (Encinitas, 3/10)
It took me six months, from Equinox to Equinox, to shift from the "old" reality into the New Reality. During this shift, even though I was moving around quite nicely in the World of Form, it felt like snails were running laps around me. I was moving at a rock's pace - and rocks take quite a long time to get anywhere by themselves!
Eventually, though, time began to resume its "normal" pace; I touched down in the New Reality in September 2010. (Indicator #2: I felt a sudden opening and expansiveness right around this time.) The Work, however, was not done. As I had undergone realignment within post-Soul Retrieval, now it was time for me to realign with the New Reality around me.
This I noticed in three separate, intense spurts - the first was at Samhain (2010), when I felt myself splitting open once more, to even deeper levels. The second was at Yule (2010), when it was revealed unto me Who I Truly Was. (In my case, I realized my identity as a Daughter of Persephone; this is a story all its own!) The third was at Imbolc (2011) when I realized What I Truly Was...and embraced my true place in the New Reality. (For now, let's just say the archetypal energies I had activated finally made sense in my wee confused mind.) This is also when I became fully aware of the feeling of being sequestered from much of the World of Form...and I embraced that as well.
By the time this year's Spring Equinox unfolded, the process of Shifting My Center was complete. I was firmly planted in the New Reality, and I had a direction to proceed forward in.
The flower needed time to Bloom... (San Diego, 7/09)
Is it all perfect, now? HA! Of course not - this is the World of Form we're talking about, so the Visions are always going to need to be adjusted and fine tuned and tweaked in dense physical reality! Having said that, the necessary adjustments are more subtle, these days, and the results are seen and felt much quicker than before. :-)

So that's how I shifted my center: catalytic event, recapitulation of what's unfolded, accessing and aligning with the True Center, shifting into, then aligning within, the New Reality...and I kept it fairly straightforward in the telling of the tale. ;-)

As always, Your Results May - no, Will - Vary...and it probably won't take as long as it did for me, with time itself being realigned in this process as well!

Holler back with any questions...


Shifting Your Center

Time for another pop-culture TV reference to assist with today's post...
If you're familiar with Farscape, you might have already recognized the reference. If not, I'll sketch a picture for you: Our main character, a human named John, has met a humanoid alien named Sikozu. (I think I'm spelling her name right.) We know she's an alien because she's walking on the wall and on her way up to the ceiling. When John asks Sikozu how she's pulling off this seemingly impossible (for humans) feat, she replies simply, "Shift your center."

I mention this because that's exactly what's going to be happening in a few days.
We're coming up on the (Fall) Equinox, which is going to unfold at the exact same time we begin the Sixth Night of the Mayan Ninth Wave. The time: September 23rd.
From what I've gleaned from the ebb and flow of energies, there will be the potential for some significant Shadow activity to rise into our Awareness, like Godzilla surfacing from the depths. However, the stars are showing the way to proceed, for the sun shall move into Libra on this day. Libra, being the sign of the Scales, is all about Balance...and there are a lot of dualistic energies zig-zagging hither and yon which are going to be partnered up and set into place, both within each of us and out in the world at large!

Basically, after tossing out what's no longer of service to you and rearranging the furniture, it may be time to move the whole damn house to a new location. For some of you, this will be literal; for others, it's metaphoric.
If you have Awakened recently, you are going to be finding yourselves plonked down in a Whole New Reality - and you may well be disoriented at first. That's okay; the weirdness will pass relatively quickly, especially if you simply go with the flow. This is what happened to me last Equinox, when I found myself plonked into the New. Physically, everything around me looked the same - but felt VERY different. I was way more sensitive to energetic ebbs and flows than I'd ever been before; I had Shifted my Center. Oh yes - be ready for some significant Realignments to come your way in the next few weeks as well, as you adjust to the New and Higher Frequencies that surround you.
For those of us who have been in the New Reality for some time, this is a chance to fine-tune our Center-points, to make sure we're well and truly fixed in the New, and see if those connections to the "old" reality are really necessary. Some of us will definitely be cutting bait and casting off for new abundant waters! No worries; the ship will right itself quickly if it starts feeling a little wobbly.

Into the woods. (Northern CA, 1/09)

Stay on the path and you'll be fine... :-)


Seeing a Finish Line...

We've reached the dawn of a New Day! (Naples, FL 6/11)

Good news, faithful readers: we're almost finished with this round of "holy-crap-this-is-INSANE!" Mercury has gone direct and we're now in the phase of the Waxing Moon. Join me in breathing deeply and saying, Huzzah! :-)

With the moon beginning its latest journey towards fullness, though, there are still a few interesting times ahead, as the Fifth Night in the (Mayan) Ninth Wave lasts until September 5th. As the waxing moon energies are all about manifestation, a few residual Shadows may be chased from their hiding spots in the back of your psychic closet and brought to the surface of your awareness. All for the good; just deal with them as you've been dealing with the other Shadows that have been coming up, and watch as they dissolve in the light of the new day.

With the coming of the Sixth Day, you'll be able to look around and see all the mess that you might be surrounded with at the moment. (In some cases, for my friends in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic sections of the US, this may be literal! I'm holding Calm Serenity for you at this time.) The Sixth Day with shine with the light of Clear Insight, allowing you to see quite clearly what's ready for releasing, and what's truly meant to be kept in your life. In the Northern Hemisphere, call it a final cycle of Letting Go prior to receiving the Bounty of the Harvest; in the Southern Hemisphere, take advantage of this energy for some inspired Spring Cleaning!
Either way, it would be a good idea to take full advantage of this dynamic clearing and cleansing energy that's coming our way, for the next convergence of cosmic events is going to be a doozy: the energetic shifting that usually arises with the Equinox is going to happen on the exact same day that the Sixth Night begins: September 23rd! I will be joining you in getting my "house" in order...in this case, taking care of some long-overdue business! More on that very soon - if you haven't seen my excitement elsewhere, that is! ;-)


Now entering the "Opposite Sketch"

There are folks of a certain generation (or two) who will remember a show on Nickelodeon called You Can't Do That on Television. One of the regular features of the show was the "Opposite Sketch," wherein parents were absolutely permissive, and their teenaged and tweenaged children were smart and responsible - often times, more so than the parents. It was an exercise in role reversal.
Why do I mention this? Because the concept behind the Opposite Sketch is coming into play, and will be fully anchored in this reality by the weekend. I've received some clarification of the energetic processes that are unfolding around us, which can be summed up thusly: Whatever you're experiencing now, be prepared to start experiencing its opposite.

If we return for a moment to our friendly Mayan Calendar to check in, we see that tomorrow we go from the Fifth Day to the Fifth Night. As I mentioned before, this is the day where the energetic flow is going to do a complete one-eighty and move in opposite directions for the rest of this month, and a smidge into the next.
(If you want a user-friendly download, grab this handy PDF file.)
This doesn't mean that everyone is going to go from "Ah!" to "Blah!" in ten seconds or less. What this does mean: if you've been having a groovy month so far, the next few weeks might be a bit harsh. If you've been having a crappy month so far, the next few weeks might actually show some sun peeking through the dark clouds. If you've been rocking and rolling, you might come to a complete stop; but if you've been wallowing in intertia, a nudge might be on its way to get you moving again. You see my point?

