Resolving Illusions on All Trickster's Day!

In this time of Activation, I'm noticing it's not only dreams that are being activated. A lot of Shadows are coming up for peeps (myself included) to deal with - some with a vengeance! What is going on, you might ask?

Well, we are coming to the end of a Mercury Retrograde period. Along with all of the (ahem) "technical glitches" attendant during these times, we are also encouraged to check in with ourselves to see what is needing expression in the moment. Navel-Gazing becomes very prevalent during these few weeks. As Mercury winds up its wee "backwards" jaunt, it's going to pass through April Fools' Day in the States, which I've taken the liberty of renaming All Trickster's Day.

This particular date on the calendar means more than just an opportunity to spring a practical joke on an unsuspecting family member or co-worker. There is the opportunity to have a good belly-laugh at the absurdity present in the world, thanks to the work of the Tricksters. Coyote and Raven are the best known animal spirits with this energy; Loki in the Nordic/Teutonic pantheon is the first that springs to my mind when thinking about a specific deity. Of course, one cannot mention Tricksters without including faeries, many of whom are known for creating all sorts of mischief for unsuspecting mortals.

If a Trickster is operating in your life, this means that you might be shaken up a bit - or quite a lot - to show you where there are illusions present in your life. Many of these illusions are holding you back from truly Authentic expression. Rather than resisting their messages and clinging to falsehoods, allow the Trickster energy to shatter these illusions and sweep them out of your life...because you probably don't need them anyway.

As I have observed, in the face of Absurdity, you can choose to laugh or to scream. Laughing is easier on the vocal chords and the blood pressure. Find an excuse to laugh as the Tricksters work their magick, even if the humor is a bit on the dark side. Laughter is the thing that will help ease us through the Transition to the other side and keep us reasonably sane. Enjoy the ride!


Fifth Unfolding: ACTIVATION!

"Ascension Connection" Artist unknown by me. Any leads?
"You have carefully selected the dreams that you wish to manifest at this moment. We wish to inform you that we are now moving into a time where the energies are most felicitous for you to manifest these dreams. Focus your intention. Hone your mind to where you can SEE your vision. Open your heart to FEEL your vision fully. Then, from the Seat of Creation, concentrate your energies to BIRTH your vision!"

I shall elaborate on this little tidbit at some length here, because there is a lot of Information coming through for this period...
If you haven't noticed by now, the energies of the usual planetary activities have been amped up considerably this year. I'm still noticing some sharp and snarky tempers coming off the doozy of a convergence involving the full moon, the latest solar flare, and Mercury Retrograde. (All three basically unfolding at once: Yeee!) This also goes for the earth cycles as well: Imbolc was particularly energizing, and the Equinox (Spring in the North, Autumn in the South), promises to be just as potent, if not more so!

This Unfolding in particular (3/11 - 4/11) is going to be a critical one in the Collective Ascension process. The Equinoxes have always provided a massive ramping up of energies that can either give you a great shot of momentum to propel you forward, or a great jolt of energy that zaps you fully Awake and shakes up everything in your life - and sometimes both at once! (Spring) Equinox 2012 is promising to deliver one Mother of an energetic wave, so make sure your surfboards are ready to ride it!
Make Absolutely Sure that you know what you really want in this moment of time, because what you focus on is going to manifest Sooner, instead of Later! Energy flows where Attention goes, says the axiom. If your attention is on Lack and Despair, you will receive more of the same. If your attention is on Abundance and Hope, you will receive more of the same. If your attention is on pink polka-dotted cows, you'll see more of the same in the department stores, in TV ads, and on Facebook. You get the idea... ;-)

Here is a possible game plan to follow:
From now till the Equinox (3/20), hone your vision until you see nothing but What You Want. Eliminate all mental clutter, emotional drains, and spiritual distraction. Put on the blinkers!
The critical three-day period of Manifestation unfolds between the Equinox and the New Moon (3/20-3/22). I am advised to share that this is one of the potential windows of the much ballyhooed "Three Days of Darkness." This is NOT a literal event that will unfold. In this case, the "Darkness" might be a massive power outage, either in the electrical grid or in (satellite) communications. I am further advised that during this time, all Lightworkers can hold space for Serenity, however they envision that feeling of calm assurance that all shall be well, regardless of outward appearances, as the Equinox energy emerges and spreads around the world; this will ameliorate whatever "negative" effects might arise as a result of the massive surge.
As the moon waxes, continue to place your attention on What You Want, but this time, feel that desire growing in your awareness until everything that surrounds you, and everyone around you, is a part of that vision. As you will it, So Mote It Be! :-)

Finally, if you live in the US, be aware of April Fool's Day (aka All Tricksters' Day). On that particular Sunday, do not be surprised if events unfold that seem a bit absurd, and perhaps a bit melodramatic. This year, the Master Tricksters will be Shattering Illusions left, right, and center, so go easy on yourself and others on that day, and be prepared to laugh, a lot.

Okay, that seems to be it for now.
Happy Manifestation! :-)


Mother of the New Time: saying YES to the future!

I know a lot of very awesome people in my Web of Life. One of them is the excellent Lady Yeshe Rabbit. She has contributed so much to her community, both in Northern and in Southern California. Now she's taking her efforts worldwide with a brilliant project for the Transitional Times called "Mother of the New Time."

To share an exerpt from her invitation:
Today, we encourage our sisters to put aside fear and remember Who We Are. Whether or not we have individually given birth or raised a child, we are all, collectively, the Mothers of consciousness. Just as a thoughtful Mother teaches her child the basic aspects of life, we can teach the world how to create a sustainable future instead of merely accepting what is currently being handed to us. 

Instead of buying in to the current "doom and gloom" rhetoric currently being bandied about, she and her succulent sisters of the Amazon Tribe have composed a ritual that brings radical change and hope to the world in a dynamic YES! This Work so totally resonates with me that not only have I signed on, but I'm including a link to her project on my blog. Find the pic that matches the pic at the top of this post and click on it. If this resonates with you as well, I - no, WE - invite you to say YES! as well. A-HO! :-)