Sixth Unfolding: Cultivation

"Cultivated" Mushrooms (@ Home, 12/10)
The energies have been unfolding one after another, each taking a bit of momentum from the one before it. Now we have entered the potent phase of Cultivation. We've planted the seeds of our dreams, but planting the seed and walking away won't work. We have to tend to these dream-seeds: water them with our intention and keep them front and center - at least for part of every day - of our attention.

There is a saying, which I might or might not be paraphrasing: "God will meet you halfway." This implies, though, you'll receive Divine assistance IF you put some actual Work into making this dream of yours real. Pick a task to do every day, even if it's only a baby step-sized task that takes five minutes of your time. What does this task do in helping you realize your dream? Stay on track...but if you lose track for a few days, don't beat yourself up. This takes away vital energy that you could be investing in your dream. Gently place yourself back on track and pick up where you left off.

To assist us in this Cultivation, two big Power boosts are coming up shortly. First, we have a new moon on the 21st (or so), which always provides a good opportunity to begin anew, or begin again, as the case may be. Second, Beltaine (the pagan start of Summer) blossoms on May 1st. This is a time to celebrate fertility and new life, both of the Earth and within each of us. If you missed the opportunity to plant those seeds at the Equinox, Northern peeps, no worries! Here's another opportunity for setting intention and starting on the path of full*fill*ment.

The season of Summer is one where significant growth and dynamic transformation can unfold within you in the blink of an eye. As all of the planetary and earthly moments are being amped up during this special Transitional Year of 2012, expect huge strides of growth and transformation to unfold within this Summer season, as the momentum continues to build towards what promises to be a humdinger of a Solstice! (And for my Southern peeps - prepare to dig extra deep into the dark soil of your soul as you get extra juicy and rich during a relaxing and uber-regenerative Winter season!)