One thing that I said earlier remains the same now: this is definitely the time to stand firm, stand pat, and hold on to that Positive Vision of your life, and the lives of everyone around you, like a dog grabs on to a rope and starts a game of tug-o-war. Be fierce in your convictions, and gentle in your interactions! And always check in with your body for any needed inspiration or wisdom! If you feel like you need to get outside, Go Outside - if only for a few minutes!
The good news is, Mercury isn't going to be Retrograde forever, so breathe through the weirder spots and remember that this, too, is passing - and something better is just around the corner. I'll leave you with a bit of beauty to enjoy... :-)
She knows the way up and out. (Naples, FL 6/11)


A special addendum from our Creatrix

That would be me... ;-)
In this first week of August, I am noticing the prevailing theme for this Fifth Day/Mercury Retrograde extravaganza is Awakening. Some people are Waking Up to their gifts, their possibilities, their Reality, for the very first time. Other people, who were already Awake, are finding that their spiritual gifts have suddenly been ratcheted up several notches, and/or that unexpected energies have sent their lives topsy-turvy!

Let me say first: All Is Well. Really, it IS.
Let me say second: This, Too, Shall Pass. Really, it WILL.
Breathing easier? Good.
The key for these times is to stay as centered and neutral as you can. Get out into Nature to ground and reconnect to the True Reality as much as you can. Use the tools in your psychic toolbox - and don't be surprised if some of those tools suddenly change shape, or if shiny new tools show up to be used, with pleasingly optimum effect!

Yes, Special High Intensity Transformation is happening, Right Now! You're not going crazy, though; many of us are finally going SANE.
Still confused or freaky? Look on the left side of this blog. My email address is there. We can arrange for a time to talk, on the phone or on Skype. I can help you to think outside the box...

Namaste. <3


The Second-Most Interesting of Times

So, anyone else feeling the building tension? There are good reasons for that, and reasons for why the collective pot is starting to boil over even now. August has the potential for some extreme Special High Intensity Transformation to be unleashed! Let us diagram our "perfect storm" coming together...

1) The time of Lammas, the First Harvest. There is a theme of death and sacrifice that attends this particular sabbat, not as prominently as Samhain (Halloween) at the end of October, but it's there if you look deeply enough. Basically, it all boils down to one question: What are you willing to Release before you're able to Receive the Bounty of the Harvest?

2) The Fifth Day and Night of the Mayan Calendar. Day 5 begins right around Lammas, with the largest energy surge we've experienced to date. To quote the material, this will be "the brightest period of light" - until we hit August 18th. Then Night 5 sends the energies down into the largest crash, "the darkest period of dark," as the material says.

3) To make things extra interesting, Mercury is going to be Retrograde for most of this month. This is going to serve to put the emphasis on the Shadows within each individual. Communications get skewed on purpose, so that one is forced to look within during this time! You're not just going to light up the back of the closet of your subconscious, you're going to have an opportunity to shine a honking-big spotlight throughout the whole blessed closet!

So let us cycle back to the Question du Season: What are you willing to Release before you can Receive? What I'm seeing is two-fold: on the personal level, this is your one best opportunity to do a Spring Cleaning of the Soul. (This might sound a bit odd in the Northern Hemisphere, but it's perfectly timed for the Southern Hemisphere.) Everything you want to get rid of in your life, materially and spiritually, gather it together in a big pile. Offer it up to your image of Divinity, with the appropriate prayers and incense. Get everything ready during the Surge, because it's all going to be cleared away during the Crash. And if you don't think you have anything to release? Well, the Crash might "liberate" you from a few things you didn't think you were ready to release, but guess what? You've held on to this stuff for too long, and you're blocking your own growth. So whatever you're holding on to will be released for you, especially if it no longer serves your highest good! It's the old ultimatum, "We can do this the EASY way, or we can do this the HARD way." You'd be surprised, perhaps, how many people still need to do it the "hard way" in order to get the lesson at last!
Meanwhile, on the global level, the Theater of the Absurd is going to reach the climax of its drama. The music will swell to a crescendo, the "fat lady" will stride onto the stage and sing her aria, and we will have some folks declaring that the Apocalypse is Here, Now...and run to whatever they use to self-medicate. If you are a Lightworker, don't let the hyperbole distract you from Holding the Vision. This may be the most critical time for Holding that Vision steady in your mind's eye. As the energy surges high and low, back and forth, we will be called upon to Hold Space and Keep the Balance, smoothing out the energetic pulses and evening out the wild oscillations. We've managed to defuse a lot of Earth's volatility so far; just one big bumpy patch of cosmic turbulence and then the ride smooths out considerably, at least for a few months. Remember to use what's in your toolbox to ground, center, and protect yourself - and remember to Get Out Into Nature if it all becomes too much to handle by yourself.
We're all in this together, supporting one another...and our efforts are Definitely Appreciated. :-)


Wait for it...!

All righty, we're in the third and final eclipse. This weekend we can unfasten our seat belts and deplane, right?
Well - not really. We haven't come to a full and complete stop yet...

Summer is typically a period featuring dynamic growth and transformation, possibly even including lightning-fast changes. These traits have most definitely been apparent in this Summer season! So for this month, expect a lot of "forward progress," even - and dare I say, especially - if it seems you're going in completely the opposite direction you've intended! Many of us will indeed get where we're supposed to be going, though the terrain might be looking completely unfamiliar at this moment. Think of it this way: you're taking the "scenic route" instead of zipping directly down the highway. See if you can relax and allow the journey to unfold, especially if you've been kicking and screaming the whole way up to this point.

We're getting a big boost in relaxing and going with the flow from the energies currently swirling about. A few days ago, we entered the "Fourth Day" of the Mayan Ninth Wave; we're going to be switching to the Fourth Night on the 13th this month. This is a time to indulge in the other energies that Summer is known for: Passion and Play. Within all of the chaos and confusion, several shiny new possibilities may be coming into view for you. Now is your chance to get in touch with your inner eight-year-old, raid the parental closet, and play "dress up." What do you want to be when you grow up, on January 1st, 2013? Explore possibility, without the pressure of committing to anything yet. :-)

Take the opportunity to play NOW, because the end of the month features yet another significant convergence of energies:
First, we have a Blue (new) Moon on the 30th. Technically, we have a "blue moon" every year. Consider - this year, we have two new moons in the same month. Next year, we'll have two first quarter moons in the same month. In 2013, we'll have two full moons in the same month, and so on down the line. The significant mojo, however, is raised during the Blue new and full moons, which brings us back to our "Blue Moon Chaser" to follow last month's eclipse sandwich.
Second, we shift seasons once more and begin to tiptoe our way into Autumn. Lammas/Lughnasadh is marked on August 1st, but the energies begin to stir for the Sabbats a bit before and a bit after their actual dates. This will be the first of three Harvest Festivals; I'll go more into depth about the legends and lore of Lammas closer to time. Suffice to say right now you will be asked this question, on many levels: what are you willing to release before you can fully receive?
Third, and by no means least, let's peek at the Mayan Calendar again. On the 31st (just after the Blue Moon), we begin the "Fifth Day" - which looks to be the biggest yang spike of energy during this whole process. This will, in turn, be followed by the "Fifth Night" in mid-August...which looks to be the biggest yin spike of energy! In other words, next month will feature a big energy surge, followed by a big energy crash. No, we're not going to deplane just yet!

