New Moon @ Imbolc: of Rabbits, Cats, & the *Quickening*

I absolutely love it when the cycles of Earth and Sky synch up and provide Perfect Divine Harmony! :-)

Such is going to be the case this week: We've got the new moon falling almost simultaneously with Imbolc/Candlemas, which is the start of the Spring season in the agrarian-based Pagan calendars. Talk about your opportunities to Plant the Seeds of your Dreams! This one couldn't be any better if it had been Fed-Ex'ed to your front door by Divinity and tied in pretty paper with a big puffy bow on top! So if you missed the opportunity to start the new Work of your life during the "All Direct" phase, no worries - because here is another excellent chance! :-)

I have heard from a dear soul-sister that many peeps, especially Lightworkers, are going to need this "second chance" because they've been sicker than dogs these past few weeks! As my Unseen Posse advised last time, this has been an intense experience, for many, in sloughing off That Which Is No Longer Of Service...and here I thought it was just my allergies reacting in an uber-hypersensitive manner to the Santa Ana winds as they've come and gone! I stand corrected! (lol)

Anyhow, back to the New Moon & Imbolc. To break it down a bit...
The New Moon is traditionally a time to begin things - a project, a job, an adventure. It's also a time to invite that which you want to grow and increase into your life - more financial prosperity, more love, more happiness. This is where you write down your intentions and keep them in a safe place, while giving them room to grow and manifest in your life. In other words, write down what you want, then release any and all expectations about "how" this will manifest in your life. Be open for the Universe to answer your prayers in surprising ways!
Imbolc/Candlemas is that time of the year when we realize, indeed, that the days are getting a bit longer, and a bit warmer. Our ancestors would note that the magick they worked at Yule was bringing the sun back, and this was the time for some "positive reinforcement" magick, if you will, to keep the momentum going.  Hence the alternate name for this sabbat, Candlemas; this is a time to light candles at night to help the Light along in its journey. Imbolc can be translated as "In the Milk," for this was the time that pregnant female sheep (and other livestock animals) would begin to lactate in anticipation of the birthing of their offspring. It can also be seen in the first of the flowering plants breaking up through the ground as it slowly begins to thaw from Winter's frosts and cold.
(Note: this information is for the Northern Hemisphere peeps at the moment. Those in the Southern Hemisphere will get to play along in August.) ;-)

So: take the "new beginnings" energy of the New Moon, add it to the "early Spring" energy of Imbolc, and you have another most excellent opportunity to make Changes and work Transformations in your life that will stick!

As if this convergence isn't felicitious enough, it's also the start of the Lunar New Year in many Asian countries. This also deserves some consideration...
Depending on where you live, 2011 is going to be the Year of the Rabbit - OR of the Cat. Now before you start worrying about which is the "correct" animal to follow, let me point out the similarities between the two: Both have strong ties to the Lunar & Divine Feminine energies. Both are prolific breeders, implying great fertility, fecundity, and abundance. Both are also very aware of their surroundings, and can change direction quickly if they need to. (And, apropos of nothing, both can be trained to use a litter box!) ;-)

To bottom-line all of this juicy Information: This next week is a most excellent time to either begin living your Authentic Life or give it a Number-One Power*full boost!

Since we're both rational and intuitive beings, I invite you to "get crafty" this week: make a Vision-Board, or a Life Map. Grab some clay and create 3-D representations of what you want. Write down a chant or mantra that will help focus your attention. Write your prayers and dreams on slips of paper and hang them on trees - with the tree's permission, of course. Draw or paint your dream on a big piece of butcher paper and hang it on your door. Basically, do something that will allow both your rational, goal-setting mind and your intuitive, non-verbal mind to focus like a laser on what you really, truly, want in your life...then allow the Universe to do the rest. :-)
Here's how the Universe is going to "do the rest" - with the coming of the warmer, longer days, a pulse of life-force energy that I call The Quickening goes out through Mother Earth. This pulse tells the plants to grow in the womb of the soil, encourages the animals yet-to-be to grow in the wombs of their mothers. This pulse goes out at the start of February so that, six weeks from now, we see the New Life emerging when the weather is warm enough, and the days are long enough, to support and nurture these next generations. Nature moves in no way that is not Perfection. Sit with that one for a while and see what insights emerge!

For now, let us be content to know that the forces of Yang are ascendant in Nature, and there is a Great Promise of Miracles and Magick unfolding this year. Gung Hai Fat Choi! Happy New Year! :-)


Full Moon Magick & the Return of the Rainbow Serpent Mother!

Well, my Unseen Posse have been advising me to post about the uber-special event coming up with the full moon, so now is my opportunity...

I had an idea that this was going to be a special moon when the year began. I didn't know how special until I began to observe what other Lightworkers, and society at large, were picking up on.
Doubtless, by now, you've heard all the hoopla about the "alternative" Zodiac that's re-emerged. It's entirely no accident that the "missing 13th sign" is a Serpent. Regardless whether or not a significant change is made in how we cast our star-charts, this is the key point: the snake is re-entering the Collective Awareness!
You see, Snakes, Serpents, and Dragons are all representative of the Goddess. The snake is one of the most primal and ancient totem animals associated with the Divine Feminine. She represents deep Wisdom (as she goes into the Earth to hibernate in the Winter and cool off in the Summer), as well as Transformation and Rebirth (through the shedding of her skin every year or so). Her "return" to the Zodiac is just part of a greater ascendance of the Divine Feminine in general, which "kicked into Overdrive" early last November.
Many Lightworkers who are connected to the Star Nations are excited about a "Platinum Ray" that will be washing over the Earth on the 19th (which is tomorrow in my neck of the woods). An excellent introduction to this concept can be found here. The more I learned about this event, the more the words Rainbow Serpent resonated within my mind. This, too, is significant - the Rainbow Serpent is the primary Goddess of the Indigenous people of Australia. She is the keeper & Creatrix of the Dreamtime, a place of "nonordinary reality" that all humans visit while sleeping - and many shamans visit in their Journeys.

So in the Stillness of my sacred space, this is the message that I downloaded...
The Mother is revealing Herself now in the form of the Rainbow Serpent. With the full moon, a doorway is opening from the World of Thought. She will stretch Herself from the World of Thought into the World of Form. This will produce two Effects: One, the processes of Manifestation, backed by Clear & Pure Intent, will be accelerated and magnified. Two, those who are walking the Transformation-Ways will find their journeys accelerated, with much being sloughed away as That Which No Longer Serves is brought into Awareness to be Released. Both Effects will be felt intensely during the downloading and integration processes, but ultimately those who open themselves to receiving the Blessing of the Rainbow Serpent will find their lives flowing with extreme Ease and Grace once Her energies have been assimilated. (This will be complete right around Imbolc, in about two weeks.)

With that in mind, let me present a simple ritual for Drawing Down the Moon...
Ideally, you will want to go outside to get the most optimum effect. (Bundle up if it's cold!) If this isn't possible, stand at a window where the light of the full moon can wash over you. Stand facing the moon, arms out slightly from your sides, palms of the hands facing upward, and feet spread shoulder-width apart. Close your eyes and feel a cool, gentle energy washing over you from the moon. Feel at least one of your chakras opening to "drink in" this energy. (Many will feel their seventh chakra - atop their heads - open for this; others will feel their sixth chakra - the third eye - open; still others will feel the heart chakra open.) Let the energy flow where and how it will. If you begin to chant or sing or hum, let the words/tones emerge to be heard.
Once the chakra(s) has/have opened, if you are comfortable with this...see the Rainbow Serpent Mother emerge from Her home on the moon. See Her arching Her body across the sky down to the earth. See Her head reaching down to touch your open chakra; you may see several heads if more than one chakra is open! Feel Her sending the deep primal energy into you - those who are very receptive may even feel Her enter into you through the open chakra! Allow this influx of energy to mix with your personal energy, eventually to merge with you. She may leave you or pull back once the "download" is complete; she may not. Allow the Vision to unfold as it will - there's no "wrong" way for this rite to unfold.
If you use candles to augment your ritual practices, use a white or silver candle, for the full moon.
When you feel complete, bring your arms up to your chest and your palms together in the "Prayer Position" over your heart. If you feel at all wobbly or scattered, DO ground the excess energies, either through grounding into or touching the earth (your floor is okay), eating a light snack, or a combination thereof.

May the Blessings of the Rainbow Serpent Mother be upon all of us, this and all nights (and days.) Blessed Be. :-)


Special Download: 1/11/11

As I mentioned previously, tomorrow we enter a second wave of energy, which will go from 1/11 to 1/22. I've been shown the significance of this through my Unseen Posse and would like to share that with y'all...

The original idea was to come together to hold a vision of a "New Reality" last November from 11/11 to 11/22. (For more information, check out this site.) Holding this Vision was very important, as we had just entered a major Descent into the "collective underworld," if you will, and were in the process of completing some significant energetic shape-shifting as a species. (I did my part in this time period, which you can read about here.)
I don't know if anyone else noted this, but there were a couple of major events that unfolded during this time: first, Aung San Suu Kyi was released from her house arrest (Big Yay!) Second, the tensions between North and South Korea escalated for a few days, then dissipated just as quickly as they had arisen. Coincidence? Mais Non! (Bookmark this latter event, for I'm going to refer back to it momentarily.)

Now, starting tomorrow, we're invited to hold the vision again, but this time as we're Ascending from the "collective underworld." Whereas in November, we were holding Light to illuminate our way through growing Darkness, allowing ourselves and others to see through the Grand Illusion to what we know is possible, and desired, for our future - now we're adding to the growing Light that is taking root and encouraging these as-of-now tiny positive manifestations to grow and spread out far and wide. See the difference? :-)
If you need any further convincing, look at the numbers of the dates. November's event: 11/11/10. January's event: 01/11/11. They're mirrors of each other! The Descent and the Ascent, perfectly bracketing the Winter season and the shape-shifting occurring within!

Now we come to the little addendum that I want to make here...the Korean tensions unfolded just as the first Envisioning was ending; we have tensions that recently made themselves quite visible in Arizona just as the second Envisioning is beginning. These are not coincidental. My Unseen Posse advises me thusly - "Just as Gaia shifts Her tensions in events that you refer to as 'earthquakes,' so humanity shifts their tensions in what you could call 'soulquakes.' In both cases, they are calls to where attention needs to be focused."
The tensions in Korea invited us to focus on peace. The tensions apparent in Arizona are inviting us to focus on acceptance and tolerance. Both of these "soulquakes" serve to remind us that we are ALL one community, at the end of the day. Both are invitations to evolve and release the Shadow-stuff that no longer serves us.

If you want to focus on the tensions that bubbled to the surface in Arizona, go for it. Personally, I am being advised to focus on the greater concept of Community and its various permutations. (I haven't been directed to work with the Stone People directly again, but that may yet come to pass!) Whatever part of the Vision you choose to ponder - at your local time of 11:11 pm, or whatever feels most apropos - go for it.
Let's see what miracles we manifest this time, on the upswing! :-)


Now, a word from our Creatrix...

This would be my "introductory" post, for those who are new to this blog. Heya, friends. :-)

This whole Channeling of Information thing is fairly new to me. It started up about two or three years ago. I'm a voracious reader, you see, and I've read a lot of Spiritual and "alternative" material. What started to happen is that I would read something, and a little voice inside my head would say something like, "Well, the real reason behind that was..." or, "Actually, that's not true. This is what really happened..." and suddenly I'd get this surge of Information directly materializing into my mind, bypassing all of the let's-think-it-through-to-a-rational-conclusion channels.
This phenomenon in and of itself wasn't new to me; this is the way I access Information about previous lifetimes for myself and others. But to have Information come through about society, about global processes and metaphysics as a whole - okay, that was an entirely different kettle of fish! So I followed the example of St. Hildegard of Bingen and began to write the Information down, into a little blank journal. I've just about filled this book up with the "dictation," as I call it, along with some personal descriptions of guided meditations I've done.

I'm also reading articles posted by various fellow Lightworkers about the "state of reality," as it were - and feeling more and more that there was Information that was missing; namely, how do these energy pulses fit in with the phases of the Moon? or the seasons of the Earth? How would they be mapped out against the Wheel of the Year? How does the magick of the Sabbats interact with these pulses? Most importantly, how would these activities affect John and Jane Everyperson?
Right after the Solstice last summer, I hit some sort of critical mass and posted the first of my Wetware channels, entitled "Bella Luna and the Cosmic Tsunami." I was open to posting more, and more I posted, for the Information kept flowing. I was open from the beginning to start up a second blog just for these posts, and that's exactly what needed to happen, lest my personal chronicle be overwhelmed by the river of Information percolating in the nether regions of my brain! ;-) So here we are.

I call it From the Wetware with a nod to William Gibson and the cyberpunk crew. "Wetware," you see, is a term from this genre. As the mechanical computer is composed of "hardware," you see, so the biological "computer" is composed of "wetware" - and it's a very accurate description of the process of receiving the Information! Here, in this blog, I set forth to combine the messages from the Star Nations (the Pleiades are particularly active these days!) with the Ancestral wisdom that is manifesting strongly at this time...and just to make things extra interesting, filter everything through a Divine Feminist lens. The Goddess is definitely alive, magick is significantly afoot, and it's high time women's voices are once again heard alongside men's voices in the Council of Guidance! (Not to mention I have a rather, shall we say, unique viewpoint on just about everything! lol)
I can't promise I'll follow a regular posting schedule, because that's not the way things move in the New Reality that is manifesting before our eyes. But I don't think there will be very long stretches of non-posting. So check back, check in, and enjoy the ride - with your seat belt securely fastened and worn low around your hips. We are living in the most interesting of times...


2011 - the "Tabula Rasa"

A Blessed New Year to the readers of this new blog!
Yes, it would've been uber-cool to have the first entry dated 1/1/11, but after drumming for five hours to set the tone for this year, my mind was beyond goo and my body was saying, "Hie thee to bed post-haste!" No worries, though...there will be plenty of felicitous dates to take advantage of. ;-)

We are in a most curious and excellent time for the next few weeks:
Every single heavenly body, every planet and significant asteroid, is direct in the sky. Nothing is appearing to be "going backwards." This is a wonder*full opportunity to initiate new projects, make significant life changes, or just give a huge boost to what is already unfolding in your life. Think of this energetic boost as the cosmic equivalent of a six-pack of your favorite energy drink, without any icky side effects.
This period is divided in two distinct parts. We've just started the first part, which goes from 1/1 to 1/11. The new moon will be on 1/4, at which time the power surge will be at its most potent. The second part will unfold from 1/11 to 1/22. The full moon on the 19th will be a significant source of energy for those who utilize lunar energies in their Work. If you usually don't Draw Down the Moon, you should probably consider dusting off the Book of Shadows for this one; I'm pretty sure the effort will be totally worth it!

There's an added component to all of this full-tilt energy churning about, ready to be harvested and used for manifestation...all possibilities are equally likely to manifest this year. This first came up for me during my personal divination for the New Year, and was confirmed for me by a friend in her divinations. This year, perhaps more than any other year of the Great Journey, is a tabula rasa, a clean slate. So many things are in flux right now that all of your dreams have an equal chance of coming true.
The guide for this year is the third hexagram of the I-Ching: from great chaos arises great opportunity. I think we can all agree that life appears really chaotic right now. The old paradigms are falling away like crazy; the new paradigms are just starting to arise into the collective awareness. I know, just from observing what is going on around me, that many people have left their jobs, through either losing them or walking away from them. This is the time to invest in your dreams, put those long-cherished plan into motion. The brass ring is in reach - make the move to seize it!
You've set your intentions, you've planted your Visions. Now is the time to take some Action towards manifestation of those dreams. You will be met halfway by Divine Opportunity, and miracles will bloom!

Happy Creating! :-)