Post-Transition: Now What?

A Shell Medicine Wheel. (@ Home, 6/11)
The energies of the Transition that began last year with the opening of the 11/11/11 gateway hit their crescendo last Friday, on the 21st. Now we find ourselves basking in another Zero Time interlude, catching our collective breaths and perhaps wondering, "Now What?"

First, the power-gathering that began with the New moon is hitting its peak right now, with the Full Moon early Friday morning. All those wishes that you've been going over in your head? Tonight through Saturday is a good time to declare them aloud, alone or in a group, in sacred ceremony. Plant the seeds that will grow for you in the time of the Great Cosmic Download!

Oh yes, that Download deal...depending on who you ask, we are either beginning our transit, or are at the peak of our transit, over the center of the Milky Way galaxy. Now, at the center of our galaxy is a massive black hole - which is, in truth, the opening of a huge birth canal. Starting last week (or last year, depending on who you ask), new Information began emerging from this birth canal and is making itself immediately accessible to those who are ready to receive it. Put another way: there are a whole bunch of shiny new apps becoming available to our smartphone souls, and they are all FREE for the sharing! Not everyone will jive with every "app" that is appearing in the Collective Consciousness, but that's the beauty of Divine Free Choice; what doesn't resonate with you will be exactly what the witch doctor ordered for me, and vice versa!

We have come to the end of one calendar, gifted to us by the Mayans. WE are now going to make the next calendar that will guide the generations to come. (Yes, I've mentioned this plenty of times already, but I can't stress this enough!) It's not all going to happen at once; this is a process that will unfold over the next two years, give or take a week. We are still going to experience "amped-up" energetic processes during this two-year cycle; think of all the previous energetic spikes as "practice runs" for what is beginning to unfold now. The key here is realizing that we are now the co-creators of our stories. We can and will write new stories to replace the old ones that are no longer valid. We can and will (and ARE!) co-create new ways of living by changing our ways of storytelling. It's really an excellent time to be alive, yo!

So as to what lies ahead...Zero Time is going to be cradling us in softness for the rest of this Winter season. That doesn't mean that things won't get done - but there will be a lot of open and empty space around our activities. There won't be a sense of rushing. There will be an invitation to rest, and relax, and allow the Changes that have been wrought in each of us - and believe me, there have been a LOT of Changes! - to settle in. Give those apps time to unzip and be integrated into your operating system. There may be some emotional surges attached to this, especially if old Shadow stuff is jolted loose and brought to the surface for clearing and releasing. This is okay. There may be a feeling of discontent or disconnect. This is okay too...and if you can pin down the origin of your discontent/disconnect, you'll find your starting point for the new year's Work to be done! There may even simply be nothing but a sense of deep peace, serenity, and bliss. This is way okay, and calls for a cup of hot chocolate and some quality time with your feet up on the coffee table!

Moving forward from this most power*full of Solstices, I've been advised to pass along a couple of bonus tidbits of Information - a pair of apps, if you will... ;-)
~In the old reality, the master number (that is, the number that carries the vibration of the highest Divine frequencies) was 11. In the new reality, the master number is 13, which has deep ties to the Divine Feminine. This means that 13's will be popping up all over the place, in unexpected places too. When you come across a 13, the idea is to Take Notice and Receive whatever message/lesson is present for you in the Now Moment.
~Speaking of the Divine Feminine, do not be surprised if Mother Mary and Kuan Yin become even more popular than they are now. These two faces of the Goddess are among the most accessible, and their message of Gentle Compassion and Unconditional Love are going to resonate significantly as we continue to undergo massive restructuring on both the personal and the collective levels.

May the energy of the new beginning and the fresh start carry you through the (muggle) New Year and to the start of the spring - when cosmic business will pick up once more. Stay alert and be content!


Phase III: ALIGNMENT has begun!

Keeping Faith. (@ home, 6/10)
Did you feel all of the juicy magick that began unfolding over the last day or so? Good! :-)
We have entered the shortest, yet perhaps the most energetically jam-packed, of the three phases of the Time of Transition. From 12/12 to 12/21, we are in the "final countdown" to our journey over the center of the galaxy, and the start of the Great Mother of all Cosmic Downloads.

The opening of the 12/12 energy gate synchronizes nicely with the energies of the New Moon; this is a Power*full time to set intention and pray over your intention until the Solstice, which will unfold with the first quarter moon's energy. Between now and the end of the year, in fact, this is an excellent time to release the old and select the new that you wish to receive; this dreaming/wishing arc will culminate at the full moon on the 28th, just in time to ring out the old muggle year and ring in the new! It would be a very good idea to envision those New Year's Revolutions now, because you are completely and totally supported energetically to bring your YES'es into reality!

On the flip side of this procession...Deep Stuff is coming up and is going to come up in this double handful of days. Do not be surprised if you are also feeling what Sarah Ban Breathnach so eloquently calls Divine Discontent right now: basically, if you feel like your life and everything in it doesn't fit, no longer fits, and is completely useless and restrictive - resulting in a major case of the Grumpy Crankies - it's okay! Every single structure in the old paradigm is being dismantled right now...some things are flying apart with alarming rapidity, while others are slowly dissolving at the seams. The old paradigm was not constructed in a day, and even with the shifting taking place in the timescape, it's not going to be revamped in a day, either. This is a chance to invoke Extreme Self Care - lots of hot baths (or showers) by candlelight, curling up with a journal and/or a good book by the fire, indulging in a bit of comfort food, especially if it involves chocolate.
If something is really sticking out at you and annoying you, if there's a part of your life that's really Not Working At All, note it. Between now and the Solstice, this is a chance to give anything not serving your Highest and Best the boot once and for all; after the Solstice, the slate will be clean for many shiny new miracles to enter your life.

There are some people who are not discontent in the least, and are really believing that this is the Most Wonderful Time of the Year. Congratulations - you've done the Hard Work already and are holding space for the rest of us to muddle through. Enjoy the spirit of the season and share, share, share the happy holly jolly! Magick and miracles are contagious, and most all of us will catch it sooner or later. :-)
I shall return just after the Solstice with Information about what happens next. In the meantime, enjoy the ride! even if you have to smile through clenched teeth!