What is to come? The potential, at least, for more Special High Intensity Transformation. Remember, however, that you always have a choice: resistance or acceptance. If you choose the latter, you don't have to like the situation you're in, but you accept that you're right here, right now...and you can control your reaction to what hand Life deals you from the cosmic deck. So frolic now, friends, because we're going to be diving deep once again, very soon!
These two know the drill... ;-)


Fasten your seat belts...

Everyone remember last year's Cosmic Tsunami, which brought in a monster wave of energy over several months? Well, get ready for a spot of deja vu. We've got some very Power*full forces converging in this month of June which will most likely serve to kick our various evolutionary/Ascension processes up several notches!

Let me introduce the players:
1) We have a lovely "eclipse sandwich" (thanks to Miss Lauren Gorgo for the term) that pretty well brackets this month. It started with yesterday's lunar eclipse (boy howdy, did I feel THAT one unfolding!), will feature a solar eclipse on the 15th, and concludes with another lunar eclipse as June tiptoes into July.
Eclipses are unique events where various forces are brought into alignment for brief periods of time. In the case of the Lunar eclipse, the bright elements of the Divine Feminine are balanced out by Her dark elements. Think of it as, say, Brigit and Kali sitting together for a brief cup of tea before heading Their separate ways. (Feel free to insert your personal aspects of Divinity into the equation if you so wish.) These merging energies can help bring deep Shadows up into the Light of Awareness, like looking in the back of your closet with a flashlight.
In the case of the Solar eclipse, the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine meet for a brief tryst - the Sacred Marriage in Heaven - before separating once more to balance the day and the night. These merging energies can allow you to renew your own inner essence through allowing your inner yin and yang energies to mingle and merge, outside of the awareness of the usual boundaries.

2) The Third Night of the Mayan Ninth Wave begins on the 7th. Stuff that arose within your Awareness during the Third Day will now have a chance to be integrated into your system, which will most likely mean certain things within you, and your life, will now be cleared out. Yes, it's time to rearrange the furniture inside your internal house for the umpteenth time! As always, acceptance of the process - without necessarily liking the process - will allow the movement to be much smoother and easier to deal with. When in doubt, hie thee into nature and dig your toes into the earth! or stick them in a lake! or the ocean!

3) As if all of this juiciness weren't enough, we also have Litha, the Summer Solstice (in the Northern Hemisphere) on the 21st. On this date, Nature's yang/masculine forces reach their peak with the longest day and shortest night of the year. After the 21st, the yin/feminine forces begin their ascent; however, their influence won't be felt for a while yet. Litha is the equivalent of the full moon in regards to power and potency...this will be a time for receiving a major boost for everything that is growing in your life. Invite the dynamic energy of YES into your affairs at high noon on the Solstice!

So, the keywords for this month are Intense Transformation. We have yet another golden opportunity to fine-tune our personal vibrations as we move ever forward in this wild and wacky age of Transition. Be ready for anything and everything - perhaps with a fresh bag of popcorn standing by as life unfolds. Enjoy as much as you can; if you can't, fake it till you make it! ;-)


In case of Rapture, Break the Paradigm

Heya, peeps...thought I'd sneak in and post from somewhere "in the field," as it were.

By now, most of you will have experienced, in one form or another, the hype and hoopla surrounding "The Rapture," the event anticipated by several Christian denominations as the End of the World As We Know It. Obviously, since I've written this, and you're reading it, that event has not come to pass - which is a really good thing because I'm just getting started in my Grand Adventure on the east coast! I'll save that story for another time, and my other blog. ;-)

Post-Non-Event, here are some thing for folks to keep in mind...
1) This will not be the last incident to capture the Collective attention. Between now and 12/21/12, and I daresay perhaps even a year or two beyond that date, there will be some more false alarms arising to garner headlines and foster various levels of hysteria and humorous derision.
2) These false alarms are symptomatic, shall we say, of the significant Fear-based paradigm we currently inhabit. Major changes are afoot in the weather, in our global societies, in the economy...in pretty well every aspect of our lives. These changes can be, and often are, extremely scary! Don't be talked into selling all of your possessions and moving across the country to be with some guru figure to wait for the "end-times." Do acknowledge that these moments of panic are part of our evolutionary process - think of it as Spring-Cleaning of the Collective Human Psyche - and go on with your daily affairs as usual, making course corrections as necessary.
3) If you know someone who has sold all of their possessions and moved across the country - or if you are one of these people - don't beat them up. Don't beat yourself up. Instead, take a good look around at where you are right now. Take inventory of what you have right now, skill-wise if you don't have material possessions with you. What is one thing you can do right now to start your new life? Because that's the doorway that's opened up before you...(non) events such as the "Rapture" are really disguised opportunities to start over and start again. Were you not living the life you really wanted to live? Why not start living your Authentic Life now? Why not co-create Heaven on Earth, instead of Hell?

Until the next interesting little hiccup in the Collective Consciousness...Merry Meet, Merry Part, and Merry Meet Again! :-)


Happy Freyja Power Day! :-)

...which is what Friday the 13th is really all about!
You see, there's nothing to be afraid of on these days - it's really a whole bunch of misunderstandings that have compounded from a huge "smear campaign," if you will, from those who crave(d) Power Over Others and wanted to control everyone. What do you do to those who you perceive as competition in your power game? First, you put up huge taboos against them and spread lots of Misinformation about them; then, if they still don't roll over and die conveniently, then you kill them all. (Inquisition, anyone?) But I'm digressing... ;-)

Let's break this day down into its component parts: first, Friday comes from the Goddess Freyja; this is "Her" day. In fact, many of the days of the week are named after Teutonic gods, which is the German interpretation of the Norse pantheon. I present a handy decoder: Tuesday = Tiw, the God of Victory, Wednesday = Woden, better known as Odin, the Patriarch of the pantheon, and Thursday = Thor, He who can do cool things with lightning. ;-) As for the rest of our days of the week...Sunday = Sun's Day, Monday = Moon's Day, and Saturday = Saturn's Day. (Yes, Grandfather Time shows us when the week ends, at least in the States.)

13 is a number that is highly regarded in (Divine) Feminist traditions, for there are thirteen moons in a (lunar) calendar year. It also has its own "charge" to it - whether that charge is positive or negative depends on the beliefs you grew up with. Consider, though: a Goddess number on a Goddess day...sounds like a good day to boost your personal Power, yes? :-)

Since the moon is waxing (increasing towards fullness), this is a good time to focus on those parts of your journey that are reaping dividends for you, and ride the energies all the way to the full moon next Monday/Tuesday. This is also a good time to focus on those parts of your*self that you are cultivating, and/or refine your personal character. As I noted earlier, we've been going through a huge push-pull since the start of the month. Beltaine's dynamic Summer energies have been interacting with the extremely introverted yin energies of the Second Night, reflected in the global polarization that we've been seeing as of late. I don't think the choice we as a species need to make could have been made any clearer, or more apparent...do we want to continue to live in a Fear-based paradigm, or are we finally ready to switch over to a Love-based one instead?

There are many still struggling with this choice. If you are one of those struggling with it, here is my advice to you: Center yourself in Quiet and Stillness. Now, listen to the soft, small voice of your Heart. What direction is it telling you to move in? Follow this directive - Follow that Voice. You will not be lead astray, no matter what crazy impulse may rise up into your awareness! If you are a Lightworker, this is the time, more than ever, to be a role model. Show the community you reside in what it looks like to walk the Loving Beautyway. Continue to hold others in Compassion in the public eye - while in the stillness of your personal sanctuary, give yourself permission to vent and ground and take Extreme Care of Your*Self. Use the tools in your toolbox! The methods you know, you know for a reason...and the situation we find ourselves in gives us a damn good reason to practice what we've been preaching all along! Just remember this important tidbit of Wisdom: Always Refill Your*Self First. Then you can fill up others who might need a wee boost. :-)

Mayhap I will post again around the full moon; if not, then I'll see y'all in June! Blessed Be!


Push Me, Pull You: what lies just ahead

Let me jump right into it...we have a couple of events coming up in the next few weeks which will really help us to separate the wheat from the chaff, on a spiritual level, but it might feel like you're coming apart at the seams! If this is the case, give yourself permission to come apart, then take your cosmic needle-and-thread and sew yourself back up again!

The first event sees Mercury going direct this weekend...while we build momentum in the waning moon cycle, entering the Dark Moon phase. The second event is the arrival of Summer (Huzzah!) with Beltaine - nearly simultaneously with the next pulse of the Ninth wave, aka the "Second Night," which is going to resemble a prolonged waning moon period. To compare, the Mercury/waning moon "push-pull" is the minor event; the Beltaine/Second Night "push-pull" is the major event.
Basically, Mercury going direct and Beltaine are going to introduce dynamic, extroverted yang energy, against the waning moon and the "Second Night" pulse, which are going to have restive, introverted yin energy! Do not be surprised if you feel like you're being pulled in two different, and opposite, directions at once...because in a sense, that's exactly what's going to happen!

So what does this mean?
Globally, get ready for a matinee performance in the Theater of the Absurd. Things which have been slightly askew before are going to approach off-the-charts ridiculous. Bring your sense of humor and an extra-large tub of popcorn along for the show! (I prefer kettle corn myself. Yummy!) Personally, this will be a brilliant opportunity to look your private coterie of Shadows straight in their beady little eyes and stare them down. If you hold to your center, and allow nothing less then Complete Authenticity to prevail in your heart, they will blink first! This will make them much easier to be cleared from your system. This is going to be a time of great illusions rising to the surface, inside and out - and a great opportunity to shatter these illusions. Coyote is definitely getting ready to strut his stuff this Summer!
Along with clearing out your Shadows, this will also be a good time to play with your identity, your self-image. Have you been wanting to make a change in your life? This will be a good time to do so! Give away some books. Buy some books. Repaint your room sky blue, or hunter green. Listen to a different radio station. Go to a discount boutique and try on a few new fashions. Dye your hair. Get that tattoo. In other words, try something different and step outside your box. At the least, you might get a new perspective; at most, you may begin a complete makeover of yourself and your life! What have you got to lose, really?

Some of you will definitely feel like you're walking on the razor's edge for the next few weeks. If this occurs, breathe deeply and remember - this, too, shall pass. You will emerge on the other side of this, and things will look a lot brighter on the horizon. :-)


Information Potpurri

Heya, dedicated Lightworks and Curious Readers! I wanted to share a few things with everyone as we wind up Mercury retrograde and gear up for the Succulent Wild energies of Beltaine that are just around the corner!

First, I found a most excellent link that breaks down and explains, in Plain English, the energetic pulses that the (Mayan) Ninth Wave is bringing us. Basically, within the greater shift of Time, there are "tiny" pulses of energy that are nudging Earth and Her Children forward on the Ascension journey. (I put tiny in quotes because while each pulse might not be as all encompassing as, say, the Cosmic Tsunami was last year, they are no less impact*full as the Tsunami was!) I will be referring to the Information contained in this document as I continue to transmit on how the Star energies interact with the Earth energies, and vice versa.

Second, as I promised once upon a post, I have been shown a vision as to how the "new" energies will come to fruition in the Ascension journey, and replace the "old" ones: Consider the conscious, heart-centered communities that have formed, are forming, and will form as "seeds" being planted in the fertile soil of Mother Earth. See these seeds sprouting and growing as these communities grow in influence in popularity. Where two of these "spheres of influence" overlap, they won't compete with each other; rather, the spheres will merge and the influence of each community will unite and become magnified. Eventually, instead of seeing "bright spots in the Shadows," we will see "pockets of Shadow in a bright mosaic" - and these pockets of Shadow will shrink until they no longer exist. The best parts are, 1) there's no force involved in this evolutionary development, and 2) this process is already well underway. :-)

Finally, a dear local sister of mine recently created a Facebook event to encourage peeps to engage in a "global Ho'oponopono prayer" for our world leaders. (If you have no idea what ho'oponopono is, no worries, she explains it in her post.) Inspired by this, I took her idea with me on my daily "constitutional" walk - and some words assembled in my head that asked to be shared with everyone. So I'll leave y'all with this prayer...if you feel called to use it in your Prayer-Work, go for it. :-)

Let the Waters of Clear Insight flow through the minds of the leaders of the world.
Let these Waters wash away all old tribal illusions.
Let these Waters wash away all Shadow-muck, which has caused human evolu...tion to become slow and stagnant.
Let the Waters of Clear Insight wash clean the Vision of the leaders of the world, so they may see things As They Truly Are - and not as certain parties would prefer they be seen!

And, let the Fire of Brave Courage burn in the hearts of the leaders of the world.
Let this be free from being a firestorm that destroys wantonly; may it be tempered by the Waters.
Let this Fire bring light, heat, and comfort, as in days gone by.
Let this Fire stir the common ancestral memories of sitting by the hearth in the middle of the night; may these memories re-ignite Unity Consciousness in the leaders of the world.

Now, let the Waters of Clear Insight and the Fire of Brave Courage come together in the seat of the Voice of the leaders of the world
Let the Water and the Fire merge in Sacred Union; let this Union blossom in the Throat.
When the leaders of the world speak and act henceforth, let them speak and act for the Highest Good of All Beings, instead of just what will satisfy right now!

So Mote It Be - And So It Is!


Breathing into the Stillness

So how did that power boost work out for you? Still trying to find your bearings?
No worries in that case, for Mercury went retrograde on 3/30 and will stay retro for about three weeks. This  gives us an opportunity to breathe into the stillness, perhaps do a little Spring Cleaning of the Soul. Take the time over these next few weeks to re-center yourself, take up (or perhaps resume) a devotional practice, and get out into Nature to observe Her soothing rhythms of Life. Let yourself settle for a moment or two; give yourself the space to figure out what you're keeping and what you're releasing, what you're starting work on and what you're letting fall by the wayside. You do have permission to say, "I'm not going to finish" a project and let it go. Give yourself this permission, especially for anything that feels really stale or stagnant in your life at the moment. Clearing out the "old" stuff makes room for "new" and juicy stuff to emerge in your life...you know best what that looks and feels like. :-)
Let me take a moment to explain a little further what I mean by "devotional practice" - for me, it's anything that helps calm you, soothe you, ground you, and reconnect you to the Present Moment. It can be a traditional practice, such as praying, chanting, or meditating. It can also be something "outside the box," as it were: taking long bubble baths by candlelight, creating a collage or other work of art, sitting down with a journal and writing for ten minutes every day, going on a walk around the block. If you don't have a devotional practice, now is a good time to start one. If you have a devotional practice, why not try a different one and see how you like it?

All righty, back to the download...
Be extra gentle and mindful today, on All Trickster's Day (aka April Fools' Day). Take a moment to remember, it's not all that serious! Have yourself a laugh as you see illusions dissolve before you. This energy will carry through the weekend until the new moon on the 3rd.
Mercury stays retrograde until 4/23, going direct on...let's have a drum roll...Easter Sunday! The last week of April, from Easter Sunday until Beltaine (May 1st), is going to feature a new surge of energy coming our way; I'll be sharing that Information a bit closer to time. In the interim, I've a book to work on and some chakra closets to clean out - along with a duck pond to sit by and some nature trails to walk.
Breathe easy...we're rewriting the Story as we speak! :-)


Super Moon + Equinox = POWER BOOST!

Don't unstrap from the wild ride just yet, my friends! There is another marvelous convergence this weekend - just around the corner!
Take the Equinox (Spring north of ye olde Equator, Autumn south of it), which is a Power*full event to begin with, as day and night are of equal length. Add a full moon that is closer to the earth than usual, with its Power*full energies, and we are set to receive a boost to our beings that might just light all of us up like Yule Trees! (lol)
They actually call these full moons "Super Moons" over at NASA...the moon comes very close, and appears larger and brighter in the night sky, once every 18 years or so. The "18" is very significant in a way outside of NASA's purview. See, "18," in the Judaic/Kabbalic tradition, corresponds to Chai, which translates to "life." Play with it a little bit and you'll see we're going to get a huge shot of Life-Energy this weekend. Huzzah! :-)

So what does this mean for Jane and John Q. Metaphysicist?
You might feel that "six pack of Red Bull" energy burst. You might feel completely drained. You might feel that everything is possible. You might feel that nothing is possible. In other words, there's no "one" way you're going to feel. I can, however, say these things:
~If there are still any Shadows that need clearing, prepare to have them kicked up into the light of your Awareness, and in an "You Will Deal With Me NOW!" way to boot.
~If you feel at all spacey or scattered, ground. Ground, ground, ground, unless you're physically ill. (If that's the case, feel perfectly permitted to do absolutely nothing.) Then ground some more...by Touching The Earth, with your hands, your bare feet, and/or lying on the ground with your whole body. (Lying on a blanket or towel while on the ground is totally okay.) Basically, you don't want to "hold on" to any of the energy. It will do the necessary Work within your body as needed as it passes through you.
~Send the energy into the Earth with Intention. We can - and will - serve as conduits for this energy. Use the Intention that you feel most inclined to send, such as Love, Peace, Serenity, or whatever your Intuition suggests.

I've also heard a lot of peeps anticipating an earthquake in (Southern) California in the very near future. I disagree, and here's why: Follow the circle. We started last Easter in SoCal, yes. Then we jumped to Chile, over to New Zealand, and up to Japan. There's another step before the circle is "completed" in California; I'm seeing someplace in the Pacific Northwest, perhaps, maybe even Alaska.
Having said that - WE CAN SET THE INTENTION TO DISSIPATE THE ENERGIES IN A SAFE WAY. Just because we're "supposed" to have an earthquake doesn't mean we have to experience another one. We can set an intention for the energies to be dispersed in a non-focused way instead. Remember: Energy Flows Where Intention Goes. I suspect this lesson needs to be relearned by many, myself included!

See y'all after the Power Boost, when the dust has settled a bit...


A Timeline for Transition

Okey dokey, friends, time for my Big Reveal.
I've been sitting on this timeline for a while now, wondering when it would be appropriate to share it. With the opening of the main Ascension Portal by the Grandfathers (Uranus & Saturn - skip back a couple of posts), I've downloaded the final bits of Information and am ready to present a rough sketch of what's going to unfold for the near future. My Unseen Posse also agrees: Now is the Time to Share!
Let me just throw in a wee disclaimer first: this is "A" timeline. It's not "THE" timeline. There's this little thing called Divine Free Choice that we have to take into consideration; we, as a Whole, can speed up, slow down, or bypass certain portions entirely! Got it? Good, because here we go...

3/11/11-9/11/11: the Great Awakening, which began earlier this year, will continue. Soulquakes and physical earthquakes will continue to shake folks to their core, test their mettle, and shatter all Illusions currently being held in Collective Humanity. This is, however, concurrent with a surge of Opportunity - never has their been a better time for folks to throw off the yokes that oppress them and follow their Passions to live Authentic Lives! Wake Up and Seize the Day!

9/11/11-11/11/11: A Great Healingway unfolds. More than ever, we will have opportunities to practice Love, Forgiveness, and Compassion. The time will be ripe to release old Shadows for good - which is exactly what is required. Go through your life uber-carefully, for this will be the "last time" that you'll have a chance to release everything and anything that no longer serves you. Once you pass through the Triple-11 Gate, what's in your life will be what you Work with, on all levels...so make sure you're in your "happy place" with everything you need!

11/11/11-11/11/12: My Unseen Posse calls this The Diamond Year; this is the first phase of the actual Transition, where one reality will split off from the other. Think of it this way - there are a pair of highways sharing the same part of road right now; eventually, these highways split from each other. They may both still go in the same direction, but one will bend to the left, and the other will bend to the right. We're still moving along the "joint" reality-highway part, but come November 11th, the two reality-highways are going to split. Which direction are you going to be headed? (And in case you're wondering, I have no blessed idea what this is going to look like, at least not right now! I might get a better idea later; if I do, I'll pass it along!)
The Diamond Year is going to look like the traditional pagan "Year and a Day," but with a slight twist: 2012 is a leap year. Thusly, this span of time is going to contain 367 days, instead of the "usual" 366 days this type of year holds. Playing with the numbers, I saw it reduced down to "7," and got very excited...Faerie and Earth Energies are associated with this number! So this hints at one of the directions we'll be going, at any rate!

11/11/12-12/12/12: Phase two of the Transition unfolds. I am advised that this may be a time of Special High Intensity Transformation, as massive realignments take place after the reality-split is complete, in time to pass through the Triple-12 Gate. This lasts roughly 30-31 days.

12/12/12-12/21/12: Phase three of the Transition, lasting 9-10 days. The changes are "locked in" for our planetary system's journey over the Galactic Core, which begins in 2012 and continues through 2014. What we've created at this point in the Collective Journey is what we're going to work with for the next several decades; that's why it's so very important to get that Vision defined to the tiniest detail NOW! We're going to get exactly what we wish for!

Tiny numerological note: Phases two and three = 40 days. This is a number that resonates deep within the Collective Psyche!

2012-2014: Passing over the Galactic Core = the Great Grand Mother of all Power Surges! This is why we're experiencing a whole bunch of physiological and genetic modifications now, because this is going to push us beyond anything we know, or can dream of. Beyond your wildest, most expansive dreams is how the Unseen Posse phrases it.

2014-2150 (approximately): In 2150, the astrological charts will have to be rewritten entirely, because the Cardinal, Fixed, and Mutable signs will have shifted. This will be the "physical" beginning of the Age of Aquarius. What will unfold in the interim? WORK!
We will have roughly thirteen decades to undo the damage that has unfolded over the past eight thousand years (give or take a century) in the Human Collective, and just maybe find our way into the Unity Consciousness that Aquarius represents. This is the Very Bright future that we've been yearning for, and the journey towards it begins now.
Once you have completed your journey over the Galactic Core, you are indeed finished with one Journey, but you will begin another...and it will be marvelous. (the Unseen Posse)


For Your Use: a Rite of Re-Affirmation

Hello again in this very delicious time! Potential is sizzling in the air like a lightning stroke about ready to descend to the earth! At the suggestion of one of my soul sisters, I present a small rite that you can do in the comfort of your own home to take advantage of the energies swirling about.

Timing: tonight would be excellent, as we are beautifully in between the start of the Ninth Wave (of energy, according to the Mayan calendar) and the opening of a significant Ascension Portal (remember the Grandfathers?). This can be done one, three, or nine nights, which would take you to the first night of the full moon (3/18 - a power date in itself!)

Props: Not necessary, but if you like to use a focus object, here are some suggestions:
Candle - in the color of white (for Spirit), light blue (for Peace), or pink (for Love)
Crystal - clear quartz, rose quartz, amethyst (either singularly or in a cluster)
Alternatively, you can fill a small bowl with water and add some salt to it...Earth + Water = the Divine Feminine.

The Rite...
Sit at your altar or meditative space. If you're outdoors, bundle up if necessary!
Consider your personal purpose. What are you here to do in this Time of Transition? Raise your children to be fully realized citizens of the New Age? Help out those who are in need with all of the Love in your heart? Follow the path of your bliss and let your Authentic Life unfold around you? (It can be anything, really.)
Now, can you state your personal purpose in one sentence? Work with it until you can, then declare it aloud: "My purpose at this time is..." If you're into writing, write it down on a piece of paper. Keep this paper in your sacred space.
Next, consider the Vision you're holding for the Earth and Her Children at this time. What change are you most wanting to see in this moment? World Peace? Sustainable Community? Universal & Unconditional Love? Again, compact it into one sentence - "I am holding the vision for..." Write it down if you're so inspired.
Finally, see how your personal purpose plays into the fulfillment of your greater Vision. (It does, trust me; take a bit of time to play with creative visualization if you can't "see" it right away.) See these visions as already manifest in the World of Form. Declare your affirmation in active language. As an example - "I affirm that my children are conscious citizens of a self-sustaining society that is living lightly on the Earth." Finish your declaration with "It Is So!" three times. Again, if you wish, write it down, keeping this affirmation in your sacred space.
Ground into the earth. Extinguish your candle, thank your stones, cover your salt water.
Repeat if desired. :-)


Forward, March!

So, are we having fun yet?
I don't know about anyone else, but I thought the (lunar) month we just finished was most fascinating. The gist of my "adventure" was stepping into the Present Moment with the knowledge that I am leading the Priestess Life I had been desiring to live, Right Now. It doesn't look at all like I was expecting - but it is as deep and juicy and rich and vibrant as was promised! And it also puts my life into a lovely perspective...there is nothing "wrong" in how everything is unfolding, and all is indeed well, despite occasional thoughts and appearances to the contrary!

I mention this last bit of "Nothing's wrong, all's well," because in the next few months, many of us are going to be using that as our mantra for the near future. The "main event" for 2011 is about to unfold in the skies above us, just in time for the usual energy surge provided by the Equinox. The Grandfathers of Space and Time will be opening a gate on March 11th, and the Grandmothers will march through it to spread their message of Tough Love.

The "Grandfathers" I'm referring to are Uranus and Saturn. Uranus is the first of the so-called Sky Gods (yep, older than Yahweh, though not by much!), so we can call him the God of Space, as in "3-D space." Saturn, aka Kronos, is none other than Father Time, as in "Linear time." (We get the word chronology from Kronos, you see.) So as we are preparing to transcend conventional Space and Time, here are the Grandfathers opening the gate which will take us through to "the other side." I can see it's a gate because Uranus is going to be in the sign of Aries, and Saturn is in the sign of Libra - directly opposite each other in the heavens! Let us acknowledge them with gratitude as they take one final bow. The Collective Agreements of "space" and "time" have served us well; now we shall be making some new Agreements! :-)
Let me also take one moment to praise all aspects of Divinity that Saturn is standing in Libra while all of these changes are unfolding! Any other sign would have given us quite a wilder ride, as if this ride wasn't wild enough already; trust me on this! (Someday I'll discuss the "Saturn Return," and if you don't already know what that means, you'll have a very good grasp of things afterwards. Then you too might praise all aspects of Divinity that Saturn is located where he is!) ;-)

As for the Grandmothers, I invite you to sniff around a bit. Googling "13 Indigenous Grandmothers" or "Little Grandmother" would be a pair of excellent starting points. (Yes, I know there's some controversy, especially around Little Grandmother, right at the moment. Listen to her messages first, and see if they resonate within you...then choose whether or not you will "follow" her.) They, and several others, are the Voices of the Divine Feminine right now. They are conveying a message of Tough Love: in order for us to evolve, we need to face the "inconvenient truths" in our lives and make different choices. "Business as Usual" isn't going to cut it any longer. How we choose to act, and the actions we choose to take, are up to us, but living in a different way - a more sustainable way - is absolutely necessary and essential if we are to complete the Ascension process. This is evident in the news that's floating all around us: the Power-Over Dominators' paradigm is crumbling before our eyeballs, and not a moment too soon!

To sum up:
March 4th. New Moon. The energies that have been pooling together through January and February are beginning to move in earnest; we can now feel the Quickening pulse that went out at Imbolc!
March 11th. The Grandfathers open the gate. (Uranus in Aries, Saturn in Libra)
March 21st. Equinox. Power Boost!

With the opening of the gate by the Grandfathers, the next six months will feature significant and very visible activity. Soulquakes will increase in intensity, as the Mass Awakening unfolds across the world. This "first wave" will culminate just before the next Equinox...and guess when that is? Yup, 9/11/11! Needless to say, circle your calendars for some heavy-duty ceremony on that date! This has the potential to be the greatest of all Healingways!
The "second wave" will stretch from 9/11/11 to 11/11/11 - the entry into what I've been advised to call The Diamond Year, and the beginning of the Great Time of Transition that has been prophesied. The Numbers are coming together, and they're bringing massive energy with them! Are you feeling me? ;-)

For the next several months, if you start feeling at all spacey or overwhelmed, Hie Thee Into Nature! I cannot emphasize that point enough! Mother Earth will happily cradle you in Her arms as you get out into fresh air and sunshine and reconnect with the Authentic.
This reconnection will feel ridiculously easy, and there's an excellent reason for that: The "new" reality, the "true" reality, is the Natural World! The Collective Agreement we've come to call "civilization" is the illusion; that's why it seems to be (and IS) dissolving. Great Mama Gaia isn't going to explode, or dissolve, or anything like that. She is simply calling Her Children (that's humanity) back home, back to a simpler, Natural Way of Life. The significant question is, How many of us will actually hear and heed Her call? That is to be determined...and we've begun to find the answer.

Listen to your heart. Are you hearing the call to Come Home to Mother?


"The Game is Afoot!"

...as Sherlock Holmes once famously said... ;-)

Oh yah, the mojo is most definitely working, and in many cases, working us over but good! :-p
From my vantage point, it looks like the Descent this past Winter was more of a gathering of Shadows to be aired out in the Spring, and then to be transcended in the Summer. The Collective Shadow is really being brought out of the dark recesses of our group subconscious right now, kicking and screaming. Much of this Shadow has to do with the lingering expectation - and in some cases, desire - for an Apocalypse/Armageddon "end-of-humanity" scenario. It's now uber-important to remember that any & all Apocalyptic messages, with their attendant fear-mongering, are simply a part of the Grand Illusion that has arisen out of the collective agreement we call "Civilization," and there is NO basis in truth for them. Acknowledge them, yes, then Let Them Go. We might have been headed down that road at one point, but that is no longer an "option" for us to choose, Praise the Mother! :-)

Even as these death-visions are being released, however, they are serving a useful function, believe it or not: they are jolting many people out of the Nightmare of the Grand Illusion and Waking them up to realize that there truly IS a brighter, sustainable reality unfolding before them at this very moment! This pace of Awakening is going to increase over the next few years, and they will be looking for guidance, advice, or simply someone to tell them they haven't gone off the deep end. That's where those of us who have been Awake for some time will come in; we will be (and are, right now!) the bringers of "sanity," so to speak. In the meantime, we've come to a very juicy and intense part of our own journeys at this moment, as we Ascend right alongside Mother Earth and everyone else walking upon Her bosom. I think it's safe to say that this isn't the time to make any grand plans; instead, make sure your helmet & life vest are strapped on extra tight as we plunge forward in the white waters of the Grand Current of Life!

Some recommendations from the Unseen Posse as to what to ask for at this time, in your prayer-work:
Flexibility to navigate the currents, so we can change our plans at a moment's notice.
Stability in the Worlds of Thought & Form; let cool, calm heads prevail in the turbulence around us.
Grace to float through the most intense parts of the journey.
Faith to remember the Promise made to us by the Divine: It's All Okay.

May these dynamic Changes lead to more Awakening in the Human Collective, so our "growing pains" become less intense and easier to Work with, and through. So Mote It Be - And So It Is.


from the Unseen Posse: "Soulquakes"

As there was much seismic activity in the World of Form last year, so there is now much psycho-seismic activity in the World of Thought - specifically within the Human Collective Consciousness. The higher vibrational energies that stimulated, and continue to stimulate, Gaia-Earth's ascension are percolating into the Human Collective as well. Many places that have been dormant are now experiencing mass Awakenings, with the "usual" confusion and chaos that accompanies these events. (These places being, namely, Tunisia, Egypt, Jordan, and other areas in the Middle East. - me)

What are Lightworkers being asked to do in this situation?
First, do not panic. These mass Awakenings are part of the ascension process of the Human Collective Consciousness; they will become more frequent and widespread throughout the Collective this year and next. (through the end-date of 12/21/12 - me)
Those who are Awakening at this time are most in need of Compassion and Support. Hold space for them. Send energy onto the Grid of Love and Light that cradles Gaia-Earth...this energy of Unconditional Compassion and Support. Assure them that all will be well.
(Julian of Norwich's prayer would be very appropriate to say while envisioning the "hot spots" in your mind - All shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of things shall be well. - me)
It would be most felicitous and effective if the Unconditional Compassionate and Supportive energies were "uploaded," if you will, at the Divine Times of 11:11 and 12:12 (morning and evening, your local time. - me). Allow your Intuition to guide you to the appropriate times, and in the appropriate ways of "uploading" your prayers and intentions.

If sufficient Lightworkers focus on calming the epicenters of the soulquakes, then the necessary Work will flow smoothly and effortlessly. We advise these prayers start tonight and continue for one lunar cycle (new moon now till the new moon in March - me). Of course, we will continue to offer our Support and Energies to the Newly Awake and the Long Awake alike. Be well... :-)


New Moon @ Imbolc: of Rabbits, Cats, & the *Quickening*

I absolutely love it when the cycles of Earth and Sky synch up and provide Perfect Divine Harmony! :-)

Such is going to be the case this week: We've got the new moon falling almost simultaneously with Imbolc/Candlemas, which is the start of the Spring season in the agrarian-based Pagan calendars. Talk about your opportunities to Plant the Seeds of your Dreams! This one couldn't be any better if it had been Fed-Ex'ed to your front door by Divinity and tied in pretty paper with a big puffy bow on top! So if you missed the opportunity to start the new Work of your life during the "All Direct" phase, no worries - because here is another excellent chance! :-)

I have heard from a dear soul-sister that many peeps, especially Lightworkers, are going to need this "second chance" because they've been sicker than dogs these past few weeks! As my Unseen Posse advised last time, this has been an intense experience, for many, in sloughing off That Which Is No Longer Of Service...and here I thought it was just my allergies reacting in an uber-hypersensitive manner to the Santa Ana winds as they've come and gone! I stand corrected! (lol)

Anyhow, back to the New Moon & Imbolc. To break it down a bit...
The New Moon is traditionally a time to begin things - a project, a job, an adventure. It's also a time to invite that which you want to grow and increase into your life - more financial prosperity, more love, more happiness. This is where you write down your intentions and keep them in a safe place, while giving them room to grow and manifest in your life. In other words, write down what you want, then release any and all expectations about "how" this will manifest in your life. Be open for the Universe to answer your prayers in surprising ways!
Imbolc/Candlemas is that time of the year when we realize, indeed, that the days are getting a bit longer, and a bit warmer. Our ancestors would note that the magick they worked at Yule was bringing the sun back, and this was the time for some "positive reinforcement" magick, if you will, to keep the momentum going.  Hence the alternate name for this sabbat, Candlemas; this is a time to light candles at night to help the Light along in its journey. Imbolc can be translated as "In the Milk," for this was the time that pregnant female sheep (and other livestock animals) would begin to lactate in anticipation of the birthing of their offspring. It can also be seen in the first of the flowering plants breaking up through the ground as it slowly begins to thaw from Winter's frosts and cold.
(Note: this information is for the Northern Hemisphere peeps at the moment. Those in the Southern Hemisphere will get to play along in August.) ;-)

So: take the "new beginnings" energy of the New Moon, add it to the "early Spring" energy of Imbolc, and you have another most excellent opportunity to make Changes and work Transformations in your life that will stick!

As if this convergence isn't felicitious enough, it's also the start of the Lunar New Year in many Asian countries. This also deserves some consideration...
Depending on where you live, 2011 is going to be the Year of the Rabbit - OR of the Cat. Now before you start worrying about which is the "correct" animal to follow, let me point out the similarities between the two: Both have strong ties to the Lunar & Divine Feminine energies. Both are prolific breeders, implying great fertility, fecundity, and abundance. Both are also very aware of their surroundings, and can change direction quickly if they need to. (And, apropos of nothing, both can be trained to use a litter box!) ;-)

To bottom-line all of this juicy Information: This next week is a most excellent time to either begin living your Authentic Life or give it a Number-One Power*full boost!

Since we're both rational and intuitive beings, I invite you to "get crafty" this week: make a Vision-Board, or a Life Map. Grab some clay and create 3-D representations of what you want. Write down a chant or mantra that will help focus your attention. Write your prayers and dreams on slips of paper and hang them on trees - with the tree's permission, of course. Draw or paint your dream on a big piece of butcher paper and hang it on your door. Basically, do something that will allow both your rational, goal-setting mind and your intuitive, non-verbal mind to focus like a laser on what you really, truly, want in your life...then allow the Universe to do the rest. :-)
Here's how the Universe is going to "do the rest" - with the coming of the warmer, longer days, a pulse of life-force energy that I call The Quickening goes out through Mother Earth. This pulse tells the plants to grow in the womb of the soil, encourages the animals yet-to-be to grow in the wombs of their mothers. This pulse goes out at the start of February so that, six weeks from now, we see the New Life emerging when the weather is warm enough, and the days are long enough, to support and nurture these next generations. Nature moves in no way that is not Perfection. Sit with that one for a while and see what insights emerge!

For now, let us be content to know that the forces of Yang are ascendant in Nature, and there is a Great Promise of Miracles and Magick unfolding this year. Gung Hai Fat Choi! Happy New Year! :-)


Full Moon Magick & the Return of the Rainbow Serpent Mother!

Well, my Unseen Posse have been advising me to post about the uber-special event coming up with the full moon, so now is my opportunity...

I had an idea that this was going to be a special moon when the year began. I didn't know how special until I began to observe what other Lightworkers, and society at large, were picking up on.
Doubtless, by now, you've heard all the hoopla about the "alternative" Zodiac that's re-emerged. It's entirely no accident that the "missing 13th sign" is a Serpent. Regardless whether or not a significant change is made in how we cast our star-charts, this is the key point: the snake is re-entering the Collective Awareness!
You see, Snakes, Serpents, and Dragons are all representative of the Goddess. The snake is one of the most primal and ancient totem animals associated with the Divine Feminine. She represents deep Wisdom (as she goes into the Earth to hibernate in the Winter and cool off in the Summer), as well as Transformation and Rebirth (through the shedding of her skin every year or so). Her "return" to the Zodiac is just part of a greater ascendance of the Divine Feminine in general, which "kicked into Overdrive" early last November.
Many Lightworkers who are connected to the Star Nations are excited about a "Platinum Ray" that will be washing over the Earth on the 19th (which is tomorrow in my neck of the woods). An excellent introduction to this concept can be found here. The more I learned about this event, the more the words Rainbow Serpent resonated within my mind. This, too, is significant - the Rainbow Serpent is the primary Goddess of the Indigenous people of Australia. She is the keeper & Creatrix of the Dreamtime, a place of "nonordinary reality" that all humans visit while sleeping - and many shamans visit in their Journeys.

So in the Stillness of my sacred space, this is the message that I downloaded...
The Mother is revealing Herself now in the form of the Rainbow Serpent. With the full moon, a doorway is opening from the World of Thought. She will stretch Herself from the World of Thought into the World of Form. This will produce two Effects: One, the processes of Manifestation, backed by Clear & Pure Intent, will be accelerated and magnified. Two, those who are walking the Transformation-Ways will find their journeys accelerated, with much being sloughed away as That Which No Longer Serves is brought into Awareness to be Released. Both Effects will be felt intensely during the downloading and integration processes, but ultimately those who open themselves to receiving the Blessing of the Rainbow Serpent will find their lives flowing with extreme Ease and Grace once Her energies have been assimilated. (This will be complete right around Imbolc, in about two weeks.)

With that in mind, let me present a simple ritual for Drawing Down the Moon...
Ideally, you will want to go outside to get the most optimum effect. (Bundle up if it's cold!) If this isn't possible, stand at a window where the light of the full moon can wash over you. Stand facing the moon, arms out slightly from your sides, palms of the hands facing upward, and feet spread shoulder-width apart. Close your eyes and feel a cool, gentle energy washing over you from the moon. Feel at least one of your chakras opening to "drink in" this energy. (Many will feel their seventh chakra - atop their heads - open for this; others will feel their sixth chakra - the third eye - open; still others will feel the heart chakra open.) Let the energy flow where and how it will. If you begin to chant or sing or hum, let the words/tones emerge to be heard.
Once the chakra(s) has/have opened, if you are comfortable with this...see the Rainbow Serpent Mother emerge from Her home on the moon. See Her arching Her body across the sky down to the earth. See Her head reaching down to touch your open chakra; you may see several heads if more than one chakra is open! Feel Her sending the deep primal energy into you - those who are very receptive may even feel Her enter into you through the open chakra! Allow this influx of energy to mix with your personal energy, eventually to merge with you. She may leave you or pull back once the "download" is complete; she may not. Allow the Vision to unfold as it will - there's no "wrong" way for this rite to unfold.
If you use candles to augment your ritual practices, use a white or silver candle, for the full moon.
When you feel complete, bring your arms up to your chest and your palms together in the "Prayer Position" over your heart. If you feel at all wobbly or scattered, DO ground the excess energies, either through grounding into or touching the earth (your floor is okay), eating a light snack, or a combination thereof.

May the Blessings of the Rainbow Serpent Mother be upon all of us, this and all nights (and days.) Blessed Be. :